• Charlie Morley ~ Embracing the Shadow

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    A One Day Workshop
    Best Selling Hay House Author

    Sun 29th Oct 2017
    South Wales
    10am – 5pm
    (Doors Open at 9.30am)

    Embracing the Shadow

    The Shadow is the part of us that is made up of all that we hide from others. It hides our shame, our fears and our wounds. It also hides our divine spirit, our blinding beauty and our hidden talents.

    It is a huge source of power and creativity but until we bring it into the light this power will remain untapped and our full potential unreached.

    Using practical “how to” exercises sourced from Tibetan Buddhism, western psychology, Mexican shamanism, and of course dream work & lucid dreaming Charlie Morley takes us on an immersive journey deep into the dazzling darkness of spiritual transformation.

    Using Tibetan Buddhist meditations, dream work, mask and mirror practice, eye gazing, creative writing and lots more the workshop explores how to:

     • Meet, befriend and transform the shadow
    • Integrate the sexual, ancestral and golden shadows
    • Use lucid dreaming to embrace the shadow
    • Move from shame to authenticity
    • Drop the mask and step into your gold

    Based upon Charlie’ brand new book Dreaming Through Darkness this workshop will show you how to fearlessly embrace your shadow side with compassionate acceptance and manifest the awakened power of your full potential.

    The Masks That We Wear

    Tear off the Mask - Rumi

    Not only do we project our shadow onto others, we also project how we want to be seen by others. This is how we create our persona: the mask that we wear.

    The mask of our persona is indicative not only of the self-image that we present to others but also of what we hide from them. And as long as we keep hiding behind the mask of who we think we should be, we will never be free.

    Intergrating the Shadow

    Most of us put all our energy into avoiding admitting that we have any seemingly shameful shadow traits. We daren’t enter into the vulnerability of the human condition. This leads to a constricted, shame-based sense of who we think we are, which in turn makes it impossible to progress on the spiritual path. To embrace the shadow is to drop the mask and reveal our true face to the world.

    Dreaming through DarknessWhen considering shadow integration, the pioneer of Archetypal Psychology, James Hillman, thought of it as a problem of love and asked us to contemplate: ‘How far can our love extend to the broken and ruined parts of ourselves, the disgusting and perverse?’ We have a choice: to keep letting shame make us feel unworthy of love or to consciously witness, and perhaps even reveal, our shame with compassion.

    To really make progress, we have to do something that may seem quite paradoxical: we have to accept the parts of ourselves that we dare not show and learn to love our Magnificent Messiness.





    DIRECTIONS The Miskin Manor Country House Hotel is located just North of M4 approximately 1 mile from junction 34 of the motorway and just 20 mins from central Cardiff.


  • Hay House UK ~ The Writer’s Workshop

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    Meet Your Inner Muse
    Sat 11th & Sun 12th Nov 2017
    Bristol – UK

    This Workshop is For YOU!

    If you a writer with a great book idea and a strong desire to be published…or if you simply need the insider scoop on how to perfect and publish your book ~ then this workshop is for YOU!

    This is also your chance to publish a book with Hay House UK and become a bestselling author – one participant will be awarded a publishing contract with Hay House and a £5,000 advance!!!

    Hay House UK invite you to join them for a very special two-day workshop with some of Hay House’s finest speakers and authors. The Writer’s Workshop will give you the combined wisdom of more than 50 years of writing and publishing experience.

    Workshop Facilitators

    reid-tracyHay House President/CEO Reid Tracy, who transformed Hay House from a publisher of three books in 1988 to one of the largest independent publishing companies in the world and the leading publisher in the self-help industry.


    michelle-pilleyMichelle Pilley, the Managing Director and Publisher of Hay House UK, will offer key advice as she brings you her 30 years of successful publishing experience and expert knowledge of how to nail a publishing deal.


    julia-black-and-whiteJulia Cameron, the bestselling author of The Artist’s Way, will lead seminars on her experience of creative writing at its best. Whether you are brand new to her work or have a bookshelf filled with years of ‘Morning Pages’ journals, whether you are working on your first book or your fifth, or simply wishing to experience more creativity, Julia will offer up crucial advice to every attendee.

    A novelist, playwright, essayist and short story writer, Cameron works in multiple mediums, and she believes we all have this potential. Using a lively mix of exercises, Q&A and lecture, Cameron provides participants with a rewarding day of expansion. Expect to review basic tools and learn new ones. Writing, Cameron believes, is our birth right. We all have the right to write.

    robert-holdenRobert Holden, renowned psychologist and author will lead ‘Courage to Write! Overcoming Inner Blocks to Success.’ Writing is a dare! It’s an act of courage, a form of activism, that sends more love, wisdom and hope out into our world. In Robert’s practical masterclass, he shares essential practices and skills that have helped him make a living as a writer.

    Themes include: 

    1.    The Wait Problem – stop waiting to be ready!
    2.    Befriending the Blank Page
    3.    Meeting the Inner Critic
    4.    Catching the Big Fish (diving deep into your psyche)
    5.    Being Spiritually Bold
    6.    Honouring your Unique Selling Point
    7.    Pick up your Pen and Live! The courage to write is really the courage to be yourself and to share your story with the universe.

    Robert Holden Ph.D. is a New York Times Best Selling author of ten books, includingHappiness NOW!, Shift Happens!, Authentic Success and Life Loves You (co-written with Louise Hay). Robert’s pioneering work on psychology and spirituality has been featured on Oprah, Good Morning America, a PBS special Shift Happens! and in two major BBC TV documentaries.

    The Writer’s Journey

    During this weekend workshop, you’ll get the inside information about publishing your book that you’ve always wanted to know.


    •    How to organise your thoughts into a book
    •    How to rewrite and refine your work
    •    How to manifest the determination to publish your book
    •    How to get a publisher’s attention
    •    How to find an agent
    •    How to write a book proposal
    •    How to handle rejections from publishers
    •    How to contact the press about your book
    •    How to choose between self-publishing and traditional publishing
    •    How to build your platform and social media
    •    How to make a business out of being a writer/author

    You’ll also watch exclusive videos of leading Hay House authors as they share their writing process, how they first got published and the secrets that led to their publishing success.

    Note: All attendees will receive a special Goody Bag worth £50 on the day!

    Weekend Schedule

    9–10am: Registration
    10am–12.30pm: Morning session
    12.30–1.30pm: Lunch
    1.30-5pm: Afternoon session
    5–6pm: Signing Sessions

    10am–1pm: Morning session
    1–2pm: Lunch
    2–5pm: Afternoon session

    Please note that lunch is not provided. Additional breaks will be scheduled on the day.

    Win the Opportunity to Get Your Book Published with Hay House UK!

    This could be YOUR chance to publish a book with Hay House UK and become a bestselling author!

    One participant is guaranteed a £5,000 advance and a publishing contract with Hay House!

    Those participants interested in qualifying for the £5,000 advance and publishing contract are required to submit a book proposal.


    City Hall
    College Green
    BS1 5TR

    City Hall Bristol

    Further Details and To Book

    For further details and to book your place on this fabulous weekend workshop, visit the Hay House website HERE!

  • Tao Porchon-Lynch ~ The Magic of Tao

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    A Magical Day of Yoga and Inspiration
    The World’s Oldest Yoga Teacher
    Sun 9th July 2017
    Kew – SW London

    The Magic of Tao

    The wonderful Tao Porchon-Lynch is celebrating being ninety-nine years young this year and as part of her celebrations, we are delighted that she is coming to Naked Dragon’s beautiful Kew venue this July to teach 2 x Exclusive Yoga Classes and to share some stories of her amazing life as she inspires us with her Zen approach to life and living well.

    Tao in Red - Photo Credit Robert Sturman

    There is Nothing You Cannot Do!

    Tao believes that there is ‘Nothing You Cannot Do’ and her life is a great testament to this belief.

    Her wonderful words of wisdom, combined with her amazing outlook on life, have inspired many thousands of her fans from around the world with their beauty and simplicity.

    Tao has been practising yoga for over 70 years and has been teaching yoga to students in India, France and the U.S for more than 45 years. In 2012, Tao earned the Guinness World Record for the ‘World’s Oldest Yoga Teacher’.

    At (almost) ninety-nine years young, Tao is the embodiment of many profound Yoga principles and exemplifies the positive “can-do spirit” that can accomplish anything.

    A Colourful Life

    Tao was born in Pondicherry, India in 1918. Sadly, she lost her mother during childbirth and her early years were spent growing up with her French uncle and Indian aunt in India where she learnt her first yoga moves from the boys on the beach!

    Tao has lived an incredibly colourful life, marching with Gandhi (who was a friend of her uncle’s in India) when she was 12 years old and she was a friend of Marilyn Monroe’s during Tao’s modelling days in the 1950’s.

    She has given TED Talks, appeared on America’s got talent and following a double hip replacement at the age of 80, she took up competitive ballroom dancing which has subsequently taken her all around the world where she has won numerous medals and awards.

    In 2011, Tao was a workshop presenter with Dr. Terri Kennedy at the Newark Peace Conference and sat on the Panel for Peace with His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Deepak Chopra MD amongst many other greats.

    Tao’s Quotes

    Tao Quote

    •           Face each day with joy
    •           I have no fear
    •           There is nothing we cannot do if we harness the power within us
    •           I’m going to dance my way to the next planet
    •           I don’t believe in age ~ I believe in energy
    •           I believe that the power of the universe is right inside me
    •           The idea is to die young ~ As late as possible!
    •           Breath is the power behind all things ~ I breathe in and know that good things will happen
    •           When I wake up in the morning, I know that it is going to be the best day of my life

    Yoga with Tao

    Tao will be offering 2 x Exclusive Yoga Sessions at 12pm and 2.30pm

    Yoga Pose with Tao

    An Evening with Tao & Friends

    The afternoon’s yoga sessions will be followed by an evening with Tao & Friends as she is joined by friends old and new to celebrate her amazing life.

    During the evening Tao will talk about some of her fascinating experiences as well as sharing more of her wonderful words of wisdom. She will be joined on stage by some of her special guests who will share their own experiences of how Tao has touched their lives.


    Tim Wheater

    We are delighted that the fabulous TIM WEATER will be joining TAO for her evening event at KEW as we gather together to wish TAO well for her 100th year ahead of her birthday celebrations in New York next month!



    • 12pm-1.30pm ~ Early Bird Tickets £25.00*
    • 2.30pm-4pm ~ Early Bird Tickets £25.00*

    Please remember to BRING YOUR OWN YOGA MAT as there are no mats available at the venue!


    • 7.30pm-10pm ~ Early Bird Tickets £25.00*

    Due to space restrictions, there will only be a limited number of tickets available for each of Tao’s yoga sessions and the evening event. To avoid disappointment, please book your place asap.

    * Early Bird Tickets will be on Sale until 7th July. Standard Tickets will be priced at £35.00


    The Barn Church
    Attwood Avenue,
    TW9 4HF
    United Kingdom

    The venue is situated about 10 minutes walk from Kew Gardens Station, or a short bus ride from Richmond Station.

  • Sika ~ The Pure Sound Journey

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    The Pure Sound Journey

    Thurs 3rd Aug
    7.30pm – 10pm
    (Doors Open 7pm)

    A Powerful Healing Sound Experience

    Sika on StageSika’s Pure Sound Journey’s are extremely popular worldwide due to their effectiveness in bringing people into a deep, deep state of relaxation.

    Enabling people to move through obstacles within themselves, Sika’s sound journeys invoke healing and profound transformations that can be carried into day-to-day life.

    Using a selection of Didjeridoo, Drum, Flute, Taonga Puoro (Singing Treasures) and other instruments from around the world, Sika takes us on a timeless Pure Sound Journey.

    In this beautiful dream state, the sounds he plays are truly primal and remind us of our ancient story.

    The Pure Sound Journey

    The Pure Sound Journey is for those who want to experience a deep and profound inner process.

    Lying down or sitting up, closing your eyes and relaxing on your yoga matt with a blanket or on a chair, you will experience the power of primordial sounds as Sika bathes you in a sea of Pure Healing Sound.

    Using his voice and a wide range of instruments; including Didgeridoo’s in different tunings, Hoop Drums, Rattles and Native Flutes, you will experience the vibrations and effects of sound passing over and close to your body.

    This simple, but incredibly ancient practice enables a profound shift to occur on subconscious instruments-newprogramming and cellular levels. The remarkable effects of this journey are often so powerful, as to initiate life changes in people, animals and even places.

    This personal and group intention to ‘improve’ reaches spiritual proportions and enriches not only our own life but also others. It is therefore a form of giving back to the world in gratitude and awareness.


    Sika, is an international artist, who has been facilitating similar groups for over twenty-years, using pure sound to journey into higher consciousness.

    He is endorsed by three Aboriginal elders of the Yuin and Bidjura People of South Australia and his sound journeys are always a very deep and powerful experience for people.

    sika1Sika Says…

    I feel like an ancient time traveller, a pilgrim moving with the rhythms of the land. I feel honoured to walk this way, to carry the Taonga of this beautiful land and whisper of the secrets to those who will listen.

    It is full moon the night of our journey of sound. Slip with me into worlds within worlds, as we learn of our true nature.

    A Journey of Pure Sound takes us beyond what meets the eye.

    The instruments I play are my treasures. They give voice to stone, wood and skin. Their music expresses our close relationship with nature.

    Such music plays an important part in the rituals of everyday life. It breathes the spirit of our ancestors into todays world.”

    Sika’s Music

    Check out Sika’s latest CD. Copies will be available for purchase at Sika’s event.


    Please note that EARLY BIRD tickets for this event – priced at just £25.00 – will be very limited, so please book your place asap to avoid disappointment.





    DIRECTIONS The Miskin Manor Country House Hotel is located just North of M4 approximately 1 mile from junction 34 of the motorway and just 20 mins from central Cardiff.


  • Lorna Byrne & Tim Wheater ~ Angels: Gatekeepers of Our Soul ~ Saturday 3rd December • South Wales

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    A Day of Angelic Resonance and Prayerful Reflection
    on the Place of Angels in our Lives with

    Sat 3rd Dec 2016
    South Wales
    10am – 5pm

    This Event Was Sold Out!

    However, the GOOD NEWS is that we have just released a handful of tickets available on a ‘first come – first served’ basis. Please book your tickets using the booking form at the bottom of the page.

    Retreat with the Angels

    Join Best Selling Author Lorna Byrne and Special Guest multi-instrumentalist Tim Wheater as they collaborate together for the very first time to create a very Special Workshop/Seminar at this One-Day Retreat weaving together Lorna’s Angelic Connections with Tim’s Healing Sounds and Live Music.

    Using a combination of Prayer, Meditation and Angelic Sound, Lorna and Tim will take us on a spiritual journey within ourselves to Discover our Unique Connection with our Guardian Angel who will guide us towards what benefits us the most.

    A Reminder of How Your Guardian Angel Loves You

    YouTube Preview Image

    Angelic Conversations

    During the day you will have the opportunity to present anonymously the questions that you would like Lorna to answer and to participate in a group discussion to include such topics as;

       • Parenting • Death • Hope
    • Love • Living Life to the Full • Relationships
       • Family • Depression • Stress
       • Grief • Talking to your Guardian Angel
       • Standing Up and Being Counted
       • Romantic Love

    This will be an open discussion where you can choose to interact if you wish.

    Angelic Blessings

    At the end of the retreat everyone will receive an individual blessing from Lorna accompanied by Tim’s beautiful music.

    lorna blessing

    Angelic Gifts

    lorna CDLorna has kindly gifted 50 x copies of her meditation CD to the first 50 people to book their tickets, so don’t leave it too late to book yours!

    The CD’s will be given to the lucky recipients on the day of the event.


    Priced at just £55.00 will be available until 1st July

    Registration is at 8.45am – Doors Open 9.30am





    DIRECTIONS The Miskin Manor Country House Hotel is located just North of M4 approximately 1 mile from junction 34 of the motorway and just 20 mins from central Cardiff.


  • Lorna Byrne ~ Discovering the Beauty Around and Within Us ~ Sunday 4th December • South Wales

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    Discovering the Beauty Around and Within Us
    in conversation with Julie Bryant

    Sun 4th Dec 2016
    South Wales
    11am – 1.30pm

    WE Are the Guardian Angels of Our Planet

    Lorna Byrne and Julie BryantDue to the huge demand for tickets for Lorna Byrne’s event on Saturday 3rd December which has now sold out, we are delighted that Lorna has kindly agreed to offer a very special additional event on Sunday 4th December.

    At this unique morning event, Lorna Byrne and Julie Bryant (founder of Naked Dragon Events) will be discussing how WE are the Guardian Angels of our Planet and how we must protect the world around us with the help of Angel Jimazen.

    Connect with Your Guardian Angel

    Lorna will guide you through a meditation to Connect with your Guardian Angel and she will be asking for the healing that you need in every way in your life and those you love.

    Lorna is also looking forward to receiving some intriguing questions from the audience!

    Angelic Blessings

    At the end of the event, Lorna will be offering a blessing to those who wish to receive this.

    lorna blessing


    Please note that tickets for this event – priced at £35.00 – will be very limited, so please book your place asap to avoid disappointment. 

    Registration from 9.45am - Doors will open at 10.30am





    DIRECTIONS The Miskin Manor Country House Hotel is located just North of M4 approximately 1 mile from junction 34 of the motorway and just 20 mins from central Cardiff.


  • Bespoke Retreats in Paradise – Bali & Lombok

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    Create Your Personalised Retreat in Paradise
    Bali & Lombok
    May & June 2016

    If you’ve ever dreamt of creating your own BESPOKE RETREAT, now’s your chance to design the RETREAT EXPERIENCE of your dreams!

    Come and join me – Julie Bryant – in BALI & LOMBOK this May or June and enjoy some well deserved time out in PARADISE enjoying your personalised RETREAT PACKAGE.

    Whether you choose to travel alone, with a partner, or with a group of friends, I will work with you to create the PERFECT GETAWAY to Restore, Refresh & Revive your Mind, Body & Soul!

    With a huge range of options to choose from including;


    And so much more…

    If you are interested in finding out more about this UNIQUE NEW SERVICE, let’s start a conversation TODAY!

    In the first instance, please email with your contact details and we can begin exploring the idea of creating your BESPOKE DREAM RETREAT this Summer! 



  • Tim Wheater & Cherub ~ Spring Equinox Sound Ceremony • Thursday 24th March • Kew

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    Tim Wheater & Cherub
    Thurs 24th March 2016
    Kew – SW London

    A Sacred Celebration of Sound

    As we approach the Equinox and light springs forth from dark, join Tim Wheater and Cherub to share this Sacred Celebration of Sound.

    Tim and Cherub

    The Spring Solstice represents a time to integrate the light and shadow aspects within ourselves – mirroring the harmonious balance of nature.

    Let us gather together in a divine expression of yin and yang as we chant and retain the sacred vibration of ancient mantra, enabling you to embody pure balance in the present moment.

     Imagine a sense of pure Presence within you that is loving, whole and free.

    A timeless moment experiencing your most authentic Self, bound to no past or future, carried and supported by sacred sound as the blossoming Earth speeds her way into new life.

    Experience an expansion of consciousness through the high frequency fusion of planet gongs, flutes, drums, Tibetan bowls and vibrational tuning forks, sinking deep into the sound as it subtly transforms the very atoms at the core of your being.

    Celebrating the Spring Equinox

    Spring Solstice is an energetic doorway that allows us to break ground for new, fresh cycles from within – the equivalent of a shortcut to our highest vibration.

    Together we will bring forth our intention to the crystal alter of awakening, and by acknowledging the energetic portal of the equinox combined with the healing and transformational powers of sound, it can bring truly life altering developments.

    Tim Wheater playing flute

    Breathe in the angelic sounds as organic binaural beats raise your brainwaves to deeper states of meditation and serenity, stimulating neurons, releasing beta-endorphins, boosting your immune system and gently realigning your cells back into perfect harmony.

    The clarity you seek is available to you through your intentional focus on what you choose to experience as your journey accelerates at this pivotal time.

    Your choices will also contribute to the collective consciousness that creates the pathways of change intensifying on the planet.

      The way is open for you to choose.

    And the rest is up to you!


    VERY EARLY BIRD Tickets priced at just £20.00 will be on sale until 14th March 2016.


    The Barn Church
    Attwood Avenue,
    TW9 4HF
    United Kingdom

    The venue is situated about 10 minutes walk from Kew Gardens Station, or a short bus ride from Richmond Station.

  • Lucinda Drayton ~ Carols, Candlelight & Christmas • Sunday 11th December • Kew

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    A Blissful Christmas Concert
    Sun 11th Dec 2016
    Kew – SW London

    Give Yourself a Special Gift this Christmas

    Welcome in The True Sprit of Christmas with
    Lucinda Drayton from Bliss and Marcus Cliffe ~ Multi-Instrumentalist

    lucinda and marcus playing

    This evening Lucinda and Marcus will be sharing live music from their brand new collection of Carols and Christmas songs.

    I’ve always been a huge fan of Christmas and Marcus and I love performing our Christmas Concert at this beautiful venue in Kew every year‘” Lucinda Drayton

    The concert will feature original arrangements of Carols and traditional Christmas songs; plus a new look at the classic, A Hundred Thousand Angels.

    Get ready for the Christmas season with music that will move and inspire you.

    A Blissful Christmas

    Lucinda’s exquisite voice coupled with gifted musician Marcus Cliffe always makes for a very special evening. Together, they will open your heart and caress your ears.

    Our beautiful venue – a stunning wooden church in Kew – is just perfect for creating an atmosphere of peace and joy for Christmas.

    YouTube Preview Image

    Lucinda has been given a wonderful and very special gift by God and it is wonderful to see her giving so much pleasure to people all around the world with it.
    Lorna Byrne ~ best selling author of Angels In My Hair

    As the Barn Church can get a little chilly in the winter months, please bring a rug and/or cushion for maximum relaxation and enjoyment of the experience.


    VERY EARLY BIRD Tickets priced at just £20.00 will be on sale until 1st July
    (Tickets on the door will be priced at £35.00)

    Doors Open 6.45pm
    Concert 7pm – ­8.45pm
    followed by festive refreshments and merry mingling!


    The Barn Church
    Attwood Avenue,
    TW9 4HF
    United Kingdom

    The venue is situated about 10 minutes walk from Kew Gardens Station, or a short bus ride from Richmond Station.

  • David Wells ~ Connecting with Your Soul’s Intentions • Thurs 28th Jan • South Wales

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    Thurs 28th Jan 2016
    Connecting with Your Soul’s Intentions
    Miskin Manor ~ Vale of Glamorgan

    Connecting with Your Soul’s Intentions

    We’ve all done it; written our intentions for the year ahead and by week one they’ve gone by the wayside!

    Often we write them based purely on what the personality is shouting for as it has a very, very loud voice.

    But what about stepping into a space that helps you to hear your soul’s requests?

    Your Soul Knows what 2016 is Destined to Bring You!

    It has access to your soul contract and wants to share that information.

    In this unique evening masterclass, David will bring his knowledge of Astrology, the Qabalah and his powerful Guided Visualisation Technique to Naked Dragon to help you set your Soul Intentions for the year ahead.

    Give yourself the gift of space and time to enter into this world of time and space to see what you’ve already set to bring it to earth -right here and right now.

    • Travel down the Tree of Life with your Ideas

    • See how to proceed with your Intentions

    • Create a plan for making them happen

    • Discover how Rituals, Astrology and Meditation can support you in bringing your ideas to fruition

    Please bring a journal or a notebook with you in which to create your Soul Intention Blueprint!

    A Personal Note from Juls

    david wells and julie bryantAs the founder of Naked Dragon Events, I have had the great pleasure of hosting the fabulous David Wells a number of times over the past five years and I cannot recommend this workshop highly enough.

    David is a brilliant speaker with a great sense of humour. His work is hugely transformative and his visualisations are some of the most powerful that I have ever experienced!

    If like me, you are used to setting your intentions for the year ahead by ‘thinking’ about what you want to achieve by setting goals…and have been constantly frustrated when your best intentions have been forgotten within weeks; be prepared to do things a little differently this year and let your soul lead the way.

    After all, it knows the way much better than you ‘think’ you do!



    £25.00 – One Person
    £45.00 – Two Persons





    DIRECTIONS The Miskin Manor Country House Hotel is located just North of M4 approximately 1 mile from junction 34 of the motorway and just 20 mins from central Cardiff.

    Fantastic Offers for Naked Dragon Guests!

    There are some fantastic Exclusive Offers available for Naked Dragon guests at our beautiful venue; including Special Accommodation Packages plus A Day Pass giving full access to the Hotel Spa and Health Club plus Lunch at The Manor House for the All Inclusive Price of just £22.95!


    PLEASE CLICK HERE for Full Details of these All Great Offers!

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