Life is Beautiful – Inspirational Film Circle

Welcome to the Naked Dragon Inspirational Film Circle hosted by Movies by Mills Each month, Naked Dragon offers a different Inspirational Film for your enjoyment. Our choice of award winning films is...

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Tim Wheater – Circle of Sound Experience

A Circle of Sound with Tim Wheater is a memorable moment. Radiant showers of soothing healing sounds bewitching the ears and hearts of the listener. Deep sound meditations, mantras and sacred sounds...

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Lynne McTaggart – The Bond: Connecting Through the Space Between Us

The Bond: Connecting Through the Space Between Us We are Strong when We Unite...We are Weak when We Compete! This inspiring talk represents the culmination of Lynne McTaggart’s groundbreaking work,...

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Dr David Hamilton – Is Your Life Mapped Out?

Is Your Life Mapped Out? New scientific research suggests that the human nervous system can perceive future events before they occur. So does this mean the future has already happened - or is the future...

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Sandy C. Newbigging – Mind Detox for Health, Wealth & Happiness

Make Peace with your Past for Better Health - and Discover the Inner Peace that's Always Present! During this fun and enlightening talk, Sandy C. Newbigging (as seen on Discovery Health) will talk about...

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Jason Chan – The Art of Infinite Living

Are you tired of wandering through life constantly worrying about the future? Do you have a strange feeling that life is not supposed to be an endless struggle? Do you sometimes feel a longing deep...

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Marie-Claire Carlyle – Money Magnet PlayShop!

Our relationship with money begins in childhood and yet so many of us have yet to move beyond the often limiting beliefs we learnt around money in our early years. Although money plays very important...

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Tim Freke – The Mystery Experience

Tim is a philosopher or ‘lover of wisdom’ who is pioneering a simple new way to experience a profound spiritual awakening, which fully embraces our everyday humanity. He has spent his life exploring the...

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Marie-Claire Carlyle – Money Magnet!

How to become a Money Magnet! During this interactive and transformative talk, Marie-Claire will be looking at what we mean by a Money Magnet. She will explore what is in the way of you having more money...

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The Genius of your Dreaming Mind

Discover the magic of your dreaming mind - including techniques for remembering more dreams - and how to dream solutions to your problems. Every night we’re given access to the fantastical, mystical world...

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