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  • Tao Porchon-Lynch ~ The Magic of Tao

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    A Magical Day of Yoga and Inspiration
    The World’s Oldest Yoga Teacher
    Sun 9th July 2017
    Kew – SW London

    The Magic of Tao

    The wonderful Tao Porchon-Lynch is celebrating being ninety-nine years young this year and as part of her celebrations, we are delighted that she is coming to Naked Dragon’s beautiful Kew venue this July to teach 2 x Exclusive Yoga Classes and to share some stories of her amazing life as she inspires us with her Zen approach to life and living well.

    Tao in Red - Photo Credit Robert Sturman

    There is Nothing You Cannot Do!

    Tao believes that there is ‘Nothing You Cannot Do’ and her life is a great testament to this belief.

    Her wonderful words of wisdom, combined with her amazing outlook on life, have inspired many thousands of her fans from around the world with their beauty and simplicity.

    Tao has been practising yoga for over 70 years and has been teaching yoga to students in India, France and the U.S for more than 45 years. In 2012, Tao earned the Guinness World Record for the ‘World’s Oldest Yoga Teacher’.

    At (almost) ninety-nine years young, Tao is the embodiment of many profound Yoga principles and exemplifies the positive “can-do spirit” that can accomplish anything.

    A Colourful Life

    Tao was born in Pondicherry, India in 1918. Sadly, she lost her mother during childbirth and her early years were spent growing up with her French uncle and Indian aunt in India where she learnt her first yoga moves from the boys on the beach!

    Tao has lived an incredibly colourful life, marching with Gandhi (who was a friend of her uncle’s in India) when she was 12 years old and she was a friend of Marilyn Monroe’s during Tao’s modelling days in the 1950’s.

    She has given TED Talks, appeared on America’s got talent and following a double hip replacement at the age of 80, she took up competitive ballroom dancing which has subsequently taken her all around the world where she has won numerous medals and awards.

    In 2011, Tao was a workshop presenter with Dr. Terri Kennedy at the Newark Peace Conference and sat on the Panel for Peace with His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Deepak Chopra MD amongst many other greats.

    Tao’s Quotes

    Tao Quote

    •           Face each day with joy
    •           I have no fear
    •           There is nothing we cannot do if we harness the power within us
    •           I’m going to dance my way to the next planet
    •           I don’t believe in age ~ I believe in energy
    •           I believe that the power of the universe is right inside me
    •           The idea is to die young ~ As late as possible!
    •           Breath is the power behind all things ~ I breathe in and know that good things will happen
    •           When I wake up in the morning, I know that it is going to be the best day of my life

    Yoga with Tao

    Tao will be offering 2 x Exclusive Yoga Sessions at 12pm and 2.30pm

    Yoga Pose with Tao

    An Evening with Tao & Friends

    The afternoon’s yoga sessions will be followed by an evening with Tao & Friends as she is joined by friends old and new to celebrate her amazing life.

    During the evening Tao will talk about some of her fascinating experiences as well as sharing more of her wonderful words of wisdom. She will be joined on stage by some of her special guests who will share their own experiences of how Tao has touched their lives.


    Tim Wheater

    We are delighted that the fabulous TIM WEATER will be joining TAO for her evening event at KEW as we gather together to wish TAO well for her 100th year ahead of her birthday celebrations in New York next month!



    • 12pm-1.30pm ~ Early Bird Tickets £25.00*
    • 2.30pm-4pm ~ Early Bird Tickets £25.00*

    Please remember to BRING YOUR OWN YOGA MAT as there are no mats available at the venue!


    • 7.30pm-10pm ~ Early Bird Tickets £25.00*

    Due to space restrictions, there will only be a limited number of tickets available for each of Tao’s yoga sessions and the evening event. To avoid disappointment, please book your place asap.

    * Early Bird Tickets will be on Sale until 7th July. Standard Tickets will be priced at £35.00


    The Barn Church
    Attwood Avenue,
    TW9 4HF
    United Kingdom

    The venue is situated about 10 minutes walk from Kew Gardens Station, or a short bus ride from Richmond Station.

  • Sika ~ The Pure Sound Journey

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    The Pure Sound Journey

    Thurs 3rd Aug
    7.30pm – 10pm
    (Doors Open 7pm)

    A Powerful Healing Sound Experience

    Sika on StageSika’s Pure Sound Journey’s are extremely popular worldwide due to their effectiveness in bringing people into a deep, deep state of relaxation.

    Enabling people to move through obstacles within themselves, Sika’s sound journeys invoke healing and profound transformations that can be carried into day-to-day life.

    Using a selection of Didjeridoo, Drum, Flute, Taonga Puoro (Singing Treasures) and other instruments from around the world, Sika takes us on a timeless Pure Sound Journey.

    In this beautiful dream state, the sounds he plays are truly primal and remind us of our ancient story.

    The Pure Sound Journey

    The Pure Sound Journey is for those who want to experience a deep and profound inner process.

    Lying down or sitting up, closing your eyes and relaxing on your yoga matt with a blanket or on a chair, you will experience the power of primordial sounds as Sika bathes you in a sea of Pure Healing Sound.

    Using his voice and a wide range of instruments; including Didgeridoo’s in different tunings, Hoop Drums, Rattles and Native Flutes, you will experience the vibrations and effects of sound passing over and close to your body.

    This simple, but incredibly ancient practice enables a profound shift to occur on subconscious instruments-newprogramming and cellular levels. The remarkable effects of this journey are often so powerful, as to initiate life changes in people, animals and even places.

    This personal and group intention to ‘improve’ reaches spiritual proportions and enriches not only our own life but also others. It is therefore a form of giving back to the world in gratitude and awareness.


    Sika, is an international artist, who has been facilitating similar groups for over twenty-years, using pure sound to journey into higher consciousness.

    He is endorsed by three Aboriginal elders of the Yuin and Bidjura People of South Australia and his sound journeys are always a very deep and powerful experience for people.

    sika1Sika Says…

    I feel like an ancient time traveller, a pilgrim moving with the rhythms of the land. I feel honoured to walk this way, to carry the Taonga of this beautiful land and whisper of the secrets to those who will listen.

    It is full moon the night of our journey of sound. Slip with me into worlds within worlds, as we learn of our true nature.

    A Journey of Pure Sound takes us beyond what meets the eye.

    The instruments I play are my treasures. They give voice to stone, wood and skin. Their music expresses our close relationship with nature.

    Such music plays an important part in the rituals of everyday life. It breathes the spirit of our ancestors into todays world.”

    Sika’s Music

    Check out Sika’s latest CD. Copies will be available for purchase at Sika’s event.


    Please note that EARLY BIRD tickets for this event – priced at just £25.00 – will be very limited, so please book your place asap to avoid disappointment.





    DIRECTIONS The Miskin Manor Country House Hotel is located just North of M4 approximately 1 mile from junction 34 of the motorway and just 20 mins from central Cardiff.


  • Charlie Morley ~ Embracing the Shadow

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    A One Day Workshop
    Best Selling Hay House Author

    Sun 29th Oct 2017
    South Wales
    10am – 5pm
    (Doors Open at 9.30am)

    Embracing the Shadow

    The Shadow is the part of us that is made up of all that we hide from others. It hides our shame, our fears and our wounds. It also hides our divine spirit, our blinding beauty and our hidden talents.

    It is a huge source of power and creativity but until we bring it into the light this power will remain untapped and our full potential unreached.

    Using practical “how to” exercises sourced from Tibetan Buddhism, western psychology, Mexican shamanism, and of course dream work & lucid dreaming Charlie Morley takes us on an immersive journey deep into the dazzling darkness of spiritual transformation.

    Using Tibetan Buddhist meditations, dream work, mask and mirror practice, eye gazing, creative writing and lots more the workshop explores how to:

     • Meet, befriend and transform the shadow
    • Integrate the sexual, ancestral and golden shadows
    • Use lucid dreaming to embrace the shadow
    • Move from shame to authenticity
    • Drop the mask and step into your gold

    Based upon Charlie’ brand new book Dreaming Through Darkness this workshop will show you how to fearlessly embrace your shadow side with compassionate acceptance and manifest the awakened power of your full potential.

    The Masks That We Wear

    Tear off the Mask - Rumi

    Not only do we project our shadow onto others, we also project how we want to be seen by others. This is how we create our persona: the mask that we wear.

    The mask of our persona is indicative not only of the self-image that we present to others but also of what we hide from them. And as long as we keep hiding behind the mask of who we think we should be, we will never be free.

    Intergrating the Shadow

    Most of us put all our energy into avoiding admitting that we have any seemingly shameful shadow traits. We daren’t enter into the vulnerability of the human condition. This leads to a constricted, shame-based sense of who we think we are, which in turn makes it impossible to progress on the spiritual path. To embrace the shadow is to drop the mask and reveal our true face to the world.

    Dreaming through DarknessWhen considering shadow integration, the pioneer of Archetypal Psychology, James Hillman, thought of it as a problem of love and asked us to contemplate: ‘How far can our love extend to the broken and ruined parts of ourselves, the disgusting and perverse?’ We have a choice: to keep letting shame make us feel unworthy of love or to consciously witness, and perhaps even reveal, our shame with compassion.

    To really make progress, we have to do something that may seem quite paradoxical: we have to accept the parts of ourselves that we dare not show and learn to love our Magnificent Messiness.


    Please note that VERY EARLY BIRD tickets for this event – priced at just £55.00 – will be very limited, so please book your place asap to avoid disappointment. 





    DIRECTIONS The Miskin Manor Country House Hotel is located just North of M4 approximately 1 mile from junction 34 of the motorway and just 20 mins from central Cardiff.


  • Lucinda Drayton ~ Christmas at Kew

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    Christmas at Kew
    Sat 9th Dec 2017
    Kew – SW London

    Snow in the Street

    Join the fabulous Lucinda Drayton and multi-instrumentalist Marcus Cliffe at one of their favourite gigs of the year as they share their new Christmas themed album….Snow In The Street.

    Snow in the Street London

    Arranged by Marcus and given a magical new feeling, this is a collection of some of their best known carols and some little known traditional Christmas songs; plus a couple of original numbers.

    The Magic of Christmas

    Lucinda and Marcus both love Christmas and these songs mean a lot to them. Lucinda says that they remind her of family times; being with people she loves, lighting the fire, sledging when we are lucky enough to have snow, eating too much and walking to Midnight mass in Cornwall to sing and remember the birth of Christ.

    Black and White Fireplace

    So, come and have some quiet respite time before the madness of shopping and planning and cooking takes over. Let us be together and remember the real spirit of Christmas and what real giving is all about.

    Sacred Spaces

    Stained Glass Window Barn Church KewChurches have always held a special place in Lucinda’s heart having been in the Church choir as a child and she has always loved visiting sacred places all over the world.

    Lucinda says…”The Barn Church Kew is a hidden gem of a venue and our hosts at Naked Dragon Events always attract a warm and friendly crowd. See you in Church! Lucinda x 


    Early Bird Tickets £20.00

    Lucinda with Guitar

    Refreshments will be available before the concert and there will be time at the end of the evening to mingle and meet people.

    CLICK HERE to hear Lucinda singing her much loved song


    The Barn Church Attwood Avenue, Kew TW9 4HF United Kingdom

    The venue is situated about 10 minutes walk from Kew Gardens Station, or a short bus ride from Richmond Station.

  • Lorna Byrne ~ Discovering the Beauty Around and Within Us ~ Sunday 4th December • South Wales

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    Discovering the Beauty Around and Within Us
    in conversation with Julie Bryant

    Sun 4th Dec 2016
    South Wales
    11am – 1.30pm

    WE Are the Guardian Angels of Our Planet

    Lorna Byrne and Julie BryantDue to the huge demand for tickets for Lorna Byrne’s event on Saturday 3rd December which has now sold out, we are delighted that Lorna has kindly agreed to offer a very special additional event on Sunday 4th December.

    At this unique morning event, Lorna Byrne and Julie Bryant (founder of Naked Dragon Events) will be discussing how WE are the Guardian Angels of our Planet and how we must protect the world around us with the help of Angel Jimazen.

    Connect with Your Guardian Angel

    Lorna will guide you through a meditation to Connect with your Guardian Angel and she will be asking for the healing that you need in every way in your life and those you love.

    Lorna is also looking forward to receiving some intriguing questions from the audience!

    Angelic Blessings

    At the end of the event, Lorna will be offering a blessing to those who wish to receive this.

    lorna blessing


    Please note that tickets for this event – priced at £35.00 – will be very limited, so please book your place asap to avoid disappointment. 

    Registration from 9.45am - Doors will open at 10.30am





    DIRECTIONS The Miskin Manor Country House Hotel is located just North of M4 approximately 1 mile from junction 34 of the motorway and just 20 mins from central Cardiff.


  • Bespoke Retreats in Paradise – Bali & Lombok

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    Create Your Personalised Retreat in Paradise
    Bali & Lombok
    May & June 2016

    If you’ve ever dreamt of creating your own BESPOKE RETREAT, now’s your chance to design the RETREAT EXPERIENCE of your dreams!

    Come and join me – Julie Bryant – in BALI & LOMBOK this May or June and enjoy some well deserved time out in PARADISE enjoying your personalised RETREAT PACKAGE.

    Whether you choose to travel alone, with a partner, or with a group of friends, I will work with you to create the PERFECT GETAWAY to Restore, Refresh & Revive your Mind, Body & Soul!

    With a huge range of options to choose from including;


    And so much more…

    If you are interested in finding out more about this UNIQUE NEW SERVICE, let’s start a conversation TODAY!

    In the first instance, please email julie@nakeddragon.co.uk with your contact details and we can begin exploring the idea of creating your BESPOKE DREAM RETREAT this Summer! 



  • Sandy C. Newbigging ~ Wake Up to Wellness • Thurs 3rd March • South Wales

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    Thurs 3rd March 2016
    South Wales

    Please Note that This Event has been Cancelled Due to Unforeseen Circumstances

    The Powerful Meditation Technique that Helps Your Body Heal and Stay Healthy

    Do you have a physical condition or want to stay healthy?

    Do you think there might be a mind-based cause to your physical condition(s)?

    Or are you interested in the mind-body connection or using meditation to reduce stress and enjoy better heath and happiness?

    sandy newbigging meditating at lifeco

    BODY CALM introduces you to a powerful new way to meditate that uses the Mind-Body Connection to help your body heal. It gives your body the rest it needs to recover and remain healthy while bringing about greater harmony within your heart, mind, body, soul and life.

    Join Sandy for this brand new talk based upon his new BODY CALM book to discover:

    • The BODY CALM philosophy for being healthier and happier

    • The research that proves meditation is essential for self-healing, staying healthy and even living longer

    • The secret sources of stress and bad health and unhappiness

    • Quick-start cures for reducing stress and increasing serenity

    • How to calm your mind to let your body rest and enjoy radiant health.

    YouTube Preview Image

    With the Body Calm Meditation technique for daily practice and the Embodying Exercise for resolving specific issues, you will leave this talk feeling positive about the how you can enjoy a calmer mind and a condition-free body.

    The Scientific Benefits of Meditation

    Sandy C. Newbigging and Dr. David Hamilton discuss the Scientific Benefits of Meditation – includes a lovely meditation at the end of the interview!


    VERY EARLY BIRD tickets priced at just £15.00 will available until the 14th February 2016

    Special Limited Offer…


     If you’re keen to get the best results possible, then you will be delighted to hear that Sandy will be Returning to Naked Dragon on Sat 5th March to deliver his BODY CALM DAY CLASS!

    Book Your Place for Sandy’s DAY CLASS on Sat 5th March and come to his Wake up to Wellness Talk on 3rd March for FREE!*

    Full details of Sandy’s Day Class can be found HERE

    *This limited offer is available to the next 20 people to book their place at Sandy’s workshop!





    DIRECTIONS The Miskin Manor Country House Hotel is located just North of M4 approximately 1 mile from junction 34 of the motorway and just 20 mins from central Cardiff.

    Fantastic Offers for Naked Dragon Guests!

    There are some fantastic Exclusive Offers available for Naked Dragon guests at our beautiful venue; including Special Accommodation Packages plus A Day Pass giving full access to the Hotel Spa and Health Club plus Lunch at The Manor House for the All Inclusive Price of just £22.95!


    PLEASE CLICK HERE for Full Details of these All Great Offers!

  • Sandy C. Newbigging ~ Body Calm Day Class • Sat 5th March • South Wales

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    Sat 5th March 2016
    South Wales
    10am – 5pm

    Please Note that This Event has been Cancelled Due to Unforeseen Circumstances

    Welcome to the BODY CALM Experience

    The Powerful Self-Healing Meditation Technique for Health & Happiness

    BODY CALM introduces you to a system of self-healing that uses the power of meditation and the mind-body connection to help your body heal and stay healthy.

    From the creator of the widely used Mind Calm, Sandy C. Newbigging, this transformative technique gives your body the rest it needs to recover and remain healthy while bringing about greater harmony within your Heart, Mind, Body, Soul and Life.

    Sandy C. Newbigging

    The Body Calm Day Class

    During this Transformational Body Calm Day Class you will Discover:

    The life-changing BODY CALM Philosophy for being healthier and happier

    The research that proves meditation is essential for self-healing, staying healthy and even living longer

    The secret source of stress and quick-start cures for increasing serenity

    The BODY CALM meditation technique for healing the beliefs that cause body and life issues

    Sandy has mapped the entire human body to create directories of the most common mind-based causes of physical issues and you will have the opportunity to ask him about any conditions you are curious about. He will also guide you through your first BODY CALM meditation sittings.

    BODY CALM is getting amazing results and by attending this workshop you can start benefiting immediately.

    You will find your life takes on a deeper meaning. You will have the keys to healing your relationship with your emotions, body and life and be more naturally happy.

    Most importantly, you gain confidence in your the ability to enjoy a calmer mind and a condition-free body.

    The Scientific Benefits of Meditation

    Sandy C. Newbigging and Dr. David Hamilton discuss the Scientific Benefits of Meditation - includes a lovely meditation at the end of the interview!

    Sandy C. Newbigging

    Sandy C. Newbigging’s techniques have made meditation fun and beneficial for thousands of people worldwide. His work has been seen on television in 30+ countries and his last five books have become no.1 best-sellers. He will have copies of his brand new BODY CALM book available to buy on the day.


    For more information about Sandy visit www.sandynewbigging.com and for more on BODY CALM visit www.thecalmacademy.com.


    EARLY BIRD tickets priced at just £45.00 will available until the 14th February 2016

    Special Limited Offer!

    If you are one of the next 20 people to book your ticket for Sandy’s BODY CALM DAY CLASS you will be sent a ticket to attend Sandy’s WAKE UP TO WELLNESS talk on Thurs 3rd March absolutely FREE!

    For further details of the Wake Up to Wellness talk, please click HERE





    DIRECTIONS The Miskin Manor Country House Hotel is located just North of M4 approximately 1 mile from junction 34 of the motorway and just 20 mins from central Cardiff.

    Fantastic Offers for Naked Dragon Guests!

    There are some fantastic Exclusive Offers available for Naked Dragon guests at our beautiful venue; including Special Accommodation Packages plus A Day Pass giving full access to the Hotel Spa and Health Club plus Lunch at The Manor House for the All Inclusive Price of just £22.95!

    Miskin Manor Health Club

    PLEASE CLICK HERE for Full Details of these All Great Offers!

  • The Magic of Miskin Manor

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    Dragon Love at First Sight!

    stone dragon brightAfter a long search, with many frustrating detours along the way, I was absolutely delighted when I eventually found the perfect venue to Launch Naked Dragon into my homeland of Wales in October 2015.

    As I drove along the winding country road that led me to my first glimpse of this glorious 10th century manor house, I could feel the tingling in my bones and even before I’d even switched off the car engine, I just ‘knew’ that this place would be ‘the one’!

    Walking towards the imposing front door with it’s fearsome stone winged protectors, I glanced up towards the pretty stone parapet to the side of the building and spotted the most magnificent winged dragon atop the curved bridge and it was Dragon Love at First Sight! 

    A Very Warm Welcome!

    With a wonderful twist of fate;  just I was about to enter the house, the door was opened for me by a charming (and rather handsome!) young man by the name of Ben Rosenburg.

    Introducing himself as the son of the current owners of Miskin Manor, who had purchased and lovingly restored the property in 1996, Ben kindly offered to show me around his beautiful home, including the magical Minstrels Gallery which will be our home for all of our forthcoming events at this stunning Country Hotel & Spa.

    Finishing our tour of the inside of the house, Ben introduced me to his parents, the wonderful Leah and Colin Rosenburg. Handing me over the care of his beautiful mother, Leah graciously completed the tour of the property by showing me around the glorious award winning gardens. As it turned out Leah is a huge fan of Hay House books and was very familiar with many of Naked Dragon’s regulars speakers which was a wonderful and unexpected connection!


    Please CLICK HERE if you would like to read more about the fascinating history of Miskin Manor.

    Sharing the Miskin Magic!

    Over the past few months I’ve been having lots of conversations the Events Team at Miskin Manor to come up with some Exclusive Offers for Naked Dragon guests attending any of our forthcoming events. I’m delighted to say that the team has come up trumps and thanks them, it is a real pleasure to be able to present to you these fabulous offers.

    If you decide to treat yourself to a one or two night stay at the hotel ~ or to simply spend the day relaxing and being pampered in the hotel spa with a fabulous lunch at the manor house ~ please read on because we have some amazing exclusive offers for you!



    Bed + Breakfast – Single £95.00, Double or Twin £120.00
    Dinner, Bed + Breakfast – Single £115.00, Double or Twin £135.00*

    * This works out at an amazing £67.50 per head for a shared room; including dinner, bed + breakfast plus the use of all the hotel’s facilities!

    The above prices also include the use of the Spa and Health Club Facilities!

    Please call the reservations team on Tel: 01443 224 204 to book your room

    Special Day Guest Passes – Including Lunch in the Manor House!

    dining-room-miskin-manor-hotelIf you would like to come and spend the day enjoying the ambience, the great food and the facilities of the health club and spa, then we have another fabulous offer for you!

    For just £22.95, you can purchase a Guest Day Pass which includes the use of the Health Club Facilities & Spa plus a 1 course Table d’Hote Lunch.

    This is the first time that these fantastic deals have been advertised and at these great prices, tickets are selling fast! Rooms at the hotel and the special day passes are likely to book up very quickly, so please don’t leave it too long to reserve your room and remember to book your ticket to the Naked Dragon event of your choice at the same time!

    Miskin Manor Health Club

    Please call the hotel reception on Tel: 01443 224 204 to book your Guest Day Pass!




  • Freedom Lifestyle Retreat ~ ITALY ~ 18th-25th October

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    DARE To Join Naked Dragon in ITALY in Partnership with Nat & Jodie of Housesitting World to Mastermind & Action Your Freedom Income Ideas!


    Think of “Eat, Pray, Love” for a moment… In this best-selling book, author Elizabeth Gilbert told her own story of life transformation from mundane unfulfilment, to complete inner and outer freedom.

    It was a journey that commenced in Italy, indulging her senses in the rich culture, the decadent food and the romance of the language. Italy was the start of her story, a story that went on to inspire millions and has been adored by people from all over the globe.

    Would you like to redefine your own story, or perhaps start a new chapter in your life journey… and like Elizabeth, have it all start in Italy?

    This retreat has serendipitously come to fruition and therefore, no doubt this invitation has found its way to you for a reason. Maybe it is YOUR time this time…

    An Introduction to the Retreat from Nat & Jodie

    YouTube Preview Image


    So the question is, do you DARE to join us in Italy in October?

    Do you DARE to be relaxed and creatively inspired after spending 7 nights on a beautiful estate on the outskirts of Rome, soaking up the atmosphere of the flagship Villa Property of the StoryGardenz Project, surrounded by like minds, and indulging in the fresh Italian produce, lovingly prepared by the founder of Naked Dragon Events – Juls!

    Roman Villa Silj

    Do you DARE to master the ‘Art’ of lifestyle and life balance? Taking a morning meditation walk around the culturally rich gardens, practising some yoga, cruising around Rome City, reading your favourite novel by the pool – and flowingly mix it all with brainstorming, masterminding, overcoming any limiting beliefs, gaining clarity, and getting all your questions answered by experienced freedom lifestyle travellers?

    About the Retreat

    We will be spending 7 incredible nights in the unique Roman Villa Silj located just 9Km from the historic centre of Rome City. This property is home to the ‘StoryGardenz – Seeing Stories Project’ and has been specifically handpicked for the unique story it too possesses.

    The week will involve a mix of teachings, practical exercises, relaxation time, private sessions, masterminding, and casual chatting… probably with a glass of wine in hand!

    We ask you to bring your laptop (if you have one) to facilitate our work. Some of the sessions will be inside, but weather permitting we will aim to work outside as much as possible.

    We will be dining together (breakfast will be self-serve), with meals lovingly prepared by Naked Dragon CHEF JULS, who will also be joining us for sessions throughout the week.

    Chef Juls!

    We will also take some time during the week to explore the incredible city of Rome together… as a direct experience of what it is like to live a freedom lifestyle!

    Montage of Rome

    Your Retreat Leaders
    Natalie Smith & Jodie Thompson

    As full-time international house sitters and travellers, with no home and no residency anywhere, Nat & Jodie know a thing or fifty about creating freedom and lifestyle!

    Jodie & Nat

    After a decade of ‘learning’ about consciousness, living a life they love, personal development, and wealth creation through seminars and books; for the past four years they have switched it up and actually gone out and ‘lived’ it, travelling the world together and creating an online business they absolutely love that provides them with more than enough income to continue their travels indefinitely…living their own version of a freedom lifestyle!

    But they did not start out by selling everything and having tons of money to commence their new travel lifestyle and business. In fact in 2012, after losing a business in Dubai and left with just $300 to their names (and no credit cards or savings to fall back on) they took a one way flight to London and started international house sitting as a means to save on rent and survive.

    Through applying what they had learned in their consciousness work, following their inner guidance and taking action, in just 18 months they have secured a $12000 coaching client and positioned themselves as the world’s experts in their niche of House Sitting.

    They have built a tribe of over 7000 house sitters and home owners, developed a Mobile Magazine App for iTunes & Android, created an online House Sitting Academy course, run a Live House Sitting Immersion Experience in Greece, worked JV’s and built strong relationships with other professionals in their niche, published a book, created a merchandise line launching soon, and after being interviewed in the media and on podcasts numerous times, they have now flipped roles to host their own podcast!

    All of these projects are WORLD FIRSTS within this niche!


    Nat & Jodie do not tell you their achievements to impress you, but rather to impress upon you the importance of collaboration (not competition). They want to inspire you to see what can be created from a single idea and achieved through masterminding at this retreat.

    They know with certainty that much of their success has come from mixing and networking with others who have walked before and with them on this journey, showing them new ways of thinking and being, and what is possible for our own lives.

    This retreat week is not about theory, it is about conscious and deliberate action towards creating your freedom lifestyle.

    And this is the only thing that truly matters at the end of the day!

    Nat & Jodie’s Recent Transformation

    Seth Godin BookA fellow digital nomad friend of Nat & Jodie’s whom you may have already heard of is Natalie Sisson ~ The Suitcase Entrepreneur.

    Natalie recently gifted the girls with a wonderful book written by Seth Godin called “What to Do When it’s Your Turn (and its always your turn)” whilst she was house sitting with them in Breckenridge Colorado earlier this year.

    It was the perfect book to read at the time as amongst the pearls of wisdom, it made them realise just how important story telling is in releasing the power within the actual story itself – both for ourselves – and for others…especially when you harness the power of your story, and do not hide behind it or feel guilty.

    Authentic telling of your story is the very thing that makes you unique, inspires people into action, and most importantly connects you to others.

    This book helped them to see the final piece of the puzzle by showing them that they were still holding onto guilty feelings around different parts of their story. They started to see that the ‘bad’ things that had happened were their most powerful stepping stones, and that these were the parts that people were most interested in because it makes us human, vulnerable and therefore relatable when sharing our story.

    The two months they spent in Colorado were literally life changing and although this book played a big part, the greater influence was actually spending time with inspiring full-time traveling entrepreneurs, masterminding with them, getting really creative with their thinking, and ‘spring cleaning’ their belief systems.

    The truth reflections and ‘possibility’ concepts these incredible people bought to them was all they needed to naturally shift those last residual limitations, taking their business, income, relationship, and life on a whole, to the next level.

    Since reading the book, brainstorming with their peers, and diving in deep to see what really excites them in life, they have unleashed their message; their true gift to share with the world… their ability to incite action and move you purposely towards your true freedom lifestyle… not just talk about it.

    And that’s what this retreat is all about!

    It’s about seeing your story, feeling it’s power for yourself and others, and then using it to unleash your unique passion within your idea or project. It is about the absolute exponential power and clarity that comes from like minds all collaborating on YOUR project… something that we can tell you first hand is priceless!

    We DARE you to come and Join Us on this Retreat to…

    • Be immersed in an environment that will fully nourish and develop your story and idea into clarity

    • Explore how you are uniquely programmed to operate and flow, and realise what business/project model ensures you remain in your joy and creativity

    • Mastermind with those already living their freedom lifestyle, traveling the world making money from anywhere (and not just us, but some surprise guest presenters as well!)

    • Learn what lifestyle means to you, how you work in the flow with maximum productivity and creativity, and balance work and lifestyle

    • See clearly what needs to be actioned and how to do that

    • Take those first action steps with us while at the retreat

    And We Dare You To Leave With…

    • Freedom from any story you are re-running that limits you

    • The ability to see the actual power your authentic story gives you & exactly how this makes your idea/project/business completely unique to you

    • Knowing how to weave that story into your idea to connect with your target audience and build an engaged and trusted tribe with it

    • Knowledge of exactly how you love to operate, your life path challenges & gifts

    • A clear blueprint of the action steps you need to take to turn your idea into reality… and a freedom income.

    • Your own *Conscious Creation Formula* to follow in everything you do in life

    • A magnetic sales funnel system underway for your project, product or service, and ways to make a freedom income right now

     If you are NOT READY to take action, then this retreat is definitely NOT FOR YOU!

    But if you are, let’s take a quick look at the StoryGardenz property where you will be hanging out with us…

    YouTube Preview Image

    WE DARE YOU TO…Action Your Idea and Create a Freedom Income from it!


    The Price of FREEDOM!


    If you are ready to finally take action on your ideas, truly explore how to make it viable, and overcome any overwhelm at actually rolling it all out, then you DEFINITELY need to join us in October at our Freedom Lifestyle Mastermind Retreat in the magnificent city of Rome.

    Dates: 18th – 25th October, 2015

    Place: Roman Villa Silj – on the outskirts of Rome

    Cost: £745 – £995pp (based on private or shared room)


    This investment in YOUR FREEDOM LIFESTYLE includes:-

    • A full week of free flowing masterminding, tuition, question time and chatting with full-time international travellers who have built a location independent freedom business from the ground up, earning all of their income from the road. Not to mention the wealth of experience and network from your fellow participants

    • Over 30 years of combined experience and life wisdom in online income generation, internet marketing, psychology, consciousness and living intuitively

    • Access and connections to our vast network of people that can assist you in making your idea a reality

    • 7 nights accommodation at an awesome and authentic Roman property, home to the world’s first ‘StoryGardenz’ project

    • All meals lovingly prepared for you with incredible local produce, and includes unlimited beverages (tea, coffee, beer & wine)

    • A cultural Italian welcome dinner, hosted by the owner Bernard, who will also spend time talking with us about his own creative project ‘StoryGardenz’ and how he has taken it international.

    • Tons of story telling time in a beautifully relaxed atmosphere!

    Extra costs not included: Your transport to Rome, transport to the property from Rome/Airport, and optional trip into Rome City with possible meal out.


    Upon securing your place, you will also receive a private one-on-one consult prior to the retreat. During this session Nat & Jodie will explore your unique & innate gifts, and potential or current challenges, so they can completely personalise your experience on the retreat.

    Do not miss out on this fabulous opportunity!


    We look forward to welcoming you to Rome and to your first experience of your new FREEDOM LIFESTYLE!

    For further information of how to book your place, please email; julie@nakeddragon.co.uk or call Juls on; 07958 366555.

    Please contact Juls using the contact details above if you have any further questions prior to booking your place on the retreat.

    Please Note: Although Naked Dragon are working in partnership with Nat & Jodie in terms of promotional activities for this retreat and Julie Bryant  - founder of Naked Dragon – will be your retreat chef in Rome, your legal contract will be with Natalie Smith & Jodie Thompson of Housesitting World.

    Cancellation Policy: All deposits and payments for this retreats are non-refundable

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