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  • Sika ~ The Pure Sound Journey

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    The Pure Sound Journey

    Thurs 3rd Aug
    7.30pm – 10pm
    (Doors Open 7pm)

    A Powerful Healing Sound Experience

    Sika on StageSika’s Pure Sound Journey’s are extremely popular worldwide due to their effectiveness in bringing people into a deep, deep state of relaxation.

    Enabling people to move through obstacles within themselves, Sika’s sound journeys invoke healing and profound transformations that can be carried into day-to-day life.

    Using a selection of Didjeridoo, Drum, Flute, Taonga Puoro (Singing Treasures) and other instruments from around the world, Sika takes us on a timeless Pure Sound Journey.

    In this beautiful dream state, the sounds he plays are truly primal and remind us of our ancient story.

    The Pure Sound Journey

    The Pure Sound Journey is for those who want to experience a deep and profound inner process.

    Lying down or sitting up, closing your eyes and relaxing on your yoga matt with a blanket or on a chair, you will experience the power of primordial sounds as Sika bathes you in a sea of Pure Healing Sound.

    Using his voice and a wide range of instruments; including Didgeridoo’s in different tunings, Hoop Drums, Rattles and Native Flutes, you will experience the vibrations and effects of sound passing over and close to your body.

    This simple, but incredibly ancient practice enables a profound shift to occur on subconscious instruments-newprogramming and cellular levels. The remarkable effects of this journey are often so powerful, as to initiate life changes in people, animals and even places.

    This personal and group intention to ‘improve’ reaches spiritual proportions and enriches not only our own life but also others. It is therefore a form of giving back to the world in gratitude and awareness.


    Sika, is an international artist, who has been facilitating similar groups for over twenty-years, using pure sound to journey into higher consciousness.

    He is endorsed by three Aboriginal elders of the Yuin and Bidjura People of South Australia and his sound journeys are always a very deep and powerful experience for people.

    sika1Sika Says…

    I feel like an ancient time traveller, a pilgrim moving with the rhythms of the land. I feel honoured to walk this way, to carry the Taonga of this beautiful land and whisper of the secrets to those who will listen.

    It is full moon the night of our journey of sound. Slip with me into worlds within worlds, as we learn of our true nature.

    A Journey of Pure Sound takes us beyond what meets the eye.

    The instruments I play are my treasures. They give voice to stone, wood and skin. Their music expresses our close relationship with nature.

    Such music plays an important part in the rituals of everyday life. It breathes the spirit of our ancestors into todays world.”

    Sika’s Music

    Check out Sika’s latest CD. Copies will be available for purchase at Sika’s event.


    Please note that EARLY BIRD tickets for this event – priced at just £25.00 – will be very limited, so please book your place asap to avoid disappointment.





    DIRECTIONS The Miskin Manor Country House Hotel is located just North of M4 approximately 1 mile from junction 34 of the motorway and just 20 mins from central Cardiff.


  • Lorna Byrne & Tim Wheater ~ Angels: Gatekeepers of Our Soul ~ Saturday 3rd December • South Wales

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    A Day of Angelic Resonance and Prayerful Reflection
    on the Place of Angels in our Lives with

    Sat 3rd Dec 2016
    South Wales
    10am – 5pm

    This Event Was Sold Out!

    However, the GOOD NEWS is that we have just released a handful of tickets available on a ‘first come – first served’ basis. Please book your tickets using the booking form at the bottom of the page.

    Retreat with the Angels

    Join Best Selling Author Lorna Byrne and Special Guest multi-instrumentalist Tim Wheater as they collaborate together for the very first time to create a very Special Workshop/Seminar at this One-Day Retreat weaving together Lorna’s Angelic Connections with Tim’s Healing Sounds and Live Music.

    Using a combination of Prayer, Meditation and Angelic Sound, Lorna and Tim will take us on a spiritual journey within ourselves to Discover our Unique Connection with our Guardian Angel who will guide us towards what benefits us the most.

    A Reminder of How Your Guardian Angel Loves You

    YouTube Preview Image

    Angelic Conversations

    During the day you will have the opportunity to present anonymously the questions that you would like Lorna to answer and to participate in a group discussion to include such topics as;

       • Parenting • Death • Hope
    • Love • Living Life to the Full • Relationships
       • Family • Depression • Stress
       • Grief • Talking to your Guardian Angel
       • Standing Up and Being Counted
       • Romantic Love

    This will be an open discussion where you can choose to interact if you wish.

    Angelic Blessings

    At the end of the retreat everyone will receive an individual blessing from Lorna accompanied by Tim’s beautiful music.

    lorna blessing

    Angelic Gifts

    lorna CDLorna has kindly gifted 50 x copies of her meditation CD to the first 50 people to book their tickets, so don’t leave it too late to book yours!

    The CD’s will be given to the lucky recipients on the day of the event.


    Priced at just £55.00 will be available until 1st July

    Registration is at 8.45am – Doors Open 9.30am





    DIRECTIONS The Miskin Manor Country House Hotel is located just North of M4 approximately 1 mile from junction 34 of the motorway and just 20 mins from central Cardiff.


  • Sandy C. Newbigging ~ Body Calm Day Class • Sat 5th March • South Wales

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    Sat 5th March 2016
    South Wales
    10am – 5pm

    Please Note that This Event has been Cancelled Due to Unforeseen Circumstances

    Welcome to the BODY CALM Experience

    The Powerful Self-Healing Meditation Technique for Health & Happiness

    BODY CALM introduces you to a system of self-healing that uses the power of meditation and the mind-body connection to help your body heal and stay healthy.

    From the creator of the widely used Mind Calm, Sandy C. Newbigging, this transformative technique gives your body the rest it needs to recover and remain healthy while bringing about greater harmony within your Heart, Mind, Body, Soul and Life.

    Sandy C. Newbigging

    The Body Calm Day Class

    During this Transformational Body Calm Day Class you will Discover:

    The life-changing BODY CALM Philosophy for being healthier and happier

    The research that proves meditation is essential for self-healing, staying healthy and even living longer

    The secret source of stress and quick-start cures for increasing serenity

    The BODY CALM meditation technique for healing the beliefs that cause body and life issues

    Sandy has mapped the entire human body to create directories of the most common mind-based causes of physical issues and you will have the opportunity to ask him about any conditions you are curious about. He will also guide you through your first BODY CALM meditation sittings.

    BODY CALM is getting amazing results and by attending this workshop you can start benefiting immediately.

    You will find your life takes on a deeper meaning. You will have the keys to healing your relationship with your emotions, body and life and be more naturally happy.

    Most importantly, you gain confidence in your the ability to enjoy a calmer mind and a condition-free body.

    The Scientific Benefits of Meditation

    Sandy C. Newbigging and Dr. David Hamilton discuss the Scientific Benefits of Meditation - includes a lovely meditation at the end of the interview!

    Sandy C. Newbigging

    Sandy C. Newbigging’s techniques have made meditation fun and beneficial for thousands of people worldwide. His work has been seen on television in 30+ countries and his last five books have become no.1 best-sellers. He will have copies of his brand new BODY CALM book available to buy on the day.


    For more information about Sandy visit www.sandynewbigging.com and for more on BODY CALM visit www.thecalmacademy.com.


    EARLY BIRD tickets priced at just £45.00 will available until the 14th February 2016

    Special Limited Offer!

    If you are one of the next 20 people to book your ticket for Sandy’s BODY CALM DAY CLASS you will be sent a ticket to attend Sandy’s WAKE UP TO WELLNESS talk on Thurs 3rd March absolutely FREE!

    For further details of the Wake Up to Wellness talk, please click HERE





    DIRECTIONS The Miskin Manor Country House Hotel is located just North of M4 approximately 1 mile from junction 34 of the motorway and just 20 mins from central Cardiff.

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  • Kyle Gray ~ Know Your Angels ~ Wed 11th Nov @ Vale of Glamorgan • South Wales

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    Kyle Gray
    An Evening of Angelic Inspiraton
    Miskin Manor
    Wed 11th Nov 2015

    It is your Divine Right to Know your Angels!

    From the moment you were born there has been a guardian angel with you on your journey and they are desperate for you to know them.

    Connecting with angels may seem unnatural, but the truth is it is the complete opposite. We just have to give ourselves permission to feel their presence. Your angels want to help you in all areas of your life and they are able to help you overcome challenges and create a future you love.

    After helping you understand who the angels are, why they exist and how they can help you – Kyle will guide you to connect with them. You will be given tools and exercises that can help you tap into your angels or strengthen the connection you already have.

    Get to Know your Angels

    YouTube Preview Image

    Tonight, every member of the audience will be given their very own angel card to take home and will have the opportunity to receive a message from their angel through Kyle.

    Kyle Gray ~ An Angel Expert with a Difference!

    kyle-in-yoga-poseThis tattooed 27-year-old from Scotland likes to bring a laidback approach to spirit. With his new Angel Prayer techniques that miraculously work – he’ll get you hanging out with your Guardian Angels in no time.

    This Yoga loving dude was woken up to the spiritual world at just 4 years old when he saw and communed with his deceased Grandmother. After years of hiding his intuitive talents he decided to surrender and share what he’s got!

    Now Kyle dedicates his life to helping other people crack open to the angels with his workshops, coaching and books. Kyle is the author of four books including Angel Prayers, Wings of Forgiveness and his recently published, Angels Whisper in My Ear.

    Gabrielle Bernstein, New York Times Bestselling Author of Spirit Junkie“Kyle Gray is an incredibly talented medium and guide for the new generation of spiritual seekers and the already converted’”

    David Hamilton Phd, Author of How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body “Kyle Gray is a natural down-to-earth psychic – I found him to be startlingly accurate. He has a remarkable spiritual connection.”

    Soul & Spirit Magazine “Meet the hottest name in spirituality’”

    Meggan Watterson, Author of Reveal: A Sacred Manual For Getting Spiritually Naked “I had full-bodied chills. Kyle Gray is the hottest, hippest, medium who translates the wisdom of the angels in the most loving and relatable way possible. I couldnt recommend his brilliant spiritual gifts more.”

    YouTube Preview Image


    EARLY BIRD Tickets will be on sale until Sunday 8th November.





    DIRECTIONS The Miskin Manor Country House Hotel is located just North of M4 approximately 1 mile from junction 34 of the motorway and just 20 mins from central Cardiff.

    Fantastic Offers for Naked Dragon Guests!

    There are some fantastic Exclusive Offers available for Naked Dragon guests at our beautiful venue; including A Day Pass giving full access to the Hotel Spa and Health Club plus Lunch at The Manor House for the All Inclusive Price of just £22.95!


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