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  • Are You Truly Listening to The Angels?

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    A Guest Blog by Stewart Pearce

    The Angels of Atlantis want to drench our lives with their inter-stellar intelligence, suffused with the purity of their unconditional love.

    They hover, waiting to show us that we are simply much more than that we first thought, felt or imagined. For they wish to bring us into direct communion with The Source.

    They wish to diminish within us the notion that we are separate from the ALL THAT IS.

    So can you allow yourself to be bathed in their presence?

    The Angels use this extraordinary time to encourage us to reinvent the wheel – that is to shift our perspective from the fixation we have with being alone. They wish to recalibrate our vision, so that we feel the connectivity of the Galaxy, and they pledge assistance to our restless creativity for one measure only, to aid us in our relationship with the divine.

    A separation took place from the ALL THAT IS in the sixteenth century during the era known as the ENLIGHTENMENT, when the materialists flatly refused to honour that the Universe had a Soul.

    Ironically, this occurred just after the second most significant wave of Angels the planet had ever seen, that being the Italian Renaissance, when great Artists captured Angelic nature in their beautiful paintings.

    For example observe the Annunciation of Mary by Raphael, or the depiction of Heaven in the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo.

    Now the Angels are with us once again in another time of Renaissance, as many of us are feeling that we stand on the brink of a massive change, a shifting point of Divine proportion.

    You see the space between God and Man is decreasing, the light-years between the Galaxy and Planet Earth are diminishing, the chasm between the Light and the Dark is morphing, and the void between Love and Hate is lessening.

    Within this transition lies a path towards super-coherence – an opportunity to dispel the urge for separation, and instead we can become fifth-dimensional beings.

    Living thus, we will glimpse our soul’s inheritance as a portal to inclusivity – a transition that does not need to be accomplished alone.

    Although many of us have sought healing over the years, and have taken responsibility for our sorrows and pains, waking to the notion that healing means a movement back to wholeness; Jungian Analysis has brought us the compelling nature of individuation, and simultaneously produced a level of personal independence that can overly-control our lives. If so, we then wake to the notion that we’ve created another point of resistance and in this sense a false sense of exclusivity.

    The point is we don’t need to relinquish this resistance alone, for the Angels are stirring us through their eternal love to recognize that We and the Universe are evolving together.

    They urge that we imagine shades of experience, rather than the force of opposites, encouraging us to at last see ourselves free of limiting thought patterns. For in the fifth dimension we will feel ourselves forever experiencing the oneness of all as a heightened state of interdependence.

    Inevitably, this will alter our expression and understanding of the free-will arena, because the either/or perspective will become diffused into the ever-evolving Oneness of the eternal present.

    Not that duality will cease to exist, for if we are to truly know ‘freedom of choice’ – the motivational driver of our existence – this evolutionary trigger will need to be with us to diminish any passivity or inertia. Can you imagine what it will be like to see the world through the Eyes of Source?

    This is why the Angels refer to us as being the Dream Weavers of the Universe!

    Stewart Pearce (copyright)

    ***Stewart will be hosting an evening workshop at Naked Dragon on Wednesday 7th March***

    For further details and to book your ticket, please click HERE

  • Music – Life – Spirit – Love

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    A Guest Post by Russell Leak

    A note, a chord or a song can change your being. It can move you, lift you, make you cry…and even make you laugh out loud!

    Since ancient times music has been used to alter states and rouse nations. There’s something in music that goes way back in us, back to the shamans and the drums – back to the first person who worked out how to string a hollowed out log.

    Music has been a powerful and transformative part in my life and I used to believe it was the same for everyone. However, as I was vexing passionately to a friend about a new album from my favourite band he said “I’m not really into music…occasionally I just buy a tape for the car!” What???  I could hardly believe his total lack of interest in music. Then I remembered that he was also a football fan and that he used to sing his heart out every Saturday on the terraces!

    So I guess music really does touch us all – in one way or another…even if we are blissfully unaware of its powerful effects.

    Maybe because it’s wired in us in some way – woven into our DNA. Getting briefly technical; the Pentatonic scale consisting of 5 notes that can be heard in pretty much every culture of music including Chinese, Arabic, African, Blues…everywhere in fact. In those ancient caves, the ones with the animal paintings made by men from 20,000 years ago they found flutes made from a vulture’s wing bone, and low and behold; the scale is Pentatonic. Natures’ natural rhythms…the beat of the wing, the rhythm of the waves and the delicate chimes in the wind.

    Life itself has a natural rhythm too. It goes up and down. Sometimes we are happy, sometimes sad, and sometimes it throws us around so much we start to feel a kind of motion sickness. “I want to get off” or “I just want some stability,” we find ourselves saying. So we choose something quiet or gentle, we settle for less until the rhythm becomes a steady hum. At this point we might choose to get back on the ride and find a little excitement again. As one of my favorite song writers said “if their lives were exotic and strange, they would likely have gladly exchanged them for something a little more plain, maybe something a little more sane.”

    So through this chaos of life’s ups and downs, we start to look for a sign, a reason and a strategy for coping. We follow the wise words written by the ancients. We meditate knowing that we are searching to find ourselves. We remember those wise cracking gods who thought they’d have a laugh and store the secrets deep within us. How can we go looking inside for ourselves when the whole world is distracting us? It throws us daily emails, glowing lights and 3 minute videos! People start to say “With all this science and technology I don’t believe in God, I believe in matter, I want what’s solid, but I’m sure I have a soul somewhere…I have to have something more within me. Don’t I?”

    If you spoke to someone, just as they were turning off their bedside light at the end of a busy stressful day, and asked “What was your absolute best moment of the day?” I’m sure most would enthuse; “Well I had a real laugh working with my colleagues” or “I hugged my man as he realised he’d made a mistake” or “I kissed my sleepy child as she gave in and let the dreams take her” …or, some other wild and crazy act of love. Love is a mysterious and wonderful expression of our existence that makes us question, write, sing, express and confuse ourselves on a daily basis.

    With all these conflicting thoughts it’s sometimes hard to find calm in the chaos of our minds. Perhaps a song can transform us, maybe a book, a poem, or a smile.

    Or maybe a talk from a couple of crazy guys who have been around the block, learnt a bit about life – and want to share it with you!

    Russell Leak will be sharing the stage with Andy Dovey at Naked Dragon on Wed 15th Feb.

    For further details and to book your ticket, please click HERE

  • Finding Sanity In An Insane World?

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    A Guest Post by Andy Dovey

    Most of us would agree that we are living in incredibly challenging times, but how do we live through them successfully?

    What are the ‘impacts’ on us (emotionally, physically and socially) and what affect does this daily bombardment have on us?

    How can we mitigate the damage on ourselves from all these stimuli to our minds, bodies and souls?

    Russell Leak and I will be addressing all these questions (and much, much more!) at our Naked Dragon event on Wednesday 15th February – me through words in the form of a talk, and Russell through the medium of music in the form of his songs.

    As a practising clinical hypnotherapist, I have seen an growing number of clients of the past 5 years or so, who are experiencing increasing levels of stress and anxiety, the root cause of which is often fear – fear of losing a job, fear of not having enough money, fear of losing a home, etc. We are also subject to an environment of fear that may (or may not) be real – terrorism, war, pandemics, etc.

    The net result of all this is an almost constant stimulus of our adrenal systems (the flight-or-fight response) which has a number of profound effects on the individual, everything from compromised immune systems to chronic fatigue, and much more.

    My hypothesis is that we are not able to evolve fast enough as a species to cope with the world we live in, and this is placing us under more and more pressure that we are not designed to endure.

    So, what can we do about this? Come along on 15th February and find out!

    During the evening I will also look at how the world really works, taking a peek behind the veil that is projected to us via the media and government, to see how it really works and how we can maintain our sanity in an increasingly insane world.

    There will also be a demonstration of how everyone can use self-hypnosis to benefit themselves and reduce stress and anxiety.

    The event will be in 2 halves…

    My talk will be first, starting at 7.30pm. When everyone has had enough of me (☺) there will be an interval of about 15 minutes, and then Russell will start his Music/Life/Spirit/Love section, linking with some of the themes I will have been talking about.

    Russell is an incredibly talented songwriter and musician and, using modern technology, is able to be a true one-man-band. As a musician myself, I will join him occasionally on drums and percussion. Before playing each song, he will talk about the theme of the song, where his inspiration came from and the meaning of the song, so giving each piece a unique context that many listeners never experience.

    If all this sounds a bit ‘heavy’, yes it is in parts, but we guarantee there also will be a lot of fun and laughter as both of us don’t take ourselves too seriously! Amongst the sober facts there will be many lighter moments of banter, self-deprecation and audience participation.

    So, come along for some enlightenment, some fun and be prepared to get involved!

    For full details of this exciting event, please click HERE

  • Andy Dovey & Russell Leak – Surviving the Chaos of the 21st Century!

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    Inspirational Talk & Music
    Wednesday 15th Febuary 2012

    An evening of the spoken word, life-changing insights and enchanting music with…
    Andy Dovey & Russell Leak

    YouTube Preview Image

    Surviving The Chaos of the 21st Century through the Four Cornerstones of…
    Music • Life • Spirit • Love

    We are going through a period where the ‘environment’ we inhabit in the developed world is changing at an ever increasing pace (without doubt the fastest rate of change in the history of our species) mainly driven by the rapid rate of technological change.

    All of the factors we have to contend with  – economic pressures, material needs, physical stresses, mental stresses – are being thrown at us in greater measure year after year.  This places us in an almost constant state of adrenal fatigue with our ancient, animalistic flight-or-fight reflexes being stimulated many times every day.  This is very bad news for our long-term physical and mental health.

    During this event, we will look at how…and why…we have got to where we are, and – most importantly – provide practical and spiritual advice on how best to combat the effects of the bombardment we are under so that we can maintain our physical and mental health to an optimum level and lead lives that are more contented, more fulfilled, and more true-to-ourselves.

    Surviving the Chaos – PART ONE

    During this first part of the evening,  Andy Dovey will discuss:
    How We Are Wired – a quick overview of brain function and how our emotional responses work

    What Is Healthy Or Unhealthy? – a look at our mental & physical health in the 21st century

    Avoiding Being ‘Programmed’ – discover how we are all ‘conditioned’; see it happening and how to deal with it

    Use of Language – how we deceive ourselves with misuse of language and how to avoid this

    Raising Your Self-Awareness – an honest stare in the mirror to see what others see

    Finding Out Who You Really Are – the person you ‘present’ to others versus the real you

    Using Self-Hypnosis – a demonstration of the benefits

    Staying Healthy – what sorts of emotions and behaviour are beneficial

    Please click HERE to read a special Guest Post written by Andy Dovey

    Surviving the Chaos – PART TWO

    During the second part of the evening, Russell Leak will combine the spoken word, popular songs and songs from his own album, “Smile” to explore the Four Cornerstones of our existence…
    Music • Life • Spirit • Love

    Music – Have you felt yourself soften at the sound of a chord or a melody?  Have you remembered something or someone with the sound of a song?  Sometimes music communicates better than anything else.  Russell talks about his relationship with music, how it has helped him and sings and plays songs that reach the heart and communicate where words fail.

    Life – Life is hard, and once you accept that fact, it isn’t hard anymore!  But does it really have to be so hard?  Can we change our relationship to life so that we can understand it better, so that we can live more fully and so have a more enriching experience of life?

    Spirit - Death is the end of life . . . or is it?  Russell explores what spirituality means to him as he shares his investigation of many different religions and expressions and discusses how we can best honour those who have left us.

    Love – “What is love?”  A question that has failed many of the best thinkers. Russell explores what love could mean to us, our resistance to it, our need for it – and why there are so many songs written about it.

    Please click HERE to read a special Guest Post by Russell Leak

    Join Russell and Andy for this unique inspirational event and discover how you can reduce your stress levels, increase your happiness and find your true-self.

    Ticket Prices

    £15.00 – Save £5.00 by booking online

    £20.00 – on the door

    ***Valentine’s Special***

    Book your ticket by 14th Feb and receive a FREE Hyphnotherapy CD – plus -  the opportunity to purchase music CD’s at half price on the night!


    The Crown Hotel
    (Windsor Suite)
    7 London Street, Chertsey, Surrey KT16 8AP United Kingdom

    Our venue offers great dining at reasonable prices.
    Please call the hotel direct to reserve your table: 01932 564657

    Free parking is available – after 6pm – at Sainsburys (almost opposite the venue.) Chertsey train station is just a few minutes drive away.

  • Stewart Pearce – Angelic Sound Healing & Alchemy of Voice

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    Sound & Voice Experience
    Wed 7th March 2012
    7.30pm – 10pm

    During the ‘Harmonic Convergence’ of 1987 Stewart was given divine transmission from Twelve Archangels. These wondrous Light Beings gave inspirational information about the vast planetary and cosmic changes that would take place for the Dawning of Aquarius.

    Subsequently Stewart created a Temple of Sound Healing known as THE ALCHEMY OF VOICE.

    In this Unique Evening Workshop you will explore powerful Sonic Meditations and Mind-Body Experiences to stimulate heightened awareness.

    You will feel an inspired connection with a communion of light known as the Angels of Atlantis, connect with your own Guardian Angel, and discover the “7 Steps to Heaven” – the maxims that the people of Atlantis lived by.

    This civilization disappeared 12,000 years ago, and yet Stewart has unique information about an island within the Bermuda Triangle where he runs Exotic Retreats for the Angels of Atlantis and their quintessential teaching.

    During this evening’s workshop you will:

    • Discover the song of your soul – your own signature note
    • Rebalance Chakra disturbances
    • Be inspired by Angelic Elixir
    • Transmute any challenge that ceases your creativity
    • Engage in profound Sonic meditations
    • Rediscover the Sound of the Soul of the Cosmos
    • Feel vital well-being creating sustainable JOY

    YouTube Preview Image

    Ticket Prices

    £20.00Advance Booking (no booking fees – save £5.00 per ticket by booking in advance )
    £25.00 – On the door

    To ensure your place -  please book your ticket by using the booking form below the venue details.


    The Crown Hotel (Windsor Suite)
    7 London Street,
    Chertsey, Surrey
    KT16 8AP
    United Kingdom

    A special £10.00 supper menu is available at the venue for all Naked Dragon guests
    Please call the hotel direct to reserve your table: 01932 564657

    Free parking is available – after 6pm – at Sainsburys (almost opposite the venue.)
    Chertsey train station is about 10 minutes walk from the venue.

  • John Whiteman – Creating Happiness from the Inside-Out

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    Wednesday 25th April 2012

    Happiness is an Energy you can Create from the Inside-Out

    Imagine a life where you were able to self-manage how you feel.

    A life where by taking simple steps each day you can shift from feeling ok…

    …to feeling good…

    to feeling fantastic!

    Well the simple answer is – you can!

    During this inspirational talk, John will explain how to increase your energy vibration and take the action you need to manifest your dreams.

    John has discovered 9 Elements which, when brought into your life will do exactly that. Based on his experiences as a Business Troubleshooter, he found that these 9 Elements when applied to his clients lives made such an improvement to how they felt that their personal and business life benefited amazingly.

    “These 9 Elements lift your energy vibration, make you happier, and help you to find and live your life’s purpose”

    YouTube Preview Image

    These practical steps form the foundation to a philosophy of life John calls “The Way”

    The Way brings your mind, body and spirit together as one, helping you to be the person you were meant to be and live a life filled with happiness and flow.

    “How you Feel is…How you Live your Life”

    John’s teachings can easily be incorporated into your life. Just by having the awareness of how these elements directly affect how you feel can have life changing effects and result in you living a happier life.

    “A Life Where You Get to Self Manage How You Feel…and Grow Happiness from the Inside-Out”


    In celebration of this year’s WORLD BOOK NIGHT we are giving away a copy of The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho to the first 24 people to book a ticket for John’s talk!

    Ticket Prices

    £15.00 (no booking fees) – Save £5.00 by booking online
    There may be a limited number of tickets available on the door at a cost of  £20.00.

    However – to ensure your place, please book your ticket online using the booking form below


    The Crown Hotel (Windsor Suite)
    7 London Street,
    Chertsey, Surrey
    KT16 8AP
    United Kingdom

    An evening menu is available at the venue

    Parking is available at Sainsburys (almost opposite the venue.)
    Chertsey train station is about 10 minutes walk from the venue.

  • David Wells – Who Do You Think You Were?

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    One-Day Workshop
    Sunday 29th April 2012
    10am – 4pm

    A Journey into the World of Past Lives

    • Do you have phobias and fears?

    • Ever stopped to wonder why?

    • Did you know that your personal energy can alert you to situations that may originate in a previous life?

    • Who do you think you were?

    YouTube Preview Image

    By knowing more about our past lives we can find out how they affect us today and the things we can do to heal our past.

    In this amazing interactive workshop, David Wells shares some of his own past lives and takes you on a guided meditation to the Akashic Records to show how you can access your own memories.

    Along the way you may even recognise someone in this life who you have travelled with in times gone by!

    You will find out more about Karma – what it is and how you can use it to your advantage.

    David will show you how to release Karma you may not need anymore; recognise your strengths from previous incarnations and how to ask your spiritual guides to help you out when the going gets tough!

    Ticket Prices

    Early Bird Tickets £55.00 (until 1st April 2012)

    Full Price Tickets £75.00

    ***If you are booking for David’s workshop, you might be interested in this fantastic deal which includes a ticket to talks with Angel Whisperer, Kyle Gray in May and Medium Gordon Smith in July – plus a ticket to David’s workshop – for a total price of just £99.00 for all three events***

    For further details please click HERE


    The Crown Hotel (Windsor Suite)
    7 London Street,
    Chertsey, Surrey
    KT16 8AP
    United Kingdom

    A lunch menu is available at the venue

    Parking is available at Sainsburys (almost opposite the venue.)
    Chertsey train station is about 10 minutes walk from the venue.

  • Barbara Meiklejohn-Free – Journey to the Shaman Within

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    Talk & Sacred Sounds
    Wednesday 30th May 2012

    Discover your authentic self; at one with Nature, with Spirit and with the infinite joy that is the journey of your soul – Your Shaman Within.

    Spend the evening walking your timelines as you journey side-by-side with the UK’s best-loved, wise-woman.

    Through the gift of storytelling and music you will learn to reconnect to the ‘heart of all knowing’ by tuning into the rhythm of the beat of the Cosmos.

    Set flight as you travel the timelines, rekindling your relationship with your ancestors – moving forward to reconnect with your soul’s purpose in this life and the guardians that are ready to help healing old wounds before exploring the wonders of tomorrow.

    In sharing her journey – her story thus far – Barbara will demonstrate using ancient tools and techniques to open up all the worlds in which we walk in order that we can make the most of this world and our time now – and help to create a future of infinite possibilities.

    YouTube Preview Image

    The evening’s experience will include:

    Healing Drum Demonstration
    Psychic & Mediumship Demonstration
    Meditations to meet and contact your spirit ancestors and power animal

    *All drum, smudging tools and music will be provided.
    Just  bring an open heart, inquisitive mind and a free spirit!

    Ticket Prices

    £20.00 – Save £5.00 by booking online
    £25.00 – on the door

    ***Our First Anniversary***

    This May we are celebrating our first anniversary with two very special events.

    We are are delighted to be hosting Shaman & Musician Barbara Meikle-John Free on 3oth May followed by The Angel Whisperer – Kyle Gray on 31st May.

    We hope that you will come and celebrate with us at one – or both – of these great events.

    Special Offer – Book both events online for just £30.00 – a saving of £10.00!

    For details of Kyle’s event on 31st May – please click HERE


    The Crown Hotel
    (Windsor Suite)
    7 London Street, Chertsey, Surrey KT16 8AP United Kingdom

    Our venue offers great dining at reasonable prices.
    Please call the hotel direct to reserve your table: 01932 564657

    Free parking is available – after 6pm – at Sainsburys (almost opposite the venue.) Chertsey train station is just a few minutes drive away.

  • Tim Freke – WOW! I’m Alive!

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    Wednesday 20th June 2012

    The Mystery Experience
    This is an evening for explorers!

    If that sounds like you, then join philosopher Tim Freke on an exhilarating  journey into ‘ The Mystery Experience’.

    Learn to think paralogically and discover how we can embrace both Science and Spirituality.

    Become ‘deep awake’.

    Know the ‘deep self’.

    Feel the ‘deep love’.

    Celebrate your life!

    Wake up to Wonder and Love your Life!

    Tim invites you to immerse yourself in the wonder that spontaneously arises when we become conscious of the breathtaking mystery of existence.

    This life-transforming experience is traditionally described as ‘Spiritual Awakening’. Tim calls it simply ‘The Mystery Experience: A revolutionary new approach to spiritual awakening’.

    When we dive deeply into The Mystery Experience we enter a new state of consciousness. We find ourselves knowing something that changes everything. There’s an awe-inspiring oneness with the universe, an ecstatic feeling of limitless love, and an exhilarating passion for the adventure of life.

    Tim has spent his life exploring  The Mystery Experience and he can guide you directly to it.  He encourages you to explore his revolutionary new approach to spiritual awakening and taste this deep awake state for yourself!

    Tim Freke’s work is an open door inviting one and all into the Mystery.

    Ram Dass, author of Be Here Now

    All I can say is WOW! I was totally absorbed, stunned and knocked out by the sheer beauty of the book. It’s not a word I use very often, but this is a work of genius. A real tour de force.

    Peter Gandy author of The Jesus Mysteries

    In this remarkably erudite, yet delightfully easy-to-read book, my esteemed friend Tim addresses the very heart of the imponderable mystery of existence, kits you up with all the equipment you need for the journey to reach it, along with one of the clearest maps available, wraps it all up neatly and gives it you as a present you’ll cherish forever.

    Barefoot Doctor, author of The Message

    Tim Freke is a unique voice in contemporary spiritual teaching.  He is a hugely entertaining twenty-first century street-wise commentator. At the same time he has a deep understanding of human spirituality and is one of the most well-versed scholars of the world’s religions.

    William Bloom, author of The Power of Modern Spirituality

    Thank you Tim, for being a pioneer, a guide, and a teacher par excellence. Read this book and travel the journey into yourself to find the mysterious in every moment of ordinariness.

    Ed and Deb Shapiro, authors of Be The Change

    Tim also hosts a number of residential retreats in the UK and overseas. For details of his Summer Residential Retreat in Glastonbury in June 2012 – please click HERE

    Ticket Prices

    £15.00 – Save £5.00 by booking online
    £20.00 – on the door


    The Crown Hotel
    (Windsor Suite)
    7 London Street, Chertsey, Surrey KT16 8AP United Kingdom

    Our venue offers great dining at reasonable prices.
    Please call the hotel direct to reserve your table: 01932 564657

    Free parking is available – after 6pm – at Sainsburys (almost opposite the venue.) Chertsey train station is just a few minutes drive away.

  • Dr David R Hamilton – Change Your Thoughts: Change the World!

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    One-Day Workshop
    Sunday 24th June 2012
    10am – 4pm

    Discover your Choice Points and Align your Purpose!

    Join Dr David R Hamilton for this life-changing workshop as we discover our ‘Purpose’ and explore the succession of ‘Choice Points’ we are faced with throughout our daily lives.

    The decisions we make at each of these ‘points’ affect not only our own lives, but the lives of those around us…and ultimately the world at large.

    Today we will be reminded of how to live more mindfully and to make more conscious choices as we begin to recognise the possible consequences of the choices we make.

    Choices that Align with our Purpose are the most empowering choices that we can make – for ourselves – and for those we love.

    We will work on being more open to change, understand how reality has a flow, and explore the ways in which your own personal environment is a mirror of our heart and mind.

    We will also have the opportunity to set some goals and learn some simple tools for achieving them.

    The world is facing multiple “choice points” at this moment in history. Individuals are making choices to change their nations, nature is giving us a wake-up call, economies are struggling, and for many of us the future looks uncertain.

    Yet people are also rallying to make choices and to have a voice; awakening from their apathy of previous decades. Each of us has the potential to be agents of change, and Choice Point is a film that endeavours to be an agent of change itself.

    This film sends a message of hope. As so many great philosophers have said, “change starts with the self, and then ripples out to have a positive effect on the world.” Greater personal well-being translates into greater well-being for all of us.

    Workshop Tickets


    No Booking Fees!


    The Crown Hotel (Windsor Suite)
    7 London Street,
    Chertsey, Surrey
    KT16 8AP
    United Kingdom

    A lunch menu is available at the venue

    Parking is available at Sainsburys (almost opposite the venue.)
    Chertsey train station is about 10 minutes walk from the venue.

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