• Welcome to Naked Dragon

    Launched in May 2011, Naked Dragon was initially created to provide a platform to bring the best of today’s inspirational teachers and performers to the South West London & Surrey areas through a series of talks, workshops and holistic events.

    As word has spread, we are building an ever expanding supportive community of like-minded individuals regularly gathering together to share mutual interests and experiences.

    With a desire to create memorable experiences for all our guests and speakers; our events are held within stylish venues chosen for their unique style and ambiance. Last year we were delighted to add a gorgeous 15th century barn located at Kew in South West London to our portfolio of beautiful venues.

    We hold regular Music and Sound Healing Events with well known Performers at our Kew venue and a fabulous selection of Evening Talks and Workshops with Top Inspirational Speakers and Facilitators our Chertsey venue.

    In October 2015, we are delighted to be launching our third venue at the stunningly beautiful Miskin Manor Hotel & Spa near Cardiff in South Wales.

    We have some wonderful events lined up for the coming year and if you live in Surrey, South West London or South Wales – there is no longer a need to incur the hassle and costs of travelling to central London to hear these great speakers and performers. Now you can just hop in the car and travel to one of our beautiful venues in Chertsey, Kew or Cardiff!

    Our Chertsey venue is  just a few minutes drive from junction 11 of the M25. Our Kew venue is located within easy reach of the A316 and the M4 and our new Cardiff venue is just off junction 34 of the M4 in South Wales. Parking is Free at all our venues and they can easily be reached by public transport.

    Even if you don’t live locally, please sign up for our Monthly Newsletter as we often feature great offers from our fellow event organisers and other associated companies. And if you also sign up for our Blog Updates you will be sent the latest news items and reviews – Hot Off the Press!

    We look forward to meeting you soon.

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    Julie Bryant
    Founder and Creative Director

    julie-bryant-profile-pictureBringing a holistic approach to her work as a successful interior designer, clutter consultant and property stager; Julie created many beautiful and intimate interiors for a diverse portfolio of UK and International Clients.

    Supporting her clients’ to create a home that reflected their true selves, she noticed that as their surroundings began to transform and the energy of their living space began to change, they would feel more inspired and energised – with an increased sense of inner peace and well-being.

    Recognising that ‘as within – so without’…Julie began to explore the ultimate interior – of our minds. Guided by her spiritual teachers, Julie embarked on a transformative journey of self-discovery. She learnt that by changing her belief systems and thought patterns, her external world would begin to reflect these positive changes.

    Removing the layers of self-protection she had built around her to reveal the essence of her ‘Naked’ self, she was re-connected with her inner fire and passion for life. By learning to live in an authentic and empowering way; her life was magically transformed as she breathed fire back into her soul and became open to receiving the joys of unlimited abundance, love and well-being.

    With a passion to share these inspired teachings with others, Julie created Naked Dragon to provide a platform for some of today’s most inspirational speakers and authors – as well as supporting talented spiritual artists and performers.

    Julie is the creative inspiration behind Naked Dragon and is responsible for creating the event programme, the visual aspects and written content of the website; plus all the marketing materials.

    Naked Dragon’s Team Angels

    We are very blessed to have some wonderful team members who kindly volunteer to ensure that our events run smoothly and that every one of our guests receives a warm welcome.

    ND Team Angels

    • Marion Rigg • Jacqui Elliott • Kirsten Luff
    • Nicky Williams • Carol Bough • Paddy Ballie
    Christian Kyriacou • Amanda Webster

    Our Mission

    Naked Dragon is committed to the creation of an inspirational and supportive network designed to nurture our mind, body and spirit. We encourage a holistic approach towards our individual growth and well-being – whilst celebrating the significance and personal contribution of each one of us towards our community growth and development.

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