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    One-Day Workshop plus All Night Gong Puja
    Sat 20th July 2013 • 10am

       Gong Magic with Aidan McIntyre

    Join Gongmaster Aidan McIntyre for this unique 24 hour Gong Experience.

    Surrounded by the quiet splendour of the English countryside; the beautiful Sedgwick Park estate in West Sussex is the perfect venue for this wonderful healing and transformational experience to take place.

       The Gong Workshop

    Aidan and GongsDuring this in-depth One-Day Gong Workshop, you will get to know all the different gongs and mallets and how to use them in therapy, as well as in the special conditions of the all night Puja.

    The workshop will be very much of a hands on experience and over the course of the day you will learn how to play alone; how to play for each other; and how to play in a sound bath.

    The workshop will prepare you for the Puja Ceremony in the evening, when you will be able to really tune into the Magic of the Gongs.

    The best way to experience the all night Puja is by spending a full 24 hours in the presence of the Gongs under the guidance of Aidan McIntyre by participating in the workshop during the day before playing the Gongs during the Puja.

       The Power of the Gong

    Aidan playing the gongThe Gong Field is a Sacred Sound Space filled with the resonant AUM vibration that exists in the etheric realm.

    The Gong has the power to de-materialize (cessation of the sense of physicality), create a feeling of levitation (cessation of the sense of gravity) and an experience of rejuvenation (the feeling of an ecstatic fullness of life force)

    There is a sense of inner peace (a cessation of the sense of time flow) and immortality (the sense of the continuity of consciousness without a body, removing the fear of physical death).

    Powerful, profound and deeply moving, a Gong Bath can be a life changing event, unblocking and clearing away the old patterns that seem to hold us back as we open up to our inner source and begin to feel safe, secure and free once more.

       The Gong Puja Experience

    Aidan and Don ConreauxThe Gong Puja is a Celebration and Sound Meditation, originated by Grand Gongmaster, Don Conreaux at Gaunts house Dorset in the year 2000. The Gong Puja experience lasts about 7 ½ hours which is the equivalent of 10 x 45 minute Gong Baths. The normal length for a sound journey is 45 minutes.

    It’s a journey that’s timeless, in a time which is often measured in nano seconds, and as we journey with the vibration of the gong, we leave this dimension behind and move effortlessly into the 4th dimension.

    Immersed in the sound of the gong and in the subtle ether’s of the sound bath, we repair and rejuvenate as the cosmic ocean of vibrations wash over us; cleansing, unblocking and freeing us. The functional harmony created by the gong tones bring about an inner stillness where deep healing can occur.

    During the Puja, we meditate – or we sleep – a sleep like no other; where we are awake in a dream. We are in the arms of Morpheus, God of Dreams, wrapped in the cradle of our innocence and born again into an awareness of our true purpose, imbued with an abiding love of life.

    img_5270Throughout the night, gongs will be played by different gong players who have participated in the workshop during the day and have received instruction. Each person will play for 20 or 30 minutes each throughout the night and early morning whilst guests sleep bathed in the healing vibrations of the gongs. In the early morning, the Gongs will go silent and the Puja will end.

    Rising in your own time after sunrise, you will have the opportunity to freshen up in preparation for breakfast before returning to the Puja space where the group will review their experiences before departure.

    Through the Magic of the Gong, we can transform our lives and you could describe this magical experience as being like a Spiritual Puja-ma Party!

    Or like effortless Yoga with wondrous results!


       Further Information

    AltarEveryone will be asked to bring with them a special item of importance.

    This could be a crystal, a photograph, a flower, a ‘keepsake’ or something that has a special significance to you. Or you might prefer to bring something that belongs to a sick friend who needs help to heal; a physical object of some kind, or maybe just a piece of paper with a loved one’s name written on it.

    These symbols of abiding love and concern will be placed on an ‘Altar’ in the room where the Puja will be held. Those people who are intending to play during the Puja are requested to bring some white clothes to wear during the all-night ceremony.

    If you are taking part in the gong workshop, please bring a vegetarian lunch to share.

    For the all night Puja, you will be required to bring a sleeping bag, blankets, pillows, a blow up bed, or any other item that will help aid your comfort as you will be sleeping on the floor during the night.

    Puja guests will arrive at 6.30pm in time for a light supper followed by an introduction from Aidan about what to expect and how we will proceed. You will then place your bed in the drawing room where you will be sleeping. Candles will be lit on the Altar containing the special keepsakes brought by those attending the gong workshop, plus the additional keepsakes brought by the guests just attending the Puja.


    You can book places for the Gong Workshop and/or The Gong Puja.

    However, to get the best from this experience, we would recommend that you book for both the Gong Workshop and the Gong Puja.

    Please book your tickets using the booking form below.

    Or if you would prefer to pay by bank transfer, please send a quick email to: requesting the relevant bank details.

    Gong Workshop –  Please bring a vegetarian lunch to share

    Gong Puja –  Supper and Breakfast is included in the ticket cost 


    Sedgwick Park House
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    Sedgwick Park House
    Sedgwick Park
    Horsham, West Sussex
    RH13 6QQ
    United Kingdom

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Aidan McIntyre » 24. Mar, 2013

In the Puja we will be exploring deeply the ‘Transformational and Healing Power of the Gong’ and all it’s facets. The Gongs I will bring to the Workshop and Puja are from a very special collection~One of a kind Gongs Made by Walter Meyer~some never been played in public before~Their sound is out of this World and they are truly the finest Gongs I have ever played~We invite you to come and play and hear them for yourselves~Looking forward to sharing them and more with you all in July~In Healing Resonance~@~

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