• John Whiteman – Creating Happiness from the Inside-Out

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    Wednesday 25th April 2012

    Happiness is an Energy you can Create from the Inside-Out

    Imagine a life where you were able to self-manage how you feel.

    A life where by taking simple steps each day you can shift from feeling ok…

    …to feeling good…

    to feeling fantastic!

    Well the simple answer is – you can!

    During this inspirational talk, John will explain how to increase your energy vibration and take the action you need to manifest your dreams.

    John has discovered 9 Elements which, when brought into your life will do exactly that. Based on his experiences as a Business Troubleshooter, he found that these 9 Elements when applied to his clients lives made such an improvement to how they felt that their personal and business life benefited amazingly.

    “These 9 Elements lift your energy vibration, make you happier, and help you to find and live your life’s purpose”


    These practical steps form the foundation to a philosophy of life John calls “The Way”

    The Way brings your mind, body and spirit together as one, helping you to be the person you were meant to be and live a life filled with happiness and flow.

    “How you Feel is…How you Live your Life”

    John’s teachings can easily be incorporated into your life. Just by having the awareness of how these elements directly affect how you feel can have life changing effects and result in you living a happier life.

    “A Life Where You Get to Self Manage How You Feel…and Grow Happiness from the Inside-Out”


    In celebration of this year’s WORLD BOOK NIGHT we are giving away a copy of The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho to the first 24 people to book a ticket for John’s talk!

    Ticket Prices

    £15.00 (no booking fees) – Save £5.00 by booking online
    There may be a limited number of tickets available on the door at a cost of  £20.00.

    However – to ensure your place, please book your ticket online using the booking form below


    The Crown Hotel (Windsor Suite)
    7 London Street,
    Chertsey, Surrey
    KT16 8AP
    United Kingdom

    An evening menu is available at the venue

    Parking is available at Sainsburys (almost opposite the venue.)
    Chertsey train station is about 10 minutes walk from the venue.

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