• Katie Phillips ~ The Self Love Affair • Thurs 28th April • South Wales

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    Thurs 28th April 2016
    Your Guide to Living a Daring & Mighty Life
    Miskin Manor ~ Vale of Glamorgan

    Please Note that This Event has been Cancelled Due to Unforeseen Circumstances

    How to Be Daring & Mighty

    To be Daring & Mighty is to love yourself, to know your truth & have your life be an authentic reflection of that.

    Katie Phillips is a Self-Love Mentor and works with women, helping them to begin their Self-Love Affair. Katie’s mission is to show women they can create a life they love by loving themselves first and create a life that rocks!


    It’s Time to Begin a Self Love Affair!

    katy in redAt this inspirational talk, Katie Phillips invites you to take a look at where you are at in your life and inspires you to begin a Self-Love Affair.

    In her talks, Katie shares her most private and vulnerable stories with humour to inspire others with the truth that anything is possible. Katie transformed her gut-knowing that a fulfilled life is our right when deep dissatisfaction pushed her onto a personal and spiritual journey which completely changed the landscape of her life.

    Katie truly walks her talk as she demonstrates that no matter your darkest fears and beliefs, no matter how trapped on the treadmill of life you feel, no matter how ‘yo-yo’ you feel emotionally – there is a way to make immediate and long lasting changes which will gift you with the free and authentic life that you deserve.

    Katie says, ““I have an unwavering commitment to growth & an insatiable desire for an inspired life which sent me on a life-altering quest reminding me fundamentally who I am with a renewed confidence in myself and the Universe.

    My ‘Daring & Mighty’ business is an expression of that – symbolising, celebrating and encouraging individuals to follow their dreams. To dare to know themselves and have their lives be an authentic and mighty reflection of that.”

    Inside, we all know we are meant to be more of ourselves and Katie shines the way to a more fulfilled, more Daring & more Mighty life!

    Katie will also run a mini-workshop this evening which will have you begin your own self-love affair, so be sure to bring a journal, pen, an open heart and open mind.


    VERY EARLY BIRD Tickets priced at just £15.00 will be on sale until 31st March





    DIRECTIONS The Miskin Manor Country House Hotel is located just North of M4 approximately 1 mile from junction 34 of the motorway and just 20 mins from central Cardiff.

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