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    AIDAN McINTYRE ~ Aidan McIntyre is an accomplished Gong Player and Singing Bowl Master and Sound Artist. Using Gongs and other instruments he performs concerts and facilitates workshops worldwide. Aidan gives individual therapy sessions using Singing Bowls, Gongs and other sonorous instruments, as well as performing Gongbaths and Sound Journeys for groups and individuals. Along with Grand Gongmaster Don Conreaux he has run the annual 10 day Gong Master Training at Gaunts House in Dorset. He joined the College of Sound Healing in 2007 and teaches the Himalayan Singing Bowls module for them. After living in San Francisco for thirty years he now lives in Gloucestershire, England. SIKA ~ Leaping into the UK music scene over twenty years ago, Sika was quickly recognized for the natural power of his performances and albums. Touring in the United States, Europe, Australia and New Zealand since 1990, Sika's contemporary compositions express his respect for all people of the world. He has played with Aztec elders at The Sun Pyramid Teotihuacan in Mexico and with Aboriginal people in the Australian desert. He has played Didj for Aboriginal Elders on stage and in healing ceremonies, performed at The NZ Embassy, Te Papa, The Commonwealth Institute, Stonehenge and Westminster Abbey. He continues to mesmerize audiences around the world, as well as producing beautiful albums. Sika has travelled extensively learning much from the indigenous tribes he has spent time with. As a result, much of what Sika composes comes from his deep connection to Great Spirit. This knowledge and experience is incorporated into his music.

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