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    Aidan McIntyre is an accomplished Gong Player and Singing Bowl Master and Sound Artist who has over nineteen years experience in the field of Sound Therapy and with Don Conreaux helped teach his many courses over the years. He is a long time member of Don's Mysterious Tremendum Ensemble and a solo artist in his own right. Using Gongs and other instruments he performs concerts and facilitates workshops worldwide. He has worked with autistic and special needs children as well as in hospices and hospitals. Aidan gives individual therapy sessions using Singing Bowls, Gongs and other sonorous instruments, as well as performing Gongbaths and Sound Journeys for groups and individuals. In addition to teaching Gong workshops, he has made the Singing Bowls his own particular speciality and has held workshops in Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Croatia, Dubai, France, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Italy, New Zealand, Portugal, Slovenia, Uruguay and USA. He continues to travel extensively to this day teaching workshops on the healing power of sound and to teach teachers to teach. As well as giving concerts and one to one sessions, he also teaches via Skype to students from all over the Globe. Along with Don Conreaux he has run the annual 10day Gong Master Training at Gaunts House in Dorset. 2014 will be the 19th year for this in depth Training on Healing with Sound. He joined the College of Sound Healing in 2007 and teaches the Himalayan Singing Bowls module for them. After living in San Francisco for thirty years he now lives in Gloucestershire, England. Always and forever a student of sound and feeling that the Gong of Peace is at the heart of the global sound healing revolution, he is still exploring this miraculous and most powerful holistic instrument on Earth - the disc-shaped Gong.

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