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    Aidan McIntyre is an accomplished Gong Player and Singing Bowl Master who has over seventeen years experience in the field of Sound Therapy. Using these and other instruments he frequently performs concerts and facilitates workshops at festivals worldwide as a member of Don Conreaux’s Mysterious Trememdum ensemble, with Karen Stackpole in the metals/gongs duo Euphonics, and also as a solo artist. He has worked with autistic children and gives individual therapy sessions using Singing bowls, Gongs and other sonorous instruments as well as administering Gongbaths for groups and individuals. Aidan’s adventure with sound began in 1993 when he met Gong Master Don Conreaux, his teacher and friend, and experienced for the first time the healing power of Sound, and especially the Gong. Aidan became Don’s musical assistant and continues to travel and work with him. In addition to teaching Gong workshops, he has made the Singing Bowl his own particular specialty and holds Singing Bowl workshops in the UK, Europe, and the USA. Following the success of European workshops run jointly with Don, Aidan was invited to do more work there and has continued on to become an integral part of the International Gong Master Tour, which began its annual journey around the globe in 2008. He performs each year at the Mind Body Spirit festival in London with Don, where he also sells Master quality singing bowls. His most recent CD – Quintessence – is available by mail order. He joined the College of Sound Healing in 2007 and teaches the Himalayan Singing Bowls module for the College. Katie Rose is a singer and musician with many years experience of sharing voice with groups and individuals. She is passionate about using sound as a medium of personal, social and ecological transformation. She has performed and lead groups at venues across the UK and internationally and has released two albums of medicinal music The Singing Tree (2009) and Shiva's Rain (2011). She most recently co-ordinated an event for Sing for Water, in support of WaterAid and holds regular events in London and beyond. For more details please visit Tim Wheater has created a legendary status worldwide with his exquisitely sensitive music. His unique and celebrated albums are used by a multitude of healers and therapists worldwide. Tim s music has been loved by audiences and listeners for decades all over the planet. He is an original pioneering musical legend within the Universal consciousness movement. Tim has worked with the who’s who of the musical and literary world; from the Eurythmics and Grateful Dead; to Neale Donald Walsh, Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra. He has travelled extensively throughout the world bringing his award winning and deeply healing music to millions of listeners and has over a dozen critically acclaimed and best selling cds to his credit. His present work takes a brilliant focus upon healing sounds that scientifically bring about change and transformation. He is currently writing a book about his unique methods and insights.

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