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  • Anne Malone
    As a musician and a student of yoga, Anne Malone has a deep understanding of how music and movement flow and unfold with ease and grace, creating a wonderful world of Sacred Sound. Anne is an internationally recognised singer/songwriter, with a variety of CDs, one of which “Tender Lullaby” was nominated for NME Awards in 2009 and entered iTunes top 10 charts. Her passion for music has taken her on a journey of sound from the vibrant music of Dublin in Ireland to the exotic rhythms of Latin America, the eclectic sounds of USA and the rich folk traditions of Europe. Anne’s love of yoga and meditation has added depth of devotion and physical awareness throughout her journey, and by combining her training in Sacred Sound (Chris James), The Journey (Brandon Bays) and Shamanic Ceremony (Annie Spencer) she is offering a unique yogic musical exploration. Her recent project in conjunction with Mind Body Spirit, The Mantra Lounge, is becoming a big favourite with all who experience the magic of Sacred Sound and Mantra.

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