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    When he has plenty of breath, Chris calls himself a one-legged, existentialist, stand-up beat-poet & Inspiration Engineer. A title that long should have an epic story behind it and fortunately this one does. At the age of 24 Chris was saved from suicide by a 100 Megaton spiritual epiphany. Eleven years later whilst enthusiastically running the rat race, Chris realised that even if he won, he'd still be a rat. So in an desperate attempt to find his life's true purpose, Chris gave up his career and his £70K salary to go and live under a tree in Battersea Park for 7 months and sell The Big Issue for a year. He did indeed find his purpose under that tree and after never writing a poem before in his life, became the succesful performance poet Paradox. Then 6 years later, whilst touring Mexico as part of a Rainbow Cowboy Circus Horse Caravan, Chris jumped off a cliff into a river at just the right place to smash his leg on a rock, get gangrene, nearly die, cure the gangrene, have his $16,000 non insured hospital bills paid and his life saved by angels, fly back home, have his leg amputated after all, heal a lifetime of estrangement from his mother, and enjoy the ultimate paradox... “worst thing that ever happened to me, was the best thing that ever happened to me.” as Chris puts it. According to Chris “it’s all good material” and according to audiences everywhere, Chris has used that material to weave a technicoloured dreamcoat of life affirming talks, performances, events, blogs, workshops and coaching programmes that have empowered thousands of people just like you, to live fully & freely with their whole heart & soul, or as Chris would put it...Live Your Legend! You can find Chris on the web at

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