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    Davina is a Shamanic Coach and Healthy Home Consultant based in London, where she runs a busy practice for private and business clients. She has dedicated her life to the study of ancient spiritual traditions, philosophy, psychology, oracles, shamanism and magical practice. She discovered Feng Shui while working in Hong Kong and China in the early 1990s and holds a Professional diploma in the Practice and Spirit of Feng Shui. Spending many years practising Peruvian shamanism, she had the great fortune to work with some powerful and gifted teachers. It was during her shamanic apprenticeship that she learnt the arts of the seer and perfected her oracle and dream interpretation ability. She believes each of us already possesses all the answers we seek - if only we could interpret the messages. To aid her clients in achieving this, she uses dream journey techniques and analysis in her shamanic coaching practise. She had a syndicated astrology column in over 100 regional newspapers and was the Daily Astrologer and ‘Feng Shui Tip’ provider for Riverside Arts & Community Radio Station in West London; co-hosting a Sunday night programme on Alternative Spirituality. Davina is a contributing author for Do it Yourself , Psychic Power by Natalia O’Sullivan, and a feng shui expert for Janey Lee Grace’s Imperfectly Natural Home. She has done live Tarot readings for BBC Radio Cambridgeshire’s Saturday morning show and made regular radio appearances on matters relating to ghosts and feng shui. She has been featured in Harpers Bazaar, Eve magazine, Good Housekeeping and on ITV’s This Morning. She is married to the internationally renowned jazz trumpeter and composer, Guy Barker and lives in Chiswick.

  • A Little Something to Help You Make the Most of 2012

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    A Guest Post by Davina MacKail Between now and the full moon on February 7th is a great time to manifest your intentions for the year. It’s great to set your big goals and dreams in motion. But I’d like you to focus on something else as well. Something far more important to your daily …

  • The Gift of Our Dark Side

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    Guest Post by Davina MacKail How do we manage to develop a dark side after landing on this planet in all our abundant glory? Watch any toddler. They can be happy, angry, sad, and giggling all in the space of a few minutes.  They don’t hold on to, or repress their feelings. They fully express …

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