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    Katie Phillips - Author, Self-Love Mentor & Daring & Mighty Transformational Coach. In her book, ‘The Self-Love Affair’ and acclaimed ‘Daring and Mighty’ transformational programmes, Katie guides women through a process of deeply knowing and loving themselves. Katie loves nothing more than sharing with others the importance of having a healthy, loving and conscious relationship with yourself. She helps women to develop a deep sense of self, self-worth and self-love - all fundamental to living a Daring & Mighty life. Katie has a lifetime interest in spiritual and personal development. She is certified by INLPTA, with an NLP Diploma and is a Reiki 2 Practitioner. Katie is a graduate of the ‘Hoffman Institute’, the ‘Advanced Transformation Academy’ and the ‘Gina DeVee Divine Living Coaching Academy’. She continues her Coaching Mastery training today under the guidance of Gina DeVee. Katie has an Aussie-English voice which is unique in the transformational world. She is an intrepid traveller, devoted mum, lover of Aussie wine and unapologetic day-spa addict!

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