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    Born and raised in a small coastal town in Maine, Kirtana has been playing guitar and writing songs since she was eleven years old. A longtime student of spirituality and teacher of meditation, she graduated from MIU with BA in Literature and moved to California in the early eighties, where she has lived ever since. Kirtana’s first gigs were at folk venues, and her early cds were referred to by some as “metaphysical folk.” She was a finalist at the Kerrville Folk Festival in 1991, a winner at the Napa Valley Folk Festival in 1992 and a showcasing artist at the 1995 North by Northwest, before she left the traditional folk scene behind in search of more sacred settings. In 1997 she met her beloved teacher: Gangaji, and through Gangaji was exposed to the teachings of Papaji and Ramana Maharshi. The songs from her later cds reflect the love and self-recognition sparked by that life-altering encounter. In addition to her own concerts, she performs at conferences, festivals, and New Thought churches around the world. Her music is distributed internationally and has been used by numerous spiritual teachers and noted authors at their workshops, events, and webinars (including those of: Gangaji, Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, Brandon Bays, Geneen Roth, Richard Miller, and Adyashanti.) In Kirtana’s own words, the best description for both her music and her purpose in sharing it is to “celebrate divine love and the truth of who we are.”

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