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    Lucinda Drayton is a successful singer/songwriter, meditation teacher and practitioner. She has written a number one hit song and sold over 100,000 albums on her own label Blissful Records. Lucinda is well known for co- writing and performing the spiritual classic "A Hundred Thousand Angels" She performs live all over the world playing both stadiums and living rooms with well known UK musicians. Lucinda is both an amazing performer and a creator of healing spaces. During her concerts many people say that their hearts are opened and they feel an overwhelming sense of peace and love. Lucinda is a consummate vocalist and songwriter. From the age of 6 she began writing songs and has continued to study the craft ever since. Her style is informal and relaxed but when she sings her focus changes and the whole room becomes electric. She is a truly original artist. Her great love is the creative process and it's link to spirituality. She is also a dedicated meditator of 19 years and observes many of the principles of a Yogi life. She also runs workshops and teaches throughout the world on topics connected with raising consciousness and self empowerment. She is passionate about walking the talk and sharing techniques for sustainable change in the individual. Lucinda has trained with The Reach Approach and as a fire-walk and glass-walking instructor. www. Marcus Cliffe. Bass, Upright bass. Marcus has produced albums for Lucinda Drayton, Tom McGuiness and his own artist project Miracle Mile. Marcus has worked with Mark Knopfler Rod Stewart, Bryan Ferry, Steve Earl, Emmy Lou Harris Al Green, The Notting Hillbillies and Tasmin Archer. With remixers Tin tin out played on mixes for Sting, Faith hill Maria Carey as well as their own hits with Emma Bunton. Marcus is a talented producer and also plays keys and guitar.

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