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    Tori Hartman is a world renowned psychic, author and spiritual teacher. She is the only psychic ever to be interviewed by The New York Times and L.A. Business Journal about her work in business and conscious expansion. As the author of the Chakra Wisdom Oracle deck (scheduled to release June 2014 via Watkins Publishing UK), Tori’s work with Multi-Generational Healing, continues to promote what has always been the key to her success; the spiritual empowerment, healing and education of people. She believes that in order to heal and manifest our heart’s desires we need to incorporate our family legacy to find our soul’s purpose and to live with a deep sense of belonging. Born and raised in New York’s Greenwich Village during the 1960s, the environment in “The Village” at the time was anything goes, and little if any self-expression was questioned. At the age of eight, Tori’s parents discovered her psychic abilities. Her mother was a playwright and gifted astrologer, her father was a World War II Veteran and actor. While her mother understood and supported Tori’s gift, ultimately, alcoholism blocked the spiritual connection that Tori and her mother might have shared. In 1976 when Tori was a teenager, her mother died of alcoholism and it would take more than 25 years to piece together the damaging mosaic that her mother left behind. When talking about her deeply troubled Mum, Tori says; “Life taught me that the deep wounds inflicted upon some of us as children are Spirit’s way of leaving us open to receive messages. We are given the gift of wounds to assist others in their healing.” For over a decade now Tori Hartman has been promoting the empowerment of individuals along with acceptance of their intuition to make decisions. During a reading with a client she discovered the concept of hidden agreements with our Family of Origin. Soon, she began working with this concept in mastermind groups and finding remarkable results. She discovered that while you can teach anyone the Law of Attraction, hidden agreements will nearly always stop manifestation. It then dawned on Tori, that she could teach others to find their own hidden ancestral agreements. In classes and seminars, Tori teaches people how to see the bigger picture while unveiling their hidden family agreements, and thereby finding their part in the tapestry of their family, as well as their purpose and inherited gifts. www,

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