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    The Work You Were Born to Do

    Nick Williams is the author of six best selling books. His expertise lies in helping people unify their work and love. Nick has been running his own inspired businesses for 21 years.

    After leaving his own unfulfilling corporate career in IT in 1989 to follow his calling, Nick has spent the last twenty years inspiring tens of thousands of people to re-imagine work, discover the work they were born to do, and then guiding them to create successful businesses around the work they love.

    The Business You Were Born to Create

    Over the past two decades, Nick has travelled the world sharing a life-affirming and profoundly spiritual vision of work and entrepreneurship. A sought after international speaker, author and broadcaster, Nick is on a mission to help people move beyond their fears, play a bigger part in their lives, and turn their passions into profitable businesses.

    Nick has coached and mentors leaders in academia, business and entrepreneurship, leadership, the media, entertainment, the NHS and the medical profession, finance and venture capital, personal growth and coaching.

    As well as serving inspired entrepreneurs, Nick has also served individuals and teams within blue chips companies such as:-

    IKEA, BT, W H Smith, London Underground, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Mastercard Worldwide, The Institute of Marketing, McKinsey, British Aerospace, The University of Westminster, Deloitte, Direct Line Insurance, The University of Cape Town, Media 24, De Beers, The Human Resources Summit, Peninsula Leadership Development, CIPD, Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, BBC, University Hospital Birmingham, RightCoutts, Temple Street Children’s University Hospital Dublin, Southern Area Health Promotion Department, and various universities.

    How to Discover The Work You Were Born to Do

    If you are not yet clear about The Work You Were Born to Do, you can download your free copy of a nine part programme to help you discover it and become an inspired entrepreneur.

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    • Use your work to make a positive contribution in the world.
    • Believe that work can be an adventure to explore your potential.
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