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  • Marianne Williamson: Work, Money & Miracles

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    ndlogoNaked Dragon Proudly Presents… 

    Money, Work & Miracles
    A 2-dayWorkshop with Marianne Williamson 

    Few areas of our life can be as stressful as Work and Money.

    We want to work but we can’t find work.

    We want to have enough money in the bank and find ourselves terrified at the thought we might not.

    This Two Day Workshop explores the principle of A Course in Miracles, that “Nothing real can be threatened and that Love is the all-encompassing reality of God and thus can have no opposite.”

    Love is the only eternal truth and fear is just a hallucination of this mortal plane of existence. Seeking to solve a problem on the level of effect can only be a temporary fix.

    As well as covering key aspects in Marianne’s new book The Law of Divine Compensation: On Work, Money and Miracles, Marianne looks at the miracle-minded principles that integrate our spiritual function with our work in the world.

    A self-organising, self-correcting universe is already programmed to lift every aspect of our lives to its highest creative possibility.

    In this unique weekend workshop, learn from Marianne how to turn this principle into inner and outer abundance.


    Saturday 6th July 2013: 10.30am-5pm
    Sunday 7th July 2013: 10.30am-4.30pm


    Tuke Hall
    Regents College
    Inner Circle
    Regents Park
    London NW1 4NS

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    Normal Ticket Prices £150 –  reduced to £110 

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    1 Free ticket to a Soul of Coaching event

    1 x Eternal Delight CD

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  • Robert Holden: 3-Day Loveability Course

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    ndlogoNaked Dragon Proudly Presents… 

    Loveability: A 3-Day Course created by Robert Holden Phd 

    Let Robert guide you through his 10 Essential Principles and Exercises on True Love and Loving Relationships based upon his new book: Loveability

    Applicable to any relationship including family, partner, children, friends…and yourself!…this course is designed to help you deepen your experience of what true lovereally is, and to help all your relationships be happier, kinder, more enjoyable, and more loving.

    Key Themes Include:

    Finding True Love: Being open to a new level of love in all your relationships

    Love Lessons: Identifying your major life-lessons about love and relationship

    Stages of Relationship: Undoing common blocks and growing in love

    Languages of Love: Knowing how different personality types experience love

    Gift of Forgiveness: Releasing old patterns, fears, and wounds about love

    I Choose Love: Committing to being the most loving person you can be


    Friday 12th – Sunday 14th July 2013

    Times:   9.30am – 6pm each day


    Columbia Hotel
    Lancaster Gate
    W2 3NS

    Ticket Prices

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    Individual Full Price Tickets are priced at £249.00

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    Total Cost for Two Persons: £373.50

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    Please note that Naked Dragon are promoting these events on behalf of the organiser, Robert Holden Phd and his great team at The Happiness Project.

    Robert will be your host at the venue for this event.


  • Matthew Manning & Tim Wheater – Sound Healing Circles

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    Naked Dragon Proudly Presents… 

    Matthew and Tim


    With Matthew Manning and Tim Wheater

    A completely unique opportunity to experience healing and guidance for self-healing from Matthew Manning and Tim Wheater who will be presenting two very special events.

    Matthew is widely regarded as the world’s most scientifically tested healer and is the author of several best-selling books. Tim is an award winning composer, flautist and vocalist with over 20 albums to his credit. An important part of his work is to teach the healing effect of sound. Matthew and Tim have worked together all over the world for over 30 years presenting joint workshops and sound healing circles.

    This is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about healing yourself and other. The sessions will include a number of exercises  culminating in a unique one-hour healing circle led by Matthew with music played by Tim.

    Tim will also be holding a Solo Sound Meditation Concert at the same venue at 7pm on Saturday 8th June


    Sunday 9th June 2013

    Times:   10am – 1pm and/or 2pm- 5pm


    Cowdray Hall
    GU29 0AL


    £36 per person per circle

    Payment in advance essential – numbers strictly limited to 45 per session

    Your Host

    Please note that Naked Dragon are promoting these events on behalf of the organiser, Tim Wheater.

    Tim will be your host at the venue for each of these events.


  • Panache Desai – The I AM Experience

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    Welcome to Panache Desai’s first UK Event in association with
    Naked Dragon Presents…

    The I AM Experience – Shifting Limitations to Possibility

    Join contemporary thought leader and London native Panache Desai for his only 2013 European visit – a 3-day advanced, intensive and highly experiential exploration of your innate power to completely transform your limited self-perception and begin living the life of your dreams.

    During this dynamic weekend, participants will shift their vibration and frequency and break free of self-imposed limitations, release suffering, shatter self-defeating beliefs, and dissipate the heaviness that keeps them from living their greatest expression and accessing their highest purpose.

    This is an opportunity to share an intimate weekend with Panache and is for those ready to completely change the very fabric of their reality.

    About Panache Desai

    panache150Recently featured on Oprah Winfrey’s Super Soul Sunday, Panache is an emissary of Divine love, a vibrational catalyst and an old friend you asked a long time ago to remind you at the very moment of your brilliance, perfection and connection to limitless potential.

    Native born Londoner, Panache Desai is a contemporary spiritual teacher and inspirational visionary whose gift of vibrational transformation has drawn thousands of people from around the world. Recently appearing on Oprah Winfrey’s Super Soul Sunday he is not aligned with any religious or spiritual tradition, he acts as a direct line to divine consciousness empowering people to free themselves of pain, suffering, sadness, and self-limiting beliefs through shifting one’s energy and vibration.

    Read Panache’s Guest Blog – What’s Made Me Who I Am


    17 – 19 May 2013


    Royal Over-Seas League
    Park Place,
    St. James’s Street,
    London SW1A 1LR

    Tel: +44 (0) 207 408 0214


    For further details and tickets, please click HERE


  • Road to Peace – Live at the Union Chapel

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    Friday 5th April 2013

    To celebrate the DVD release of Road to Peace we offer you a unique opportunity to enjoy an evening of Live Music, Film and Conversation.

    Please join us at the wonderful Union Chapel in London for a very special evening of..

    HH The Dalai LamaChanting: from the monks of KAGYU SAMYE DZONG, LONDON

     Live Music: from TIM WHEATER and KATIE ROSE

     Film Screening: ROAD TO PEACE; Ancient Wisdom of the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet

    Q&A: with Director LEON STUPARICH & THUBTEN SAMDUP, Representative of His Holiness The Dalai Lama.


    Katie Rose

    katierosenewComposer and singer of the beautiful soundtrack title, Katie Rose, has joined the musical line-up for a very special performance.

     “As a singer, I have explored the power of intentional sounding within spiritual practices such as Kabbalah, Hindu/Vedic Mantra, Gospel Singing, Christian Liturgy, Sufi Zikr, Pagan & Celtic Chant, Traditional Folk Music and Yoga techniques. These experiences and the responses I witness in others around me have inspired me to release albums of medicinal music.” Katie Rose

    Tim Wheater

    timwheaterAward winning composer, flautist, vocalist, teacher and public speaker, Tim has presented his acclaimed inspirational music, talks and demonstrations all over the world. He has co-presented with some of the finest renowned authors, healers and spiritual teachers including Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dwyer, Neale Donald Walsch, Julia Cameron, James Redfield and more recently His Holiness the Dalai Lama.


    291566_10151022411100376_2089940377_oKagyu Samye Dzong – London

    Tibetan Buddhist Centre providing peace and tranquillity for all at its two centres in central London.



    Leon StuparichLeon Stuparich – Director

    At the heart of the Dalai Lama’s message is “Universal Responsibility”. We all have a responsibility for our own well-being and the environment in which we live. From there we can create peace and harmony, but we need to start with ourselves. But it is my hope that Road to Peace shows The Dalai Lama as a living example of how we can all live a more loving and compassionate life and has captured his spiritual and humanitarian message for this and future generations.

    Thubten SamdupThubten Samdup

    Leon Stuparich will be joined in the Q&A Session by Thubten Samdup Representative of His Holiness The Dalai Lama


    Friday 5th April 2013

    Doors will open at 7:00 pm

    Venue & Cost

    Union-Chapel-medUnion Chapel

    Compton Avenue

    London N1 2XD

    Cost – Early Bird – E Tickets:  £20.00

    To Book

    For further details or to book for this beautiful event, please click HERE

  • Quest Festival: 25th – 28th July 2013

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    Quest is a wonderful mix of Natural Health Show, Healing and Dance Festival

    It’s small enough to feel at home which makes it perfect for families and yet it’s large enough to have a packed programme of informative Workshops, Inspiring Speakers, Performers, Dancers and World Music.

    Plus, there are over 100 exhibitors showcasing local therapists, authors, artists and craftspeople.

    Festival Information


    168 workshops
    52 performers
    101 exhibitors

    Download Programme or Request


    168 workshops
    58 free workshops
    Creative, angelic, eco and healing

    Find out more…

    52 performers
    World music
    Creative workshops

    Find out more…

    3 Big Days of Dance
    14 tutors
    Dedicated space
    Weekend/day passes

    Find out more…

    Camping with showers
    Glamping in Yurts
    Hotel 2mins walk

    Find out more…

    Camping and access to many workshops

    Find out more…

    All access passes!
    Nirvana, Rumi & Lotus
    Happy Camper
    Day Tripper

    Buy tickets now…

    For Further Information and To Book

    Please visit our website HERE

  • The UK’s Online Mind Body Spirit Events Wizard

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    Merlin’s Diary was Born Out of a Need

    A need to raise consciousness about the myriad Mind Body Spirit events that take place every day throughout the UK.

    Local notice-boards only capture a small part of a potential market, online websites often contain a mass of information which is difficult to search through, and e-newsletters are notoriously susceptible to ending up in trash/junk mail boxes! Disseminating and finding relevant information is clearly difficult for both organisers and audiences alike.

    What we wanted was a powerful search tool where we could just punch in a term such as ‘happiness’ or ‘meditation’, give our postcode, and instantly get back relevant events complete with distance from our home.

    Nothing like it existed on the net. And so, with the technical skills of Nina Richards at http://www.nicedream.co.uk/ we set about creating Merlin’s Diary.

    About Us

    We are a family partnership based in South East England who have been putting on MBS events for several years. In the last year we have created a dedicated space for inspirational events, and in so doing we have seen how difficult it is to circulate event information to a targeted audience; and many of our guests have voiced their frustration that they hadn’t heard of us before and had missed key events.

    We hope you enjoy the experience of visiting our website and that you will help spread the word to your fellow MBS loving friends and family.

    Our Values

    We at Merlin’s Diary value the free dissemination of UK Mind Body Spirit event information. We value all life and seek to create a working environment that honours integrity, compassion, fun, peace, acceptance, trust, patience, inspiration, happiness, honesty, personal responsibility, passion, love, authenticity, freedom and balance, and which celebrates the significance of each one of us on the planet, no matter what our job status or personal standing.

    We embrace opportunities to employ new economic models that come from love as opposed to fear. We highly value our connection to both our local community and the wider MBS community both across the UK and across the globe. We seek to provide an online environment which honours personal and community growth and development.

    We operate an ethical financial approach which is in harmony with our values. We see ourselves as a free and widely accessible channel of constantly changing holistic events information.


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