Sandy Newbigging Masterclass

Sandy C.Newbigging – Mini Meditation Masterclass

How to Get Peace with your Mind, Body and Life! A Personal Invite from Sandy We are delighted to welcome back Sandy Newbigging to Naked Dragon Since his last appearance he’s...

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charka wisdom oracle

Tori Hartman – 7 Simple Keys to Unlocking Your Intuitive Powers

7 Simple Keys to Unlocking Your Intuitive Powers with the Chakra Wisdom Oracle    Do you ever struggle with manifesting what you want in your life?    Does it ever feel like you are just not...

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Charlie Morley – Lucid Dreaming

How Lucid Dreaming Can Change Your Life! In this Inspirational Talk Hay House author and Buddhist lucid dreaming teacher Charlie Morley explores how Lucid Dreaming can be of both spiritual and...

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leo rutherford banner 1

Leo Rutherford – Shamanic Remote Viewing Experience

A Journey into the Future with Leo Rutherford Our Day to Day Reality is Significantly Influenced by our Belief Systems. While we are on Automatic Response what we see will be according to our deeply held...

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Sandy Mind Calm Live

Sandy C.Newbigging – Mind Calm For Me

Welcome to the Meditation Practice You've Been Looking For! With Mind Calm there is no jargon, no rituals, no strict rules and no judgement as to where you're at. Just a simple, easy-to-learn and...

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david wells banner 3

David Wells – Multi Dimensional Soul Lives

The True Extent of Our Soul's Being Many of Us are becoming increasingly aware of the True Extent of our Soul's Being; Unlimited in what it Has Done and What it Can Do. Past Life Work has led David to a...

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Sika Rose

Sika – A Healing Journey of Sacred Sound

A Unique Healing Sound Journey Join Sika in ceremony as he plays a dynamic fusion of instruments from many indigenous cultures over and around your body, sharing stories from the cultures he has met...

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Tim Wheater – Divine Sounds at Christmas

A Festive Fusion of Flutes, Singing Bowls & Gongs Come and join the legendary Tim Wheater for this Special Christmas Event as he imbues our beautiful venue with a Festive Fusion of the Enchanting...

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An Audience with Dr David Hamilton

Thurs 21st Nov 7.30pm - 10pm A Unique Opportunity to Get 'Up-Close & Personal' with the King of Kindness & Compassion! You are invited to join one of our favourite speakers – Dr David Hamilton –...

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Nicolas David Ngan – Manifesting Your Soul’s Purpose

Manifesting Your Soul’s Purpose Everything in your life has been created by your Soul to give you the opportunity to manifest your Soul/Life/Divine Purpose. You came here for a reason and there is a...

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