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    Harmony for Body and Mind

    About Shiatsu

    Shiatsu is relaxing bodywork to restore your natural balance. Meaning “finger-pressure” in Japanese, Shiatsu uses the same system of pressure points as Acupuncture but without the needles, and integrates gentle movements and stretches.

    It is an effective and enjoyable way to treat neck and back pain, to ease muscular tension and to improve joint mobility. Shiatsu also helps to relieve many common complaints, both physical and emotional, and promotes the smooth flow of energy (“ki” or “chi”) in the body. It teaches you to reduce and manage stress and promotes deep healing relaxation.

    Shiatsu is received fully clothed lying on a comfortable floor mat which gives support as well as space for movement. Shiatsu is suitable for practically everyone and is a nurturing way to support women throughout pregnancy and after labour.

    An hour’s treatment costs £50 and includes a consultation. Shiatsu treats the individual needs of each person so every treatment is unique.

    Just lie down, relax and let go of your stress.


    An hour’s treatment costs £50 and includes a consultation.

    Shiatsu treats the individual needs of each person, so every treatment is unique.

    About your Practitioner – Liz Kendall DipAS, LicZSS

    My practice is based in Cobham at Optima Health on Church Street, and I also give treatments at St Michael’s Sanctuary in Ewell. I give seated treatments in offices to promote good health and wellbeing in the workplace. I take part in special events around Surrey, giving short seated treatments to introduce people to Shiatsu.

    I appreciate the versatility of Shiatsu which values the individual and responds to the moment to benefit the whole person. I enjoy exploring meditation from the Tibetan Buddhist and Taoist traditions, and can bring simple meditations into the treatment should you wish.

    I completed my three years’ practitioner training with the Zen School of Shiatsu in London and am registered with the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council. I offer free phone consultations, so please do contact me if you have any questions about Shiatsu and I’ll be happy to help.

    Contact Liz

    Telephone: 07944 872332



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