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    What exactly does it mean to live an inspirational life?

    Do we need to rely on other people or external influences to inspire us…or does our inspiration come purely from within?

    In my experience,  it is a mixture of both.

    Inspirational Living

    Some days, my inspiration and creativity just seems to flow and it feels as though everything around me provides a source of inspiration. From the sweet melody of  bird song, the smell of freshly cut grass or an inspirational news story…to the heart warming smile of a stranger… from wherever the inspiration has appeared, it makes me feel great to be alive and my energy just flows.

    And as the energy flows…my creativity grows.

    Personal Empowerment

    Suddenly everything seems possible and nothing is impossible. My life is filled with joy and colour. I somehow just KNOW that wherever I put my focus and intention…driven by energy and inspiration…will make it a reality. For a die-hard procrastinator like me, this is the tricky part.

    When I am in such a place of personal empowerment I KNOW that I can achieve anything I set my mind or my heart on. I have to trust myself to use this power wisely and not to allow my inspiration to be frozen by my tenancy towards indecision. This is when I need to be still and to listen to my inner wisdom for guidance.

    I have learnt that it is the act of being still and listening to the advice from my inner teacher that provides the key to living an inspirational life.

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Comments (4)

Knight » 09. Apr, 2011

Lovely simple ideas. Being still sometimes is so important to all of us and listening as you say to that inner voice of calm.
Love the web site and the artistic work. Beautiful ands uplifting. Thank you

Celeste Noelle » 13. Apr, 2011

Absolutely brilliant – both figuratively and literally! Looking forward to all to come. Thank you for doing what you do, Julie. It IS truly an inspiration.


Julie Bryant » 14. Apr, 2011

Thank you Celeste. Great to have you on board. I am delighted that you like the new site. Namaste. Juls

Tom Evans » 24. May, 2011

We should always remember inspiration is one half of the breathing process – aspiration being the other. If you need an extra boost anytime, just breathe using your diaphram.

A bit of pranayama nostril breathing before embarking on any creative task also works well – listen here for a guide on how to do it –

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