• Duvet Days – 10 Great Things to Do in Bed!

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    A Gift of ME Time

    Writing a post on Facebook this morning stating that I was enjoying a morning in bed getting better acquainted with the joys of my new i-Phone, I realised that it has been many years since I’ve consciously given myself permission to enjoy the wonderful delights of a Duvet Day!

    And what better time to indulge in such pleasures than at the start of a New Year when the weather is cold and grey outside and my body is keen to stay in hibernation mode for as long as possible!

    In the past, the only time that I would only have given myself such a gift was when I was feeling under the weather for some reason and felt that I could justify what I would normally have perceived as being a ‘waste of valuable time!’

    And yet, giving ourselves permission to ‘escape’ from the world for few hours…or even a full day…can result in one of the most productive days we’ve had a in a long time as we allow ourselves to SLOW down a little and to create the SPACE to listen…and really HEAR…the whispering of our heart’s desires.

    Time to Just BE

    In today’s fast paced world, it is good to stop and just BE for a while. And if we should choose to DO something within the narrowed down confines of the world of our bed; then we can choose to make the Doing more of a Mind-Full process.

    Or in my case, as I sit here on my bed with my laptop resting on my knees, munching on a rather large bowl of home-made popcorn – it is really more of a Belly-Full process!

    So, after giving this subject some ‘slowed down’ thinking space, I’ve come up with a top ten list of my favourite Duvet Day activities otherwise known as…

    My Top Ten Favourite Things to Do in Bed!

     1.                  Daydream – This is one of my favourite activities and a wonderful time to  remind myself that if I can Conceive It…and Believe It…then I CAN Achieve It!

    2.                  Meditate – Although I meditate on a regular basis, there is something even more special about mediating whilst sitting on my bed and being surrounded by the comforts of my lovely bedroom.

    3.                  Read a Good Book – I’ve always been an avid reader, although since life has become so fast paced I am often so tired at the end of the day that I rarely get to read more than a few pages of my book before I fall asleep, so it is a real gift to have some quality time to really engage with the story.

    I’m currently reading a brand new spiritual novel from the Hay House stable called ‘Men, Money & Chocolate!’ by Menn Van Pragg. Definitely one for the girls – and a good fun read to boot!

    4.                  Eat and Drink! – Having just polished off the previously mentioned bowl of home-made popcorn and drowned a rather large mug of coffee; my attention is now turning to the idea of tracking down some Chocolate – thoughts which I’m putting down to the influence of the aforementioned book!

    (However, thoughts of Men & Money can wait until my next Duvet Day!)

    5.                  Snuggle up with a Loved One! – Given the current absence of a furry cat, dog, budgie(!) or another human to snuggle up with; my much loved teddy bear fits the bill admirably!

    6.                  Phone a Friend – It’s always good to talk…and even better when you can give someone your full attention without having loads of everyday distractions going on around you.

    7.                  Sleep – As I am already in bed, I may as well take full advantage of being able to indulge in the luxury of having a quick snooze every couple of hours!

    8.                  Write a Blog or Gratitude Journal – Having this quiet time to think is a great opportunity to do some creative writing in the form of a Blog or to make some entries in my Gratitude Journal

    9.                  Create a Vision Board – Okay, maybe not create an entire Vision Board as having a pair of scissors, a tube of glue and a large piece of cardboard in my bed is probably taking the idea a bit too far! However, it is a great opportunity to browse some magazines to find suitable images for adding to my vision board at a later date.

    10.              Go with the Flow – No plans. No agenda. For one whole blissful day I have no-one to please but myself.  What joy!

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