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    Is your Teenager a Natural Money Magnet…or a Bottomless Money Pit???

    A recent petition created by Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis, to make financial education a compulsory part of the school curriculum has highlighted just how important it is for children to understand the principals of money management from a young age.

    It is now widely accepted that with better financial education, children will learn to respect the value of money if they are given the opportunity to learn basic financial strategies, thereby avoiding the inherent dangers of running up huge debts as adult consumers when tempted by slick media and advertising campaigns designed to create peer pressure and an insatiable desire for the latest ‘must have’ product and/or lifestyle choices of the moment.

    We are a financially illiterate nation with our university students being forced into debt by the taking on of huge student loans with no proper education about how to deal with personal finances & consumer rights. With this lack of basic understanding, it is no wonder that we are going through a debt crisis – as individuals – and on a global scale.

    However, as well as ensuring that our children learn effective money management strategies, it is important for them to understand their belief systems around money.

    Top financial coach, and best selling author of ‘How to Become a Money Magnet’, Marie-Claire Carlyle says, “Our relationship with money begins in early childhood as we witness our parents expressing their relationship with money. Our parents’ beliefs get passed onto us and we proceed to carry these beliefs into adulthood, very rarely questioning whether these are right for us.”

    “For example; if our parents believe that money is dirty, or that only ruthless people get rich in business; our early conditioning will continue to affect our relationship with money, even though these limiting thought patterns may be holding us back from fulfilling our true potential. Creating a healthy relationship with money is possibly one of life’s greatest challenges.”

    “Money – or the lack of it – is the root cause of many relationship breakdowns and it can play a significant role in the creation of anxiety and stress related health issues.”

    The current recession is forcing many of us to finally take our heads out of the proverbial sand in order to reassess our spending patterns and we are finally beginning to address our true relationship with money.

    It is never too late to change our belief systems, learn how to release any limiting thought patterns that may be blocking our potential to create a more prosperous life, and to begin attracting the wealth and abundance that is our birthright.

    If you are a parent and would love to see your teenager leave school with a healthy relationship with money and a good understanding of money dynamics, Marie-Claire is offering a unique opportunity for you to work alongside your teenager to explore your family’s beliefs around money with a view to releasing any blockages that may be preventing you, or your family members, from experiencing the joys of financial freedom.

    Your Teenage Money Magnet & YOU!

    Marie-Claire and Naked Dragon are passionately committed to supporting the campaign for financial education for children, and to show our support, we are offering a FREE PLACE for every teenager accompanied by a parent – at a fun filled and interactive, One-Day ‘Money Magnet Playshop’ in Chertsey, Surrey on Saturday 17th September.

    For further details of this unique opportunity to communicate with your teenager on a whole new level and to give them the priceless gift of learning how to control their money – instead of allowing money to control them – please click HERE.

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