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  • The Mystery Experience Retreat with Tim Freke

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    Reviews by Patricia Field & Aurele Hedley

    Introduction by Julie Bryant

    As an event organiser and promoter, it is wonderful to receive feedback about how our guests have enjoyed so many new experiences and wonderful new connections as a result of attending one of our events.

    It is a great pleasure therefore, to be able to offer the following review from Paddy; one of our guests who attended the Naked Dragon launch event with Tim Freke in May this year.

    A beautiful and elegant lady in her 70’s – who had sadly been recently widowed – Paddy accompanied her daughter to hear Tim’s talk.

    Having grown up with a religious background, this was Paddy’s first experience of a very different way of thinking, and although she had come along with an open mind, she really had no idea what to expect from the evening…or how it would change her life.

    The last thing she had anticipated was finding herself three months later, in July 2011; feeling a little vulnerable and apprehensive, the eldest person within a group of 38 strangers, (6 of whom were also there as a result of attending Tim’s talk) all gathered together at the beautiful Abbey House in Glastonbury for Tim’s ‘Mystery Experience’ retreat.

    It was a weekend that would change Paddy’s life as she began to learn so much about herself, the true unity between us, and what was – for her – a big realisation that “you don’t need to be religious to be spiritual”.

    Upon her return, Paddy sent me the following review of her experience and has kindly given permission for me to share this with you.

    Paddy’s Story

    The setting for this weekend was the beautiful Abbey House in Somerset; this in itself being conducive to it being a special occasion.

    We were welcomed by Tim Freke and his lovely wife Debbie, who made us instantly feel at home.

    I had no idea what to expect!

    As the programme unfolded however, I found a confidence and desire to participate fully in the proceedings; encouraged by the respect, humility and genuine friendliness of those present.

    We all came from different backgrounds and for different reasons.  Tim was able to guide us through the amazing programme of talks, meditations and sensory exercises, culminating in a feeling of unity rarely found these days.

    I will not describe the ‘Mystery Experience‘ itself, as this would spoil it for others planning to attend future events.  I can say however, that it was one of the most amazing experiences anyone could have.

    The feeling of oneness, wellbeing and fun engendered over the two days will have a deep and lasting effect on those who were there.

    I met some beautiful people and will remember them all and am glad for their input to an extraordinary weekend.

    Aurele’s Story

    After TIm Freke’s talk at Naked Dragon in May, I booked on his three-day retreat in Glastonbury last month and it was absolutely awesome!

    Not what I thought it would be – not what I thought I wanted from it…

    …but completely and utterly MORE in every way!

    Abbey House is a heavenly place to run the course.  The individuals attending were brave and beautiful and Tim and his team were fab.  I couldn’t recommend it more highly!

    Further Information

    To find out more about Tim’s forthcoming New Year retreat, please click here

    Or visit his website here

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