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  • How to be a Spiritual Goddess

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    Author – Stephanie Brookes

    Review by Julie Bryant

    This is a book that I would have loved to have read many years ago when I first began my spiritual journey.

    Beautifully written by a talented young author, Stephanie Brookes, it is a wonderful introduction to all things spiritual; from developing your psychic abilities and how to read your aura, to meditation techniques and consulting with your spirit guides.

    The book opens with an introduction to what being ‘spiritual’ means in today’s world, and in particular, how a modern young woman can become a Spiritual Goddess. As a twenty something girl herself, Stephanie loves to balance her spiritual pursuits with her keen interest in shopping, high heels and fun nights out with the girls!  Her down to earth approach and upbeat writing style is attracting an ever growing fan base of young women interested in taking their first steps towards developing their spiritual awareness.

    As Stephanie says, After all, spirituality often has to fitted in between a work deadline and a shopping date with friends – and that’s exactly the way it should be!”

    Delightfully illustrated, each chapter covers a different topic, an exercise to assist the reader to explore the subject in greater depth, plus a number of ‘Spiritual Goddess tips’ such as the one from the ‘Manifesting’ chapter; “Enjoy nurturing your dreams, and keep them alive with daily reinforcements. Why not visualize just before you go to sleep or while taking a bath? What could be better than chilling out and feeling inspired all at the same time?”

    This fab book will appeal to any self-respecting 21st century girl interested in all things cosmic!


    Stephanie Brookes is a leading young writer on modern spirituality. Her fresh, pragmatic and youthful approach appeals to a wide audience, leading to appearances on BBC Radio 2 and ITV’s This Morning, and interviews in the DAILY EXPRESS, COMPANY and many more.

    Visit Stephanie’s Website

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