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    A Mandala is an ancient art form with its most widely recognized roots in Hindu & Buddhist traditions.  The Sanskrit word “manda” actually means “essence” ~ and when one adds “la” to the end of a word in Sanskrit, it becomes the container for that word. Therefore, a mandala could be called a “container for essence.”

    Allowing the right hemisphere of his brain to lead, Roger captures energies, or essences in the form of modern mandalas. When gazed upon, the mandalas then “speak” to the conscious, subconscious, and unconscious mind, reinforcing that for which they were intended.

    These Mandalas have been created to work as a meditation tool to enhance your enjoyment of the beautiful spiritual music contained within Roger’s CD – Instrument of Thought

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    NOTE: Further details of how to purchase Roger’s artwork will be added shortly.

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Johnny » 11. Apr, 2011

Wow, love these!….my favourite’s “Choosing Love”.

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