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    This collective work of music & art comes directly from my soul.  It has emerged, bit by bit, over the past year and is the result of an intentional time of self-enquiry.

    Text, music & art join forces to illustrate thoughts which I consider to be spiritual in nature and which have become transformative realities in my life.  I believe we all create our own realities and I am merely sharing some of the thoughts of my own.

    It is my intention that through the powerful combination of word, sound and art, that each truth becomes a living, breathing mandala – an Instrument of Thought – to be used for the highest good in the lives of those who receive it.

    With love, Roger

    This beautiful music is supported by a selection of Mandala Artwork created by Roger to be used as a powerful meditative tool whilst listening to Instrument of Thought.

    Roger’s Mandala Artwork is available exclusively from the Naked Dragon shop.

    14-track CD comes with an  8 page “Journey of Awareness” booklet, which includes guidance notes, mandalas & mantras.
    Price includes standard postal delivery. Please allow 7 – 10 days for international deliveries & 2 – 3 days for UK mainland deliveries.

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