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  • We Are Two!

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    Naked Dragon is Two Years Old this May! 


    And What a Thrilling, Inspirational and Amazing Two Years it Has Been! 

    Since our launch event in Surrey in May 2011 with our first guest speaker; best selling author and creator of The Mystery Experience – Tim Freke, it continues to be a great joy to offer a platform to the best of today’s Inspirational Speakers and Sound Performers. 

    Nurturing and developing our community has been fuelled by love and it is a real joy to have discovered that by following my passion in such a way that Naked Dragon has quickly become my life’s work. And as work has become play – and play has become work – I have found myself dancing the beautiful dance of life as many aspects of my life begin to gently flow into one another.

    Over the past two years it has been a great pleasure to have presented …

    57 x Unique Inspirational Experiences with…
    34 x Fantastic Speakers and Performers at…
    7 x Gorgeous Venues 

    And we were recently delighted to learn that we had connected with more than 30,000 people last month!

    Last year we were also honoured to have been invited to sponsor… 

    2 x Film Premières

    Three Magic Words featuring Gregg Braden
    Road to Peace featuring HH The Dalai Lama

    I would like to take this opportunity to offer a HUGE thank you to all our fantastic speakers …

    speakers montage

    Robert Holden Phd • Dr David Hamilton • Lynne McTaggart • Jason Chan • Sandy C. Newbigging • Kyle Gray • Tim Freke • Marie Claire Carlyle • The Barefoot Doctor • Janey Lee Grace • Mike George • Alla Svirinskaya • Tim Wheater • Brian Mills • Lucinda Drayton • Nick Williams • Russell Leak • David Wells • Tao Porchon-Lynch • Maggy Whitehouse • Aidan McIntyre • Stewart Pearce • Tad Hargrave • Karen Knowler • Andy Dovey • Katie Rose • Louise Presley Turner • John C. Parkin • Peter Owen Jones • Karen Knowler • Nick Williams • John Whiteman • Davina MacKail • Barbara Meiklejohn-Free


    It has been a real pleasure to have hosted so many amazing teachers through our series of inspirational  events and I am very grateful for all the love and support everyone has given Naked Dragon over the past two years.

    I would also like to offer a HUGE Thank You to our Wonderful Sponsors who have been so very generous with their support. Most of these are small businesses who don’t have large marketing budgets and yet each one of them has gone out of their way to ensure that the gifts they have given for our exclusive goody bags of Dragon Delights are of the highest quality. Thank you all.

    I am so excited to be celebrating our 2nd Birthday on Wednesday evening at our special event – Infinite Abundance – with Energy Master and Best Selling Author Jason Chan. 

    Hope to see you there!

    With much Love and Infinite Gratitude,
    Juls xxx
    The Dragon Lady!

    Our Wonderful Sponsors

    Our Sponsors

    Birthday Messages from Our Sponsors  

    Wow, what a couple of years Julie! :)You have worked wonders in creating an amazing community of inspirational speakers and always in a beautiful environment. You have touched many souls and instigated many breakthroughs for many people from the sacred space of the talks, workshops and special retreats that you have beautifully created. Happy birthday celebrations and may the success of Naked Dragon long continue for the benefit of all who have the pleasure of encountering the ‘Dragon Lady’! ♥
    Hugs, K xx The Aromatree Company 

    From our family to yours, wishing you a very happy 2nd Birthday. Thank you for being a vehicle of light and love. What you have achieved thus far is nothing short of spectacular ♥ Panache Desai and all of us at Team Desai

    “Happy Birthday, wonderful to see the success of such an awesome venture, looking forward to contributing some vouchers for anyone with a heart centred business to PR themselves to success…look forward to working with you.”
    Janey Lee Grace

    I am gutted I can’t be at your event and to share a glass of champers!! Have a fabulous time. Send me some pics!! xxx Katie Phillips Daring & Mighty 

    “Wishing you many Happy Returns for your 2nd Birthday at Naked Dragon and here’s to many more”! From All at Hay House 

    Wishing you a fabulous 2nd Birthday Juls at Naked Dragon – a great achievement!! Keep raising those vibes! From all of us at Merlin’s Diary 

    What a wonderful 2nd birthday event to celebrate 2 years of amazing events and many more to come. Well done Julie Bryant for all your hard work and for building a fantastic business to be proud of! It’s pleasure to know and work with you.
    The Holistic Directory

    Congratulations on two sensational years Naked Dragon. Thank you for all the wonderful talks, inspirational workshops and holistic events. We look forward to a lifetime of joy with our Naked Dragon family.
    The Henna Den Girls xxx

    Thanks so much guys…you ROCK!

    Each of our sponsors has generously donated some fantastic birthday treats for our limited edition bags of DRAGON DELIGHTS – including some very special gifts created just for us.

    To join us for the celebrations, please book one of the few remaining tickets before they are ALL GONE!

  • A Little Something to Help You Make the Most of 2012

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    A Guest Post by Davina MacKail

    Between now and the full moon on February 7th is a great time to manifest your intentions for the year.

    It’s great to set your big goals and dreams in motion. But I’d like you to focus on something else as well. Something far more important to your daily flow of peace and joy and something that is far more likely to help you ultimately achieve your big dreams.

    That something is “What you LOVE to do“.

    It’s extraordinary how often we ignore this even when we think we’re actually doing it.  Often we’re so focussed on our big dream we forget our daily happiness.

    To connect with what you LOVE find a time when you’ll be undisturbed and sit with yourself.  Spend a few minutes just relaxing. Take a breath in above your head and exhale below your feet and repeat a few times.  Now with your non-dominant hand resting on your heart to remind you of where this information is coming from ask yourself “What do I really LOVE?” and keep asking yourself until you can tune in to that energy and get the flow going.

    Relax and allow time for this exercise.  If you’ve been really out of touch with yourself lately it’ll take a while for you to remember what you really love – not what you think you should love or achieve or have but what you REALLY LOVE deep down in your soul.

    To give you an idea, some of the things that I truly LOVE in life include;

    Walking in the woods

    Playing my drum

    My morning cappuchino especially if my husband goes to get it for me:)

    Afternoons curled up reading a novel

    Going to the cinema

    Catching up with good friends


    Hugging trees

    Dancing by myself

    Making up silly songs whilst driving

    Long, indulgent bubble baths…

    Once you unleash your soul there’ll be no stopping you!

    You’ll also discover that what your soul loves rarely costs much money – so this is a gift you can truly afford. Capture all your deep loves in a notebook and promise yourself that:-

    2012 will be the year you give yourself the pleasure of something you truly love every single day.

    I wish you all a truly joyful and courageous 2012

    Davina has a wealth of inspirational workshops lined up for 2012. For further details, please click HERE

  • The Gift of Our Dark Side

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    Guest Post by Davina MacKail

    How do we manage to develop a dark side after landing on this planet in all our abundant glory?

    Watch any toddler. They can be happy, angry, sad, and giggling all in the space of a few minutes.  They don’t hold on to, or repress their feelings. They fully express themselves in the moment.  They exude 360 degrees of radiance.

    Then the trouble starts!

    As we grow, we get socialised into our cultural karma. We’re taught by our parents, teachers, neighbours and peers, the “right” way to behave.  We learn by direct communication and indirect influences, the differences between right and wrong – as imposed by our culture.

    Such messages as “boys don’t cry” or “good girls sit with their legs crossed,” become ingrained into our malleable young minds until they become part of how we are.  We learn quickly that certain behaviours get rewarded – and others get punished.  There will always be a small majority of escapees; the rebel drop outs and anarchists amongst us. But the majority of us opt for the easy life of reward for good behaviour.

    But those hidden aspects of ourselves don’t just disappear. They simply get tucked away, deep inside – repressed – or at least unexpressed. We’d be lying if we denied experiencing those emotions and feelings we may not publicly admit to; jealousy, anger, fear, vulnerability, guilt, shame – and a myriad others.

    Instead, these unacknowledged aspects show up in our external environment. The handy thing about living in a holographic universe is you get to see all of yourself mirrored constantly in everything around you.  This is especially true of our relationships; in particular those closest to us, and certainly in those who annoy us, or who we deem to be our enemies.

    Shadow relationships are instantly recognisable; even if we don’t always understand the reflected messages. They’re the ones who produce an excessive energetic reaction. The ones who make you feel out of control as your internal feelings conflict with your need to be well behaved.  Your cultured mind argues that you have no right to your negative emotions, but the churning in your stomach says otherwise.

    We don’t understand these emotions, and feel “bad” about having them; especially when the person isn’t really doing anything “wrong”. It’s just that their very existence irritates us.  As a result of our reward and punishment cultural conditioning, we tend to blame the person who’s “pushing our buttons.” It’s “their fault!” We’re just minding our own business!

    It’s an insidious plot – although it looks plausible.  Friends and family will offer their support.  People will take sides, and inflamed emotions will escalate; robbing us of our energy and creative power.

    Yet that person who’s irritating us is a huge gift. They are kindly mirroring aspects of ourselves that we’ve disowned or made unconscious. To paraphrase master psychologist Carl Jung, “Until we bring the unconscious – conscious – it will rule our lives and we will continue to call it fate”.

    By recognising and owning for ourselves the behaviours we see reflected in others, we experience the truth that there is no other and nothing goes one way.  This releases us to be more fully realised within our authentic selves.  Only then can we regain our creative energy and power and live the lives we were born to live.

    For full details of Davina’s One-Day Workshop on 19th November – please click HERE

  • Davina MacKail – Discovering the Gift of your Shadow Self

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    Saturday 19th November 2011

    During this powerful workshop you will discover the laws of living magically by learning to face, own and understand the gifts of your Shadow side.

    As children we are 360 degree radiance. However, we lose energy and power by disowning aspects of ourselves as we proceed through life.

    Based on ancient Shamanic practices, this workshop is designed to allow you to recognise and dance with your darker aspects and reclaim your power and truth.

    We have a light shadow as well as a dark one and we will explore how you can reclaim any disowned positive aspects of self as well as the negative.  In this way you can return yourself to wholeness and experience your true joy.

    This will be a practical, fun day that may prove challenging to some and will be a revelation to all.  The atmosphere will be safe and supportive to allow you to work deep within your own disowned psyche to fully claim back your power, your energy and your authentic expression.

    ***We are delighted to announce that Janey Lee Grace will be writing a feature for Spirit & Destiny Magazine based on Davina’s workshop this coming Saturday.

    This is great news for Naked Dragon and we want to share our good fortune by offering the remaining tickets to this workshop for the great price of just £45.00 – an amazing saving of £30.00 off the original ticket price of £75.00! ***

    Please note that tickets are limited and available on a ‘first come – first served’ basis

    To purchase your discounted ticket, please enter the voucher code DMW on the booking form below

    To read Davina’s recent blog post ‘The Gift of Our Dark Side’ please click HERE


    The Crown Hotel (Windsor Suite)
    7 London Street,
    Chertsey, Surrey
    KT16 8AP
    United Kingdom

    A special £10.00 lunch menu is available at the venue for all Naked Dragon guests

    Parking is available – at Sainsburys (almost opposite the venue.)
    Chertsey train station is about 10 minutes walk from the venue.

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