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  • Transformational Dog Retreats

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    Happy Dogs = Happy Owners!

    The first specialised training and healing retreats for dogs and owners in the world!

    Taking You and Your Dog from Where You are Now – to Where You Want to Be.


    Dogs are undoubtedly “Man’s Best Friend”…

    …but often our relationship with our pets aren’t everything they could be!

    With stressful behavioural habits, mis-understandings, or well-being issues being all too common in the modern canine – a new Dog and Owner Retreat in Wales aims to change this.

    Transformational Dog Retreats take a new and holistic approach to delivering outstanding results in dog training, well-being and care.

    Utilising a range of highly effective techniques; from energy balancing to animal communication and healing, the techniques are not only transformational for the dogs – but also for the owners!

    Whilst more traditional training and well-being methods work for some; many dog owners still have problems and are looking for something that will give them a better understanding of how their dog feels and what they can do to improve their confidence, behaviour and health in a more peaceful, natural and effortless way.

    Transformational Dog Retreats help dog owners develop a fresh perspective towards their dog training, care and ownership. During the retreats, owners are encouraged to discover new ways to transform their dog’s behaviour and well-being peacefully, by learning effective ways to move forward from the present moment of ‘NOW’ – to a future of peace, abundance, happiness and wonder!

    Founder of Transformational Dog Retreats, Caroline Griffith says: “Our wide range of holistic approaches to connecting with and then working with your dog to create a happy partnerships are highly effective and rewarding for both owner and the dog. Whether you are experiencing problems, or simply want to improve your bond and relationship with your dog – our retreats are the perfect place to come”.

    Dog & Owner Retreats

    Our retreats take place in the beautiful, relaxing Welsh Carmarthen countryside.

    Offering both dog and owner a peaceful, and well earned retreat away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Dogs stay with their owners in individual rooms, with full board organic food and drink included.

    Over the course of four days, owners and dogs will be able to take in the stunning scenery, enjoy group dog walks, receive pampering therapies, healing treatments, and take part in training and workshops including :

    The Tellington TTouch
    Animal Communication
    Arts and Crafts and Dolphin Reiki
    – which even includes a boat trip out to meet the Cardigan Bay Dolphins (with dogs in tow!).

    The retreat also includes an opportunity for owners to qualify as a practitioner of the new energy technique “The Balance Procedure”, and begin an inspiring career working with dogs and animals (or people too if they wish) -improving behaviour, well-being and life success.


    Ceridwen Retreat Centre
    Penybanc Farm, Velindre, Carmarthenshire, SA44 5XE

    25mins from Carmarthen

    25mins from Cardigan Bay

    0 mins from Peace and Tranquility!

    The venue has comfortable spacious accommodation with individual bedrooms, bathrooms, country kitchen, dining area and quaint seating areas with log burners.

    A separate workshop/training classroom, a treatment room, meditation room, outside seating areas, garden, acres of land to explore, camping facilities with power and water links and even a yurt & a romany gypsy caravan to stay in. There is also plenty of parking.

    Please discuss your preferred accommodation with Caroline when booking your training retreat place. Accommodation will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Dogs stay with their owners in the accommodation. Local vets will be available should you need them.


    Dates for 2015

    All retreats run from Monday to Thursday. You can arrive and leave to fit your schedule. Activites run from Monday afternoon until Thursday lunchtime.

    June 1st -5th 2015
    Sept 7th- 11th 2015

    About Your Retreat Leader – Caroline Griffith

    Caroline is an animal well-being expert with 18years experience working with natural pet care and holistic training techniques.

    Her qualifications as an Animal Healer, Tellington TTouch Pet Behaviour Practitioner, Balance Procedure Coach & Trainer, Canine Hypnotherapy and Nutritional Therapist empower owners with a deeper understanding of their animal friends bodies and minds.

    These powerful techniques allow both pets and their owners the chance to transform relationships, overcome well-being issues, solve behaviour problems and create a happier more peaceful lifestyle.

    Caroline is committed to achieving a greater understanding and acceptance of the philosophy and science behind the power of the mind, natural holistic living and teaching compassionate ways through which we can understand and improve the lives of our own pets, and animals globally.

    Her goal in life is to educate and empower people with the knowledge and tools to create a more peaceful, happier and confident future for animals and pets worldwide.

    Caroline’s first book ‘The Best Dog Diet Ever’ is released in March 2012 and includes a forward by the well known Holistic Vet – Nick Thompson.

    For Further Information and to Book

    Please contact Caroline on Mobile: 07980 933702


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