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  • Alchemy of Sound – An Exclusive Weekend Retreat with Aidan McIntyre, Katie Rose & Tim Wheater

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    West Sussex
    Fri 31st Aug – Sun 2nd Sept 2012

    An Interactive Weekend Retreat of Music, Sound Healing, Chanting and The Gong performed by three of the UK’s Best Loved Musicians and Performers



    Aidan McIntyre, Katie Rose & Tim Wheater

    Music evokes our soul’s essence and deepest passions.

    Experiencing these beautiful sounds and healing vibrations away from the noisy demands of modern life will open you to unimaginable gifts of inner and outer transformation.

    Since ancient times, music has been one of the foundational practices in many of the worlds sacred and healing traditions, helping people awaken to higher states of consciousness, healing and bliss.

    This exclusive weekend retreat is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the gifts of these complementary practices, as you commune with the divine music in your heart and the inner silence of your soul.

    Treat yourself to this Exclusive Weekend Residential Package – to include accommodation in beautifully appointed rooms, the full weekend programme of healing sounds and wonderfully healthy meals lovingly prepared  by our Naked (Dragon) Chef!

    Or why not join us for part of the weekend and enjoy the experience of immersing yourself in the beautiful energy of our gorgeous venue and the vibrancy of the healing sounds.

     There are a number of different (limited) ticket options available over the course of the weekend to choose from. Please click on the link next to each of the sessions for further details and to book your tickets.

    Whatever your choice – you will enjoy a beautiful healing experience!


    The Weekend Retreat Programme

    Friday Evening

    The Magic of the Gong Experience
    Aidan McInytre

    This evening Gong master Aidan McIntyre introduces us to The Gong Experience.

    He will teach us about the history of the Gong and there will be the opportunity for hands on experience of playing this beautiful instrument. Aidan’s introduction will be followed by an exquisite Gong Bath.

    If you’ve yet to experience the magic of a Gong Bath; then you are in for a very special treat!

    Bathing us in waves of beautiful and timeless vibrations; the Gong Bath has been likened to a mini-vacation, in which we become both the bubble and the sea as we experience a sense of disappearing and reappearing, leading us to new beginnings and a fresh place of self-healing and self revelation.

    The powerful vibrations of the gong transport us to another level of being; a place where healing naturally occurs and the stresses of every day life are gently washed away.

    Enjoy feeling immersed in an unlimited, infinite sound space, bathed by fluid, ever-changing melodies and harmonies blended with grace and lightness. Allow the sounds and vibrations to deepen your feelings of connection to Source.

    Begin this special weekend in a perfect state of joy and bliss with a sense of increased vitality, calmness, balanced emotions and feelings of self-empowerment

    Please bring a rug and/or cushion for maximum relaxation and enjoyment of the experience.

    Please click here for further details and to book your tickets for this session


    Circles of Sound – Healing Music for the New Age
    Tim Wheater

    A Circle of Sound with Tim Wheater is a memorable moment as radiant showers of soothing healing sounds bewitch the ears and hearts of the listener. Deep sound meditations, mantras and sacred sounds touch the stillness and bliss. 

    During this very special workshop, Tim will feature the wonderful and exquisite sounds of:

    •       Healing Voices     •       Planet Gongs     •       Native Flutes     •       Tibetan & Crystal Bowls
    •       Gong Baths     •       Sound Chair     •       Musical Massage     •       Da Vinci Code Chimes & More!

    Tim will perform on voice and flute, as well as inviting us into a deep sound meditation through the wonderful Planet Gongs tuned to the Cosmos.

    Come and discover the Circle of Sound Experience for yourself – and bathe in the Sounds of The Universe.

    No Experience is required. It is all easy, safe, rewarding and fun!

    This is a great opportunity to work with the legendary Tim Wheater and to experience his exquisitely sensitive music.

    Please click here for further details and to book your tickets for this session

    Saturday Evening

    Connecting with the Elements
    A Sacred Journey of Cosmic Sound

    Fire  Water  Air  Earth

    Join Tim, Katie and Aidan as they each share an individual piece of music before taking us on a powerful Sound Journey through the Cosmos upon a magic carpet of resonant tones of sacred instruments – including gong, flute and singing bowls –  to experience the power of fire, water, air and earth.

    We can hear the ocean’s song in the sea shell and hear echoes from the green wood in the flute; just two of the instruments transporting us to wonderful places in this special concert tonight as we travel the ancient earth over the hot empty deserts of Arizona, or walk through the New Zealand Rain forests to hear the dawn chorus.

    Tim, Katie and Aidan will create a powerful elementary journey, combining their voices and the sacred instruments which have traveled many miles with them over the years.

    The healing sounds will activate and balance each element, heightening our awareness of their dance and movement – within – and without.

    Please bring a rug or cushion so you can enjoy full relaxation during this wonderful experience.

    Please click here for further details and to book your tickets for this session


    Songs of the Heart – The Alchemy of Chant
    Katie Rose

    Open the doorways of your heart with sacred songs from global traditions.

    Throughout time singing has been a tool for alchemical transformation as it enables us to us our own voices as instruments of sound healing.

    Chanting deepens our breath cycle, strengthens our connection with our inner voice and enhances of self-expression enabling us to communicate with grace and clarity in the world.

    Heartfelt singing enables us to step into a space of free expression where we can transform inhibition into liberation and experience loving connection within and without.

    No previous experience of singing necessary.

    Please click here for further details and to book your tickets for this session

    Our Venue

    Sedgwick Park House
    West Sussex
    RH13 6QQ

    Our stunning venue is a beautiful private stately home set in 150 acres of Sussex countryside and 15 acres of formal gardens with a lake, a labyrinth, an outdoor heated swimming pool and tennis court.

    All rooms are tastefully decorated and are situated within the main house.

    There are a total of six double bedrooms – available for single use on a first come, first served basis – plus ten shared accommodation places in twin bedded rooms

    Your Residential Package Price Includes:-

    •   Two nights accommodation
    •   All vegetarian meals *
    •   Refreshments
    •   Use of the grounds – including the swimming pool
    •   Full course programme
    •   Sacred Journey of Cosmic Sound on Saturday evening

    Weekend Retreat – Ticket Prices & Bookings


    Cancellation Policy

    Due to the limited amount of tickets and the intimate nature of the retreat no refunds or transfer options to another event will be given. In the event of the organisers having to cancel the event, a full refund – minus a £50.00 admin fee – will be given. If you need to cancel your booking for any reason, your place may be transferred to a friend or relative for no additional charge.

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