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  • David Wells – Who Do You Think You Were?

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    One-Day Workshop
    Sunday 29th April 2012
    10am – 4pm

    A Journey into the World of Past Lives

    • Do you have phobias and fears?

    • Ever stopped to wonder why?

    • Did you know that your personal energy can alert you to situations that may originate in a previous life?

    • Who do you think you were?


    By knowing more about our past lives we can find out how they affect us today and the things we can do to heal our past.

    In this amazing interactive workshop, David Wells shares some of his own past lives and takes you on a guided meditation to the Akashic Records to show how you can access your own memories.

    Along the way you may even recognise someone in this life who you have travelled with in times gone by!

    You will find out more about Karma – what it is and how you can use it to your advantage.

    David will show you how to release Karma you may not need anymore; recognise your strengths from previous incarnations and how to ask your spiritual guides to help you out when the going gets tough!

    Ticket Prices

    Early Bird Tickets £55.00 (until 1st April 2012)

    Full Price Tickets £75.00

    ***If you are booking for David’s workshop, you might be interested in this fantastic deal which includes a ticket to talks with Angel Whisperer, Kyle Gray in May and Medium Gordon Smith in July – plus a ticket to David’s workshop – for a total price of just £99.00 for all three events***

    For further details please click HERE


    The Crown Hotel (Windsor Suite)
    7 London Street,
    Chertsey, Surrey
    KT16 8AP
    United Kingdom

    A lunch menu is available at the venue

    Parking is available at Sainsburys (almost opposite the venue.)
    Chertsey train station is about 10 minutes walk from the venue.

  • A Little Something to Help You Make the Most of 2012

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    A Guest Post by Davina MacKail

    Between now and the full moon on February 7th is a great time to manifest your intentions for the year.

    It’s great to set your big goals and dreams in motion. But I’d like you to focus on something else as well. Something far more important to your daily flow of peace and joy and something that is far more likely to help you ultimately achieve your big dreams.

    That something is “What you LOVE to do“.

    It’s extraordinary how often we ignore this even when we think we’re actually doing it.  Often we’re so focussed on our big dream we forget our daily happiness.

    To connect with what you LOVE find a time when you’ll be undisturbed and sit with yourself.  Spend a few minutes just relaxing. Take a breath in above your head and exhale below your feet and repeat a few times.  Now with your non-dominant hand resting on your heart to remind you of where this information is coming from ask yourself “What do I really LOVE?” and keep asking yourself until you can tune in to that energy and get the flow going.

    Relax and allow time for this exercise.  If you’ve been really out of touch with yourself lately it’ll take a while for you to remember what you really love – not what you think you should love or achieve or have but what you REALLY LOVE deep down in your soul.

    To give you an idea, some of the things that I truly LOVE in life include;

    Walking in the woods

    Playing my drum

    My morning cappuchino especially if my husband goes to get it for me:)

    Afternoons curled up reading a novel

    Going to the cinema

    Catching up with good friends


    Hugging trees

    Dancing by myself

    Making up silly songs whilst driving

    Long, indulgent bubble baths…

    Once you unleash your soul there’ll be no stopping you!

    You’ll also discover that what your soul loves rarely costs much money – so this is a gift you can truly afford. Capture all your deep loves in a notebook and promise yourself that:-

    2012 will be the year you give yourself the pleasure of something you truly love every single day.

    I wish you all a truly joyful and courageous 2012

    Davina has a wealth of inspirational workshops lined up for 2012. For further details, please click HERE

  • Jason Chan – The Way of Miracles

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    Sunday 23rd October 2011

    Join the UK’s renowned Tai Chi Master and Spiritual Teacher

    Jason Chan

    for this Inspirational One Day Workshop

    Learn how…by raising your vibrations and consciousness…you can live radiantly, abundantly and joyfully through all of life’s challenges

    Experience…for yourself the miraculous power of energy work and healing

    Connect…to your unshakable inner peace and strength

    During this transformational day, Jason will share his understanding and deep knowledge of the seven levels of universal energy…

    •        Health is energetic vibration in perfect harmony.
    •        Vitality is positive life force in abundance.
    •        Chi is the universal life force which sustains all of life.
    •        Radiance is the emanation of the Chi with the pure Sun energy
    •        Love is the connection with one’s spiritual self.
    •        Light is the spiritual energy expanding itself.
    •        Divinity is the non dualistic Presence beyond time and space.

    Jason will enable us…step by step…to open our consciousness to attain: Our Natural Health, Vitality, Chi, Radiance, Love, Light and Divinity.

    Learn how you can consciously transform:

    •    Sickness into Health
    •    Fear into Love
    •    Weakness into Strength
    •    Time into Timelessness


    Jason will also share the principles and conditions necessary, to enable us to experience pure love and to perform miracles.

    The Miracles and Joyful Existence that are our Birthright!

    Ticket Prices

    £85 per ticket – or Buy One and get One for HALF PRICE!
    On the Door Price – £95 per ticket


    The Crown Hotel (Windsor Suite)
    7 London Street,
    Chertsey, Surrey
    KT16 8AP
    United Kingdom

    A special £10.00 lunch menu is available at the venue for all Naked Dragon guests

    Parking is available – at Sainsburys (almost opposite the venue.)
    Chertsey train station is about 10 minutes walk from the venue.

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