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  • There’s a Kind of Touch…

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    Julie Bryant Reviews:-

    Aromatouch Therapy

    I recently enjoyed my first experience of ArōmaTouch with Essential Oils Educator Kirsten Luff.

    Kirsten, who is also the founder of The Aromatree Company, has recently begun working with her clients using the wonderful new ArōmaTouch Technique.

    aromatouchtechHaving enjoyed a number of Aromatherapy sessions with different therapists in the past, I had assumed that this would be a similar process of a full body massage using a selection of essential oils.

    However, Kirsten was quick to explain that although this new treatment involves the use of different combinations of essential oils carefully created to address Stress Reduction, Immune Enhancement, Inflammatory Response Reduction and Homeostasis (balance); instead of the oils being used in conjunction with massage oils, the eight different oils are used neat and applied individually along the spine.

    After drops of each of the oils are applied in turn along the spine, Kirsten gently works the oils into the skin using a wonderfully relaxing series of flowing hand movements, starting from the sacrum area and working her way along each side of the spine up into the base of the hairline.

    The Session

    The scent of the essential oils combined with Kirsten’s gentle healing touch relaxed me almost immediately and I felt myself floating away into a world of starry nights and swirls of colour.

    As the session progressed, at one point it felt as though I’d left my body and entered into a world of such beauty that words are inadequate to even begin to describe this awesome experience, other than to say that I was in no hurry to return from happily drifting along enjoying this magical space between the worlds!

    Once Kirsten had applied six of the eight oils and worked these into the skin surrounding my spinal column, she covered my back with layers of cosy warm blankets and proceeded to combine the final two oils and apply these to the soles of both my feet.

    I love having my feet worked on and even though this wasn’t a massage or reflexology session, just having the oils rubbed into my feet in a systematic matter was a heavenly experience that I just wanted to go on and on…and on!

    Once my feet had been treated, these were covered again with blankets whilst Kirsten used the same two oils to complete the treatment on my back before leaving me to relax in my essential oil infused stupor until I felt ready to emerge back into the world and into my day’s activities.

    Although at just 40 minutes, this treatment was slightly shorter than the average therapy session, it was very powerful and effective in terms of creating a sense of relaxation and well being from the outset of the session and the first application of the essential oils.

    Kirsten is a skilled practitioner with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of Aromotherapy, as well as being a natural healer. Her innate gift becomes obvious as soon as she lays her hands on your back and you feel the heat and healing vibrations emanating through her and towards the area of your body that requires the most attention.

    At the end of the treatment, as well as feeling totally relaxed and at peace with the world, I also felt wonderfully vibrant and full of energy with a great sense of well being. I’ve not experienced a treatment quite like this before…and I loved every relaxing moment! Even as I write this article in the early hours of the morning, I continue to experience the warm healing glow from our session and I’m looking forward to a wonderful restorative night’s sleep.

    I enjoyed this special treatment so much that I will be joining the end of the long queue of eager clients lining up to experience another session of Kirsten’s wonderful healing Aromatouch!


    About Kirsten Luff

    Kirsten LuffFounder and owner of The Aromatree Company, Kirsten Luff, has created a range of multi-award winning aromatherapy foot creams containing her own unique special blends of essential oils.

    Kirsten is also an Essential Oils Educator, an experienced Aromatherapist, Reflexologist and Kinesiologist.

    You can purchase Kirsten’s foot creams and essential oils from The Aromatree website , or she can be contacted for appointments on…

    info@thearomatreecompany.com or give her a call on 07906 968422.

  • The Aromatree Company

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    Review by Julie Bryant

    Kirsten LuffI am always impressed by those who ‘walk their talk’ and entrepreneur and founder of The Aromatree Company (formally known as Feet Treets)  Kirsten Luff – is a wonderful embodiment of  her ‘brand’.

    Not only does she look amazing; her lifestyle totally embodies her belief in healthy living and the positive benefits of continually improving our mind, body and soul.

    When Kirsten and I met a couple of years ago during an exhibition for her natural and therapeutic Aromatree foot cream range, I was bowled over by her passion and knowledge of her subject.

    Made by her own fair hands, Kirsten’s range is beautifully presented and it is clear to see how much love has gone into its creation. It is obvious by the way she presents herself and her products that she cares deeply about offering a quality product and a professional service to her clients.

    Kirsten has been a Complimentary Therapist for 16 years; practising therapies such as Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Reiki, Kinesiology, Psych-K, Hopi Ear Candles and various forms of Massage. When she offered me the opportunity to experience a reflexology session using some of her products, I jumped at the chance as a reflexology session with Kirsten is a real treat!

    After taking the requisite health notes and identifying the areas to work on, the session began with the selection of the most appropriate foot creams and I drifted off to the sounds of relaxing music, the aromas of essential oils and an amazingly soothing foot massage.

    As a Reiki Master Practioner, Kirsten is a powerful healer and I enjoyed an unexpected bonus when she proceeded to cleanse and balance my chakras. Kirsten often exceeds her client’s expectations by giving additional healing as part of their treatment – and as you would expect – they love her for it!

    I left the session clutching a gorgeous jute bag full of Feet Treets goodies and feeling so refreshed and restored that I almost danced out of the treatment room!

    Whether you are looking for a healing treatment, or just want to treat yourself or a loved one to some wonderfully healing foot creams, Kirsten Luff and her Aromatree products come fully tested and highly recommended!


    The Creation of The Aromatree Company

    During consultations with her Kinesiology clients, Kirsten began muscle testing the cosmetics and creams they had been using on their bodies. She discovered that the majority of these didn’t test well and combined with an increase in environmental pollution, stress and often poor nutrition, the use of these products were adding to the negative effects of the environment and their poor lifestyle choices.

    Recognising the benefits to our wellbeing by the use of natural products, she began creating bespoke products for her aromatherapy clients using essential oils and base creams made from products carefully sourced from respectable companies that she trusted.

    Keen to explore new ways of helping her clients and to further develop her product range, Kirsten decided to train in Scotland to learn the process of making creams and other base products from scratch using quality, natural and organic raw ingredients.

    Completing her training, she began using Kinesiology to test her clients with a selection of raw ingredients; particularly preservatives. These included parabens (a mix of various parabens – excluding the controversial butyl paraben), Preservative K and Sodium Benzoate (which at the time was the most natural preservative around).

    The results were quite amazing with everyone testing well for the Parabens and no-one testing well for the Sodium Benzoate, indicating that natural does not always mean safe!

    Using the results of the testing, Kirsten created A UNIQUE RANGE of Aromatherapy Therapeutic Foot Creams to use within her own Reflexology practice providing another dimension to her work.

    A treatment within a treatment!

    Each of the creams went through mandatory laboratory testing by The Cosmetics Lab Ltd in Horsham and consisted of a safety test and a challenge test. The creams were also tested using Kinesiology to ensure there were no detrimental effects on the body’s system. They were found to work systemically with the body thereby further enhancing the health benefits of Kirsten’s treatments.

    Word soon began to spread as other therapists began using the products in their own treatments and trade enquiries are coming in thick and fast. The creams are perfect for use professionally as they do not absorb too quickly and are not too greasy. Feedback from other therapists has been extremely positive and with 7 different therapeutic creams to choose from, the treatments can be tailored for the individual. Therapists who are not aromatherapy trained can also use the products safely.

    The Aromatree Company Product Range

    The Aromatree range includes:

    Aroma Tree Company, Nov 2012• Relax Foot Cream – to relax and de-stress

    • Energise Foot Cream – to revive, stimulate and re-energise the body

    • Revive Foot Cream – a tonic to stimulate the circulation and lymphatic system

    • Repair Foot Cream – to combat dry, sore and cracked heels

    • Immune Boost Foot Cream – to boost the immune system

    • Clear Feet – containing antimicrobial and antifungal properties

    • Release Foot Cream – a tonic for the mind and emotions


    Kirsten is generously offering a 20% Discount off the entire AROMATREE product range for all Naked Dragon fans!
    Please call her on the number below for further details.


    For more information, or to make an appointment for a treatment, Kirsten can be contacted on: 07906 968 422

    Or you can visit The Aromatree Company website HERE

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