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  • Tim Wheater & Cherub ~ Spring Equinox Sound Ceremony • Thursday 24th March • Kew

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    Tim Wheater & Cherub
    Thurs 24th March 2016
    Kew – SW London

    A Sacred Celebration of Sound

    As we approach the Equinox and light springs forth from dark, join Tim Wheater and Cherub to share this Sacred Celebration of Sound.

    Tim and Cherub

    The Spring Solstice represents a time to integrate the light and shadow aspects within ourselves – mirroring the harmonious balance of nature.

    Let us gather together in a divine expression of yin and yang as we chant and retain the sacred vibration of ancient mantra, enabling you to embody pure balance in the present moment.

     Imagine a sense of pure Presence within you that is loving, whole and free.

    A timeless moment experiencing your most authentic Self, bound to no past or future, carried and supported by sacred sound as the blossoming Earth speeds her way into new life.

    Experience an expansion of consciousness through the high frequency fusion of planet gongs, flutes, drums, Tibetan bowls and vibrational tuning forks, sinking deep into the sound as it subtly transforms the very atoms at the core of your being.

    Celebrating the Spring Equinox

    Spring Solstice is an energetic doorway that allows us to break ground for new, fresh cycles from within – the equivalent of a shortcut to our highest vibration.

    Together we will bring forth our intention to the crystal alter of awakening, and by acknowledging the energetic portal of the equinox combined with the healing and transformational powers of sound, it can bring truly life altering developments.

    Tim Wheater playing flute

    Breathe in the angelic sounds as organic binaural beats raise your brainwaves to deeper states of meditation and serenity, stimulating neurons, releasing beta-endorphins, boosting your immune system and gently realigning your cells back into perfect harmony.

    The clarity you seek is available to you through your intentional focus on what you choose to experience as your journey accelerates at this pivotal time.

    Your choices will also contribute to the collective consciousness that creates the pathways of change intensifying on the planet.

      The way is open for you to choose.

    And the rest is up to you!


    VERY EARLY BIRD Tickets priced at just £20.00 will be on sale until 14th March 2016.


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    The Barn Church
    Attwood Avenue,
    TW9 4HF
    United Kingdom

    The venue is situated about 10 minutes walk from Kew Gardens Station, or a short bus ride from Richmond Station.

  • Meet Your Old Friend…Panache Desai!

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    Be Your Own Guru

    Spiritual teacher Panache Desai insists that he’s not a fan of the term ‘Guru’. Instead, he believes that each of us has the ability to Be Our Own Guru.

    Recently featured on Oprah Winfrey’s Super Soul Sunday, Panache Desai is a self-styled emissary of Divine Love who says, “I am not a Guru, I’m not a teacher – I am simply an old friend that you asked once, a long time ago to remind you of your own inner magnificence.”

    Meet Your Old Friend 


    Recognizing the Gift of Our Infinite Potential

    Born and raised in London – UK, Panache Desai has always known that he was different in some way. From a young age, he possessed an innate kindness and love rarely experienced from one so young. Recognized by visitors and teachers as gifted; by adolescence he was profoundly aware of having come here to do something special.

    During his final year at university, Panache began to feel an inner yearning to leave everything behind to be on retreat. For six intense months he began a life altering schedule of meditation and prayer; finally emerging from his life in seclusion as a different man.

    Determined to fulfill his life’s purpose, he informed his mother that it was time for him to go out into the world to share what he had come here to do.

    The Call of America

    Moving to America in 2001, Panache met many gifted spiritual teachers and leaders during his travels; all of whom had miraculously been expecting his arrival. As he learned from their tutelage and wisdom, a powerful expansion occurred within him as he began to remember his own gifts and abilities.

    Panache’s journey culminated in 2003 with a profound and life-altering experience of our (mankind’s) true potential. Having been told from childhood that he was here to shift consciousness, Panache asked God whether this was truly what he was brought here to do – and if so – then God needed to show him what GOD is.

    In response to his question to God, Panache began to experience the joy of unlimited and expansive love and the recognition of our infinite potential.

    Panache says…


    The day I experienced the divine was the greatest moment of my life. I experienced God as an infinite ocean of love, light and energy with no beginning and no end, and a love beyond description.

    A love that even the greatest poets could not describe in words.

    Our potential is infinite. Every man, woman, father, son, mother, daughter – every person – is infinite. Our potential is only ever limited in the way that we say it is, or in the way we allow it to be.”

    This transformational experience brought with it an ability that allowed Panache to help people to move through their sadness, anger, or fear and to re-connect with their infinite potential.

    Today Panache is dedicated to awakening that same potential and cultivating in those around him the same vibrational transformation that he experienced all those years ago.

    No matter someone’s life experience; spiritual background, or role in life; Panache can help anyone to Experience Their Infinite Potential.

    Oprah Winfrey & Panache Desai: What is God?

    OprahWhat is your definition of God?

    Panache – Stays Silent and Smiles 

    Oprah – Smiles Back

    PanacheI’m answering with silence because there isn’t a definition for God. Any words that I would use to answer this question would diminish what God is.

    OprahThat’s actually the best answer I’ve ever heard!

    Soul to Soul with Oprah Winfrey 




    Meet Panache in London – May 17th-19th

    ndlogoPanache will be returning to his hometown of London this May for his first ever UK event!

    For further information about his special weekend event: The I AM Experience – in association with Naked Dragon – Please Click HERE

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