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  • Robert Holden: 3-Day Loveability Course

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    ndlogoNaked Dragon Proudly Presents… 

    Loveability: A 3-Day Course created by Robert Holden Phd 

    Let Robert guide you through his 10 Essential Principles and Exercises on True Love and Loving Relationships based upon his new book: Loveability

    Applicable to any relationship including family, partner, children, friends…and yourself!…this course is designed to help you deepen your experience of what true lovereally is, and to help all your relationships be happier, kinder, more enjoyable, and more loving.

    Key Themes Include:

    Finding True Love: Being open to a new level of love in all your relationships

    Love Lessons: Identifying your major life-lessons about love and relationship

    Stages of Relationship: Undoing common blocks and growing in love

    Languages of Love: Knowing how different personality types experience love

    Gift of Forgiveness: Releasing old patterns, fears, and wounds about love

    I Choose Love: Committing to being the most loving person you can be


    Friday 12th – Sunday 14th July 2013

    Times:   9.30am – 6pm each day


    Columbia Hotel
    Lancaster Gate
    W2 3NS

    Ticket Prices

    Exclusive Naked Dragon Offer

    Individual Full Price Tickets are priced at £249.00

    Save £124.50 by booking One Ticket though Naked Dragon and getting a Second Ticket for Half Price 

    Total Cost for Two Persons: £373.50

    Your Host

    Please note that Naked Dragon are promoting these events on behalf of the organiser, Robert Holden Phd and his great team at The Happiness Project.

    Robert will be your host at the venue for this event.


  • Music – Life – Spirit – Love

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    A Guest Post by Russell Leak

    A note, a chord or a song can change your being. It can move you, lift you, make you cry…and even make you laugh out loud!

    Since ancient times music has been used to alter states and rouse nations. There’s something in music that goes way back in us, back to the shamans and the drums – back to the first person who worked out how to string a hollowed out log.

    Music has been a powerful and transformative part in my life and I used to believe it was the same for everyone. However, as I was vexing passionately to a friend about a new album from my favourite band he said “I’m not really into music…occasionally I just buy a tape for the car!” What???  I could hardly believe his total lack of interest in music. Then I remembered that he was also a football fan and that he used to sing his heart out every Saturday on the terraces!

    So I guess music really does touch us all – in one way or another…even if we are blissfully unaware of its powerful effects.

    Maybe because it’s wired in us in some way – woven into our DNA. Getting briefly technical; the Pentatonic scale consisting of 5 notes that can be heard in pretty much every culture of music including Chinese, Arabic, African, Blues…everywhere in fact. In those ancient caves, the ones with the animal paintings made by men from 20,000 years ago they found flutes made from a vulture’s wing bone, and low and behold; the scale is Pentatonic. Natures’ natural rhythms…the beat of the wing, the rhythm of the waves and the delicate chimes in the wind.

    Life itself has a natural rhythm too. It goes up and down. Sometimes we are happy, sometimes sad, and sometimes it throws us around so much we start to feel a kind of motion sickness. “I want to get off” or “I just want some stability,” we find ourselves saying. So we choose something quiet or gentle, we settle for less until the rhythm becomes a steady hum. At this point we might choose to get back on the ride and find a little excitement again. As one of my favorite song writers said “if their lives were exotic and strange, they would likely have gladly exchanged them for something a little more plain, maybe something a little more sane.”

    So through this chaos of life’s ups and downs, we start to look for a sign, a reason and a strategy for coping. We follow the wise words written by the ancients. We meditate knowing that we are searching to find ourselves. We remember those wise cracking gods who thought they’d have a laugh and store the secrets deep within us. How can we go looking inside for ourselves when the whole world is distracting us? It throws us daily emails, glowing lights and 3 minute videos! People start to say “With all this science and technology I don’t believe in God, I believe in matter, I want what’s solid, but I’m sure I have a soul somewhere…I have to have something more within me. Don’t I?”

    If you spoke to someone, just as they were turning off their bedside light at the end of a busy stressful day, and asked “What was your absolute best moment of the day?” I’m sure most would enthuse; “Well I had a real laugh working with my colleagues” or “I hugged my man as he realised he’d made a mistake” or “I kissed my sleepy child as she gave in and let the dreams take her” …or, some other wild and crazy act of love. Love is a mysterious and wonderful expression of our existence that makes us question, write, sing, express and confuse ourselves on a daily basis.

    With all these conflicting thoughts it’s sometimes hard to find calm in the chaos of our minds. Perhaps a song can transform us, maybe a book, a poem, or a smile.

    Or maybe a talk from a couple of crazy guys who have been around the block, learnt a bit about life – and want to share it with you!

    Russell Leak will be sharing the stage with Andy Dovey at Naked Dragon on Wed 15th Feb.

    For further details and to book your ticket, please click HERE

  • Andy Dovey & Russell Leak – Surviving the Chaos of the 21st Century!

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    Inspirational Talk & Music
    Wednesday 15th Febuary 2012

    An evening of the spoken word, life-changing insights and enchanting music with…
    Andy Dovey & Russell Leak


    Surviving The Chaos of the 21st Century through the Four Cornerstones of…
    Music • Life • Spirit • Love

    We are going through a period where the ‘environment’ we inhabit in the developed world is changing at an ever increasing pace (without doubt the fastest rate of change in the history of our species) mainly driven by the rapid rate of technological change.

    All of the factors we have to contend with  – economic pressures, material needs, physical stresses, mental stresses – are being thrown at us in greater measure year after year.  This places us in an almost constant state of adrenal fatigue with our ancient, animalistic flight-or-fight reflexes being stimulated many times every day.  This is very bad news for our long-term physical and mental health.

    During this event, we will look at how…and why…we have got to where we are, and – most importantly – provide practical and spiritual advice on how best to combat the effects of the bombardment we are under so that we can maintain our physical and mental health to an optimum level and lead lives that are more contented, more fulfilled, and more true-to-ourselves.

    Surviving the Chaos – PART ONE

    During this first part of the evening,  Andy Dovey will discuss:
    How We Are Wired – a quick overview of brain function and how our emotional responses work

    What Is Healthy Or Unhealthy? – a look at our mental & physical health in the 21st century

    Avoiding Being ‘Programmed’ – discover how we are all ‘conditioned’; see it happening and how to deal with it

    Use of Language – how we deceive ourselves with misuse of language and how to avoid this

    Raising Your Self-Awareness – an honest stare in the mirror to see what others see

    Finding Out Who You Really Are – the person you ‘present’ to others versus the real you

    Using Self-Hypnosis – a demonstration of the benefits

    Staying Healthy – what sorts of emotions and behaviour are beneficial

    Please click HERE to read a special Guest Post written by Andy Dovey

    Surviving the Chaos – PART TWO

    During the second part of the evening, Russell Leak will combine the spoken word, popular songs and songs from his own album, “Smile” to explore the Four Cornerstones of our existence…
    Music • Life • Spirit • Love

    Music – Have you felt yourself soften at the sound of a chord or a melody?  Have you remembered something or someone with the sound of a song?  Sometimes music communicates better than anything else.  Russell talks about his relationship with music, how it has helped him and sings and plays songs that reach the heart and communicate where words fail.

    Life – Life is hard, and once you accept that fact, it isn’t hard anymore!  But does it really have to be so hard?  Can we change our relationship to life so that we can understand it better, so that we can live more fully and so have a more enriching experience of life?

    Spirit – Death is the end of life . . . or is it?  Russell explores what spirituality means to him as he shares his investigation of many different religions and expressions and discusses how we can best honour those who have left us.

    Love – “What is love?”  A question that has failed many of the best thinkers. Russell explores what love could mean to us, our resistance to it, our need for it – and why there are so many songs written about it.

    Please click HERE to read a special Guest Post by Russell Leak

    Join Russell and Andy for this unique inspirational event and discover how you can reduce your stress levels, increase your happiness and find your true-self.

    Ticket Prices

    £15.00 – Save £5.00 by booking online

    £20.00 – on the door

    ***Valentine’s Special***

    Book your ticket by 14th Feb and receive a FREE Hyphnotherapy CD – plus –  the opportunity to purchase music CD’s at half price on the night!


    [mappress mapid=”2″]

    The Crown Hotel
    (Windsor Suite)
    7 London Street, Chertsey, Surrey KT16 8AP United Kingdom

    Our venue offers great dining at reasonable prices.
    Please call the hotel direct to reserve your table: 01932 564657

    Free parking is available – after 6pm – at Sainsburys (almost opposite the venue.) Chertsey train station is just a few minutes drive away.

  • Mike George – The Mythology of Love

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    Inspirational Talk
    Wednesday 11th July 2012

    Undoing the Illusions, Confusions and Delusions about Love

    Possibly the two most frequently spoken words each day are ‘I love’.

    We are quick to say, “I love this”, or “I love that”.

    However, in such moments we don’t realise that we don’t mean ‘love’, we mean something else.

    This can range from desire to possession and from fear to sadness.

    Yes, we really can be that confused about love!

    It’s this loss of meaning accompanied by the many myths about love that ensures we may never know true love in our entire life!

    Intuitively we all seem to know that love has many faces including care and compassion, acceptance and appreciation, giving and forgiving.

    Yet we are aware of how quickly they turn into resentment and animosity, guilt and regret.

    Is this because we don’t know real love, can’t yet be truly loving or won’t allow our self to be a source of love to others?

    Or is it just human nature to hateful, hurtful and hopelessly unable to tolerate others?

    There is perhaps only one true pilgrimage in life and that is to rediscover the true meaning of love and the right ways to live lovefully!  

    “Infinite and yet indestructible, it is only when you understand LOVE that you will fully understand your life. Unlimited and yet invisible, it is only when you know LOVE that you will know how powerful you really are.”

    During this evening’s talk Mike will:

    • Show us how to see through the illusions we are all taught about love
    • Dispel the many myths that we all assimilate every day about love
    • Bring clarity to our ‘relational confusions’ about love
    • Reveal why love can be just too difficult for some and almost impossible for others
    • Explore why love is so often mistaken for sweetness and light!
    • Expose the real reason why the big wide world ‘out there’ tends to be a loveless place
    • Invite us to wonder why romance can kill intimacy and chase love away!

    Mike is a best selling author, inspirational speaker and spiritual teacher who, for the last thirty years, has been coaching, guiding and facilitating the personal and executive development of people in companies, corporations and communities in over 30 countries. His publications include The 7 AHA!s of Highly Enlightened Souls, Don’t Get MAD Get Wise and his latest book is The 7 Myths About LOVE…Actually!.  (www.relax7.com)

    Ticket Prices

    £20.00 – Save £5.00 by booking online
    £25.00 – on the door

    ***Aspects of Love Weekend Retreat***

    Mike will be hosting an Exclusive Weekend Retreat with special guest facilitator and performer Lucinda Draytonfrom Bliss on 27th-29th July at this stunning venue near Horsham in Sussex.

    Residential places for this very special weekend are limited to just 15 and are selling fast!

    For further details and to book one of the few remaining places, please click HERE


    [mappress mapid=”2″]

    The Crown Hotel
    (Windsor Suite)
    7 London Street, Chertsey, Surrey KT16 8AP United Kingdom

    Our venue offers great dining at reasonable prices.
    Please call the hotel direct to reserve your table: 01932 564657

    Free parking is available – after 6pm – at Sainsburys (almost opposite the venue.) Chertsey train station is just a few minutes drive away.

    • Show us how to see through the illusions we are all taught about love
    • Dispel the many myths that we all assimilate every day about love
    • Bring clarity to our ‘relational confusions’ about love
  • Aspects of Love – An Exclusive Weekend Retreat with Mike George & Lucinda Drayton

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    Sedgwick Park
    West Sussex
    Fri 27th – Sun 29th July 2012

    Millions obsess over it.   Thousands have died for it.   We all seek it.   Few will find it.

    Even fewer will live it.

    It is LOVE!

    It seems we are compulsively obsessed, yet slightly confused…about love. While many of us think we know love so well we often find it hard to be unconditionally loving.

    So what is love… actually?

    Where is love…exactly?

    And how do you love…precisely?

    * Is it something that should come naturally?   * Do we have to earn it?   * Or will it just show up?   * Can we expect to be loved?   * Or is that just the fortune of a fated few?   * Should we ‘feel’ love all the time or just occasionally, in some ‘emotional high’?   * And how are we to teach our children about true love in the face of so many illusions?


    During this exclusive weekend retreat with Mike George & Lucinda Drayton, you will explore:

    • The wrong turns that we take in our search for love
    • The one and only thing that blocks every human heart and stands in the way of our rediscovery of love
    • How to bring the light and power of love into all your relationships
    • Why you may not be aware that your heart has been sabotaged in many ways
    • Why happiness is impossible until you know the ‘truth about love’
    • The secrets of how to ‘feel’ love anywhere anytime
    • Why, in truth, you can never ‘fall’ in love

    “Infinite and yet indestructible, it is only when you understand LOVE that you will fully understand your life. Unlimited and yet invisible, it is only when you know LOVE that you will know how powerful you really are.” Mike George

    The Retreat Leader – Mike George

    Mike George is a best selling author, spiritual teacher, management tutor and an inspirational speaker.

    Mike is one if the leading voices in the ‘awakening spirituality’ that is now happening in many parts of the world.  He guides, coaches and facilitates the personal and executive development of people in communities and companies in over thirty countries.

    Guest Facilitor/Performer – Lucinda Drayton

    Lucinda Drayton is a successful singer/songwriter. She has written a number one hit song and sold over 100,000 albums on her own label Blissful Records.

    Lucinda is well known for co- writing and performing the spiritual classic “A Hundred Thousand Angels.” She performs live all over the world playing both stadiums and living rooms with well known UK musicians.

    *** Lucinda Drayton 
    will be leading the weekend’s meditation sessions and will be creating a very special musical journey on the Saturday evening ***

    The Structure & Flow of the Retreat

    ASPECT One – WHAT is Love?
    Rediscovering the Power of the Heart

    Ask one hundred people, “What IS Love?” and it seems there are a hundred different answers! It appears that few know love as it truly is.  Perhaps that is why love so often seems to be lost in a stressful world filled with conflicted relationships. In this session: why love is lost in the mists of many illusions, why love cannot ever be ‘found’ wherever we look; what love is ‘in reality’, and what happens when love is present.

    ASPECT Two – WHERE is Love?
    Untangling our Emotions so that we may Feel Love

    With so much confusion about the true nature of love it’s no surprise we find it hard to recognise our own emotions and choose our feelings.  In this session: what’s is the difference between our emotions and feelings…exactly; why love is lost when we ‘emote’; how to ‘feel’ love anywhere anytime.

    ASPECT Three – WHY is Love?
    How to Play the Relationship Game

    While relationship is both the context and the fabric of all our lives how do we know love is present?  Why does love often disappear so rapidly after the honeymoon period?  In this session: what are the signs and symptoms of an authentically loving relationship; why what’s IN the way IS the way; love or fear – why are you together with another?

    ASPECT Four – HOW to Love?
    Bringing Love back to Every Day Life

    It’s only when we fully realise that we are the creators of our own destiny that we can restore our awareness that love is the only game in town.  Some say that we return to love or that love returns to us but, others say that ‘in reality’, love never left.  In this session: how to maintain the vision of love and ensure your decisions are shaped by love…despite those who would glorify all that is unloving!

    NB. A detailed programme with full timings for the weekend will be sent after your booking has been confirmed.


    Sedgwick Park
    West Sussex
    RH13 6QQ

    Our stunning venue  is a beautiful private stately home set in 150 acres of Sussex countryside with a lake, a labyrinth, an outdoor heated swimming pool and tennis court.

    Your shared accommodation will be in tastefully decorated rooms situated within the main house.

    There are a total of six double bedrooms – available for single use on a first come, first served basis – plus ten shared accommodation places in twin bedded rooms

    Your Residential Package Price Includes:-

    •   Two nights accommodation
    •   All vegetarian meals *
    •   Refreshments
    •   Use of the grounds – including the swimming pool
    •   Full course programme
    •   Special performance by Lucinda Drayton on Saturday evening

    *  We will endeavour to cater for most diets – please state your preference on the booking form

    Residential places are limited to a total of 16 persons for this retreat.

    There will also be a small number of non-residential weekend tickets available – plus optional tickets to Lucinda Drayton’s Saturday evening performance.

    (Arrivals 5.30pm onwards on Friday – departures from 2pm on Sunday)

    Ticket Prices & Bookings

    Full Residential Package – Shared Accommodation £395.00
    (only 10 places available)

    Full Residential Package – Single Accommodation – in a double room – £445.00
    (only 2 rooms left!)

    Non-Residential Weekend Ticket – Including Course Programme and Refreshments – £195.00
    (only 15 tickets currently available)

    Please note – The non-residential weekend ticket does not include accommodation, food, or use of the swimming pool or tennis court

    Payment Options

    Bank Transfer, Cheques, PayPal/Credit Cards*

    *There will an additional charge for paying by credit card

    To request further information regarding booking and payment options, please email us using the Contact Form stating which of the above ticket options you are interested in booking, how many people you would like to book for and your preferred payment option – thank you.

    Cancellation Policy

    Due to the limited amount of tickets and the intimate nature of the retreat no refunds or transfer options to another event will be given. In the event of the organisers having to cancel the event, a full refund – minus a £50.00 admin fee – will be given. If you need to cancel your booking for any reason, your place may be transferred to a friend or relative for no additional charge.

    An Evening with Lucinda Drayton from Bliss

    Saturday 28th July
    7.30pm – 10pm

    This is a wonderful opportunity to spend an evening in the company of Lucinda Drayton and Marcus Cliffe amidst the grandeur of our stunning venue as they lead us in some interactive stories and singing followed by a meditation and musical journey


    *** Please note that due to the exclusive and intimate nature of this retreat weekend, there will be limited places available for this performance and invitations will initially be offered solely through visitors to this website and via the Naked Dragon mailing list. ***


    £35.00 – Your ticket price includes a drinks and nibbles reception at 7.30pm – plus interval refreshments

    You are very welcome to arrive from 6.30pm and take a stroll around the beautiful grounds of our venue.

    Please book your ticket using the booking form below

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