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  • David Wells – Multi Dimensional Soul Lives

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    Inspirational Talk
    Wed 2nd July 2014

    The True Extent of Our Soul’s Being

    Many of Us are becoming increasingly aware of the True Extent of our Soul’s Being; Unlimited in what it Has Done and What it Can Do.

    Past Life Work has led David to a new understanding of the multi faceted soul; a universal energy that holds information that is challenging, but sings its song of truth to those ready to hear it.

    Much is made of Between Lives. Times when we aren’t incarnate on earth, but the soul has no in-between. It is an ever evolving consciousness that gathers information and wisdom as it travels the mulitiverse; in and out of different dimensions including some that are still being revealed through the experiences of those now incarnating to bring the message onto the earth plane.

    A Personal Invite from David to Explore Your
    Multi-Dimensional Soul Lives


    The Awakening

    Those awakening now are feeling their light bodies more than ever. Food is a challenge, as is noise, sleep and even the physical body.

    And those dreams; are they just dreams, or are you remembering?

    Over the past few years David has taken himself out of the mainstream MBS circuit to learn more about his twin flame energy and the opportunities that presents.

    Through working with new guides and ascended masters, David is now ready to share these new teachings and visualizations and for us to discover our true light being.

    It is time for us to re-connect to all that we are.



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