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  • Sika ~ The Pure Sound Journey

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    The Pure Sound Journey

    Thurs 3rd Aug
    7.30pm – 10pm
    (Doors Open 7pm)

    A Powerful Healing Sound Experience

    Sika on StageSika’s Pure Sound Journey’s are extremely popular worldwide due to their effectiveness in bringing people into a deep, deep state of relaxation.

    Enabling people to move through obstacles within themselves, Sika’s sound journeys invoke healing and profound transformations that can be carried into day-to-day life.

    Using a selection of Didjeridoo, Drum, Flute, Taonga Puoro (Singing Treasures) and other instruments from around the world, Sika takes us on a timeless Pure Sound Journey.

    In this beautiful dream state, the sounds he plays are truly primal and remind us of our ancient story.

    The Pure Sound Journey

    The Pure Sound Journey is for those who want to experience a deep and profound inner process.

    Lying down or sitting up, closing your eyes and relaxing on your yoga matt with a blanket or on a chair, you will experience the power of primordial sounds as Sika bathes you in a sea of Pure Healing Sound.

    Using his voice and a wide range of instruments; including Didgeridoo’s in different tunings, Hoop Drums, Rattles and Native Flutes, you will experience the vibrations and effects of sound passing over and close to your body.

    This simple, but incredibly ancient practice enables a profound shift to occur on subconscious instruments-newprogramming and cellular levels. The remarkable effects of this journey are often so powerful, as to initiate life changes in people, animals and even places.

    This personal and group intention to ‘improve’ reaches spiritual proportions and enriches not only our own life but also others. It is therefore a form of giving back to the world in gratitude and awareness.


    Sika, is an international artist, who has been facilitating similar groups for over twenty-years, using pure sound to journey into higher consciousness.

    He is endorsed by three Aboriginal elders of the Yuin and Bidjura People of South Australia and his sound journeys are always a very deep and powerful experience for people.

    sika1Sika Says…

    I feel like an ancient time traveller, a pilgrim moving with the rhythms of the land. I feel honoured to walk this way, to carry the Taonga of this beautiful land and whisper of the secrets to those who will listen.

    It is full moon the night of our journey of sound. Slip with me into worlds within worlds, as we learn of our true nature.

    A Journey of Pure Sound takes us beyond what meets the eye.

    The instruments I play are my treasures. They give voice to stone, wood and skin. Their music expresses our close relationship with nature.

    Such music plays an important part in the rituals of everyday life. It breathes the spirit of our ancestors into todays world.”

    Sika’s Music

    Check out Sika’s latest CD. Copies will be available for purchase at Sika’s event.


    Please note that EARLY BIRD tickets for this event – priced at just £25.00 – will be very limited, so please book your place asap to avoid disappointment.





    DIRECTIONS The Miskin Manor Country House Hotel is located just North of M4 approximately 1 mile from junction 34 of the motorway and just 20 mins from central Cardiff.


  • Sika: Sound Medicine Journey Workshop & Evening Performance ~ Sun 14th June @ Thorpe • Surrey

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    One-Day Workshop & Evening Performance

    Sun 14th June 2015
    Thorpe ~ Surrey
    Workshop • 10am – 4.30pm
    Evening Performance • 6pm – 8pm

    Come and join the fabulous Sika Rose for his
    FIRST EVER UK Workshop!

    Sika’s Healing Sound Journeys are very powerful and as more and more people are getting to hear of his wonderful performances during his annual visits to the UK, his events are becoming increasingly popular, with many selling out within days of the tickets going on sale.


    To meet a huge demand from his audience for the opportunity to experience his Sound Journeys on a deeper level, Sika has created this Unique One-Day Workshop where you will be taken on Five Different Sound Journeys around the Medicine Wheel; to the South, North, West, East and Centre of the Universe.

    Each of these journeys will be followed by time to play with drawing, writing and story telling to describe what we have experienced on our individual journey.

    Five Journeys around The Medicine Wheel

    1st Sound Journey
     – SOUTH Prayer
    Water • Emotions • Child • Innocence

    2nd Sound Journey – NORTH Prayer
    Air • Mind • Adult • Wisdom • Intellect • Clarity

    3rd Sound Journey – WEST Prayer
    Earth • Body • Woman • Female • Introspection

    4th Sound Journey – EAST Prayer
    Fire • Spirit • Vision • Man • Male

    5th Sound Journey – CENTRE Prayer
    Mystery • Void • Unborn • Unknowable

    The CENTRE Prayer Journey will be followed by a Sharing Circle offering everyone the opportunity to speak about their journey and to share an overview of how they see themselves within their Medicine Wheel. The Sharing Circle will be completed with a Closing Prayer.

    Evening Performance by Sika • 6-8pm

    There will be a Special Performance by Sika following the Day’s Workshop


    For those attending the workshop, the performance is included in the price of your ticket.

    If you are unable to make it along to the workshop, but would like to join us for Sika’s Evening Performance, a limited number of Evening Only Tickets are available priced at  just £20.00


    Standard tickets are priced at £75.00 – to include the evening performance

    Tickets for the Evening Performance Only are priced at just £20.00



    Coldharbour Lane
    TW20 8TE


    Please use the car park at the venue, or at The Red Lion Pub (a short walk from the village hall)

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