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  • Nick Williams – Resisting the Soul

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    Wed 24th Oct 2012

    How to Liberate your Heart and Become the Person you’ve Come to Be!

    • Have you ever experienced the inspiration to pursue your calling, a vision of the higher self you could be?
    • Do feel fear, even terror, when you consider really “showing up” in the world?
    • Is there so much more creative and spiritual potential that you haven’t expressed yet?
    • Would you achieve so much more if you could only get beyond that inner inertia and procrastination?
    • Do you know you are playing smaller than you could do?

    Don’t worry, there is nothing wrong with you – welcome to the world of resistance!

    Resistance is like the evil twin to the power of our love, our soul and our inspiration – it is the force within us that seems to undermine us, sabotage us, cause us to procrastinate and distract ourselves.

    It is the force that can at times seem to stop us in our tracks when we move towards a life that is more authentically our own.

    Resistance is simply part of the territory of being a human being and in order to live a life that is authentically yours, you are probably going to need to understand what resistance is, how it operates, what purpose it seeks to serve and how to get beyond it.


    During this evening’s programme, Nick will cover the following:

    • What resistance is and some of the ways it operates
    • When resistance is most likely to show up in your life, work and business
    • What purpose it seeks to serve
    • What strategies you can use to get beyond your resistance
    • What is more important and powerful than your resistance
    • The one most powerful strategy that Nick himself uses to beat his own resistance
    • How to stop resisting resistance so you can move beyond it

    Resisting the Soul

    The majority of the workings of resistance are just outside your conscious awareness.

    In his groundbreaking book, Nick Williams lays bare and illuminates the inner workings of the force he has come to call resistance.

    Having had to face and overcome so much of his own procrastination and fear to become who he is today, Nick has a unique insight into resistance and its workings.  What he has learned has already helped tens of thousands of others to liberate their potential and lead happier, more authentically successful lives.


    Ticket Prices

    £20.00 – online

    Everyone attending will receive a copy of Nick’s latest book  –  Resisting Your Soul –  As a FREE Gift!
    (The book is priced at £10.99)

    There may be a limited number of tickets available on the door priced at £25.00
    Book online to secure your place and to save £5.00!


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    The Crown Hotel (Windsor Suite)
    7 London Street,
    Chertsey, Surrey
    KT16 8AP
    United Kingdom

    An evening menu is available at the venue

    Parking is available at Sainsburys (almost opposite the venue.)
    Chertsey train station is about 10 minutes walk from the venue.

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