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    A Fond Farewell

    ann_knoxYesterday I heard the sad news of the passing of a dear Soul Sister, Glasgow based fellow promoter and founder of The Truth Matters, Your Conscious World and the Conscious Life Directory…the beautiful and inspirational Ann Knox.

    Ann and I were a similar age. We were both single mum’s with grown up daughters…and a passion for creating inspirational events that we each hoped would make a positive difference to people’s lives in some way. Ann had a real gift for connecting people with the teachers and the messages they needed to hear and her creativity shone through the stunning websites that she created to promote her inspirational messages.

    Although we never actually met; Ann and I spent many hours on the telephone sharing our stories and our dreams for the future. I knew that Ann had been challenged by breast cancer a few years ago, but with her amazingly positive outlook on life, coupled with her commitment to living a healthy lifestyle based upon her understanding of natural approaches to healing and how eating the right foods can play a major role in one’s healing journey, she was a huge inspiration both to myself and to many, many others.

    Her death has come a huge shock and has really made me really begin to question whether our passions can lead us into overdrive and unless we remain mindful, they can easily take over our lives to such an extent that we can begin to lose sight of the innocent purity of life. Sometimes, just standing still for a while and simply ‘being’ is enough to bring us a great sense of peace and joy.

    It is a comfort to know that Ann shared her passing with her beautiful daughter Ellie by her side and I do hope that wherever her soul’s journey has taken her, that she is at peace knowing that she has left a priceless legacy to encourage each and every one of us to be true to ourselves, to take control of our own healing journey and to follow the wisdom of our hearts and the guidance of our dreams – wherever they may lead us.

    Angels and Soul Dragons

    Angels and Soul Dragons1I was preparing to take a step back from the whirl of Dragon activity to pursue a long held dream of island hopping around Greece for a few weeks when I heard of Ann’s death. As the time to depart for my latest adventure had been drawing closer, I was aware of my old companion, ‘Guilt’, creeping in to sit beside me as I began to question the wisdom of taking this time away from Naked Dragon with such a busy period ahead.

    Yet as I slowly come to terms with Ann’s passing, I realise that taking this time out to enjoy some Sea, Sand and Soul Searching, is vitally important to me in terms of re-affirming my value and self-worth. It is also about honouring a promise that I made to myself a long time ago to explore this beautiful region of the world, with no fixed plans and with my heart leading the way.

    I will use the time to sit and dream, to write and to contemplate the future of Naked Dragon. I have so many ideas and new concepts that would like to develop and I am also realistic enough to recognise that there is only so much that one solitary Dragon Lady can do by herself.

    Having finally found the courage to reach out to ask for support, I am looking forward to welcoming the Angels and fellow Soul Dragons that I know The Universe will send into my life at the right time to help support Naked Dragon on its journey towards its next stage of evolution as it slowly grows into its full potential.

    Going Home

    I'm HomeAs I was writing this Blog piece and wondering what Ann’s thoughts would have been around this subject, I opened my front door to let some air in and found this white feather nestled against the door mat. I believe this sign is Ann’s way of saying ‘Hello’ and to let me know that she has finally found her way ‘Home.

    Thank you for the priceless gift of your friendship Ann. May God bless your soul and may you always rest in peace.

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