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  • Lorna Byrne ~ Discovering the Beauty Around and Within Us ~ Sunday 4th December • South Wales

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    Discovering the Beauty Around and Within Us
    in conversation with Julie Bryant

    Sun 4th Dec 2016
    South Wales
    11am – 1.30pm

    WE Are the Guardian Angels of Our Planet

    Lorna Byrne and Julie BryantDue to the huge demand for tickets for Lorna Byrne’s event on Saturday 3rd December which has now sold out, we are delighted that Lorna has kindly agreed to offer a very special additional event on Sunday 4th December.

    At this unique morning event, Lorna Byrne and Julie Bryant (founder of Naked Dragon Events) will be discussing how WE are the Guardian Angels of our Planet and how we must protect the world around us with the help of Angel Jimazen.

    Connect with Your Guardian Angel

    Lorna will guide you through a meditation to Connect with your Guardian Angel and she will be asking for the healing that you need in every way in your life and those you love.

    Lorna is also looking forward to receiving some intriguing questions from the audience!

    Angelic Blessings

    At the end of the event, Lorna will be offering a blessing to those who wish to receive this.

    lorna blessing


    Please note that tickets for this event – priced at £35.00 – will be very limited, so please book your place asap to avoid disappointment. 

    Registration from 9.45am – Doors will open at 10.30am





    DIRECTIONS The Miskin Manor Country House Hotel is located just North of M4 approximately 1 mile from junction 34 of the motorway and just 20 mins from central Cardiff.


  • Sandy C. Newbigging – The Body Calm Experience – Sun 1st Nov @ Chertsey • Surrey

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    Sun 1st Nov 2015
    Chertsey Venue
    10am – 5pm

    Welcome to The BODY CALM Experience
    The Powerful Meditation Technique that Helps Your Body Heal and Stay Healthy

    BODY CALM introduces you to a system of self-healing that uses the power of meditation and the mind-body connection to help your body heal and stay healthy.

    From the creator of the widely used Mind Calm, Sandy C. Newbigging, this transformative technique gives your body the rest it needs to recover and remain healthy while bringing about greater harmony within your Heart, Mind, Body, Soul and Life.

    sandy newbigging -meditating-rock

    The Workshop

    During this Transformational One-Day Workshop you will Discover:

    The life-changing BODY CALM Philosophy for being healthier and happier

    The research that proves meditation is essential for self-healing, staying healthy and even living longer

    The secret source of stress and quick-start cures for increasing serenity

    The BODY CALM meditation technique for healing the beliefs that cause body and life issues

    Sandy has mapped the entire human body to create directories of the most common mind-based causes of physical issues and you will have the opportunity to ask him about any conditions you are curious about. He will also guide you through your first BODY CALM meditation sittings.

    BODY CALM is getting amazing results and by attending this workshop you can start benefiting immediately.

    You will find your life takes on a deeper meaning. You will have the keys to healing your relationship with your emotions, body and life and be more naturally happy.

    Most importantly, you gain confidence in your the ability to enjoy a calmer mind and a condition-free body.

    Sandy C. Newbigging

    Sandy C. Newbigging’s techniques have made meditation fun and beneficial for thousands of people worldwide. His work has been seen on television in 30+ countries and his last five books have become no.1 best-sellers. He will have copies of his brand new BODY CALM book (release by Hay House, October 2015) available to buy on the day.



    For more information about Sandy visit www.sandynewbigging.com and for more on BODY CALM visit www.thecalmacademy.com.


    EARLY BIRD tickets priced at just £65.00 will available until the 26th October 2015


    The Crown Hotel (Windsor Suite)
    7 London Street,
    Chertsey, Surrey
    KT16 8AP
    United Kingdom

    A lunch menu is available at the venue

    Parking is available at Sainsburys (almost opposite the venue.)
    Chertsey train station is about 10 minutes walk from the venue.

  • Robert Holden: 3-Day Loveability Course

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    ndlogoNaked Dragon Proudly Presents… 

    Loveability: A 3-Day Course created by Robert Holden Phd 

    Let Robert guide you through his 10 Essential Principles and Exercises on True Love and Loving Relationships based upon his new book: Loveability

    Applicable to any relationship including family, partner, children, friends…and yourself!…this course is designed to help you deepen your experience of what true lovereally is, and to help all your relationships be happier, kinder, more enjoyable, and more loving.

    Key Themes Include:

    Finding True Love: Being open to a new level of love in all your relationships

    Love Lessons: Identifying your major life-lessons about love and relationship

    Stages of Relationship: Undoing common blocks and growing in love

    Languages of Love: Knowing how different personality types experience love

    Gift of Forgiveness: Releasing old patterns, fears, and wounds about love

    I Choose Love: Committing to being the most loving person you can be


    Friday 12th – Sunday 14th July 2013

    Times:   9.30am – 6pm each day


    Columbia Hotel
    Lancaster Gate
    W2 3NS

    Ticket Prices

    Exclusive Naked Dragon Offer

    Individual Full Price Tickets are priced at £249.00

    Save £124.50 by booking One Ticket though Naked Dragon and getting a Second Ticket for Half Price 

    Total Cost for Two Persons: £373.50

    Your Host

    Please note that Naked Dragon are promoting these events on behalf of the organiser, Robert Holden Phd and his great team at The Happiness Project.

    Robert will be your host at the venue for this event.


  • Jason Chan – Infinite Abundance

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    Evening Workshop
    Wed 15th May 2013

    Just a few tickets still available!

    This Workshop is intended to show you how you can raise your consciousness and tune into a higher light that will guide you to live every aspect of your life in INFINITE ABUNDANCE including;

    Your Health                   Your Work                 Your Relationships

    In this evening workshop, Jason Chan will lead you in some gentle, but powerful Infinite Chi Kung sequences that will raise your vibrations and open your energy centres.

    He will also guide you through an Infinite Abundance Meditation so that you can experience for yourself the infinite power and grace of ‘the light’.

    Jason’s core aim is to introduce you to some very powerful but practical energetic and spiritual principles and practices that can transform every aspect of your life, until you are one of the most abundant, peaceful, joyful and fulfilled human beings on the planet!

    You may not fully realise it yet, but your spiritual birth right is one of infinite abundance, lasting happiness and total fulfilment. (Chan and Rogers 2103)

    Jason Shares the Good Vibrations!




    There are just a handful of tickets left for our Special Birthday Event


    Please book yours before they are all gone!

    Bags of Dragon Delights!

    Party Bags

    Naked Dragon and our fantastic sponsors will be sharing the LOVE with the gift of an exclusive bag of Dragon Delights for the first people who book their tickets to this special event.

    Containing exclusive products created especially for our Birthday Celebrations, we know you will be delighted with your gifts.

    These are no ordinary party bags:-)

    To be sure of receiving your limited edition bag of goodies (one per booking)  book your ticket TODAY!

    Our Wonderful Sponsors!

    We would like to say a heartfelt THANK YOU to all our sponsors for their amazing generosity and much valued support and encouragement.

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    HolisticDirectory (small)

    Henna Den (small)
    spirit and destiny (small)




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    The Crown Hotel (Windsor Suite)
    7 London Street,
    Chertsey, Surrey
    KT16 8AP
    United Kingdom

    An evening menu is available at the venue

    Parking is available at Sainsburys (almost opposite the venue.)
    Chertsey train station is about 10 minutes walk from the venue.

  • Maggy Whitehouse – Ancient Wisdom for the Modern World

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    Workshop – Postponed

    Kabbalah: Ancient Wisdom for the Modern World

    Due to unforeseen circumstances, this event has been postponed until early 2013. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.

    No, Kabbalah isn’t all about Madonna, red-string bracelets, 72 different names for God or Jewish men in black hats, although you could be forgiven for thinking that!

    Kabbalah is the only complete Western Mystical Tradition.

    It’s an oral teaching passed down from mystic to mystic and it’s about truth, beauty, loving kindness, sacred masculine and divine feminine, the soul’s path, fate and destiny, reincarnation, angels and spiritual development.  It has never been a religion but it has always been a structure that underpins pretty well every faith system and most of the world’s New Age beliefs. It helps fit together everything good that you’ve ever learnt.

    Kabbalah itself is the Hebrew word for ‘receive’ and this is ‘the received wisdom’ that updates itself for every generation.

    What you will take home from this workshop:

    •    The importance of your own spiritual path and your unique relationship with Divinity, whatever you may choose to call It
    •    Knowledge of the sacred masculine and divine feminine that goes back thousands of years – including details of ‘the Lord and his wife’ in the Old Testament
    •    How and why your ego resists your spiritual development — and how this can be overcome
    •    The nature of your Soul, and how to discover your destiny
    •   How to understand the Kabbalistic diagrams of The Tree of Life and Jacob’s Ladder and how they can help in your development and in understanding how the Universe works
    •    The Cosmic Paradox of Unity and duality — how the Divine is both within us and of us and is something that we can call upon whenever we need help
    •   An understanding of how the Bible can still be used as a spiritual awakening manual even today.

    The workshop will include an internal journey:
    Merkabah Ascent — to Experience Unity with the Divine.


    Ticket Prices

    Early Bird Tickets are available until 21st October priced at just £55.00

    Save £20.00 off the full  ticket price of £75.00


    [mappress mapid=”2″]

    The Crown Hotel
    (Windsor Suite)
    7 London Street, Chertsey, Surrey KT16 8AP United Kingdom

    Our venue offers great dining at reasonable prices.
    Please call the hotel direct to reserve your table: 01932 564657

    Free parking is available – after 6pm – at Sainsburys (almost opposite the venue.) Chertsey train station is just a few minutes drive away.

  • Are You Truly Listening to The Angels?

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    A Guest Blog by Stewart Pearce

    The Angels of Atlantis want to drench our lives with their inter-stellar intelligence, suffused with the purity of their unconditional love.

    They hover, waiting to show us that we are simply much more than that we first thought, felt or imagined. For they wish to bring us into direct communion with The Source.

    They wish to diminish within us the notion that we are separate from the ALL THAT IS.

    So can you allow yourself to be bathed in their presence?

    The Angels use this extraordinary time to encourage us to reinvent the wheel – that is to shift our perspective from the fixation we have with being alone. They wish to recalibrate our vision, so that we feel the connectivity of the Galaxy, and they pledge assistance to our restless creativity for one measure only, to aid us in our relationship with the divine.

    A separation took place from the ALL THAT IS in the sixteenth century during the era known as the ENLIGHTENMENT, when the materialists flatly refused to honour that the Universe had a Soul.

    Ironically, this occurred just after the second most significant wave of Angels the planet had ever seen, that being the Italian Renaissance, when great Artists captured Angelic nature in their beautiful paintings.

    For example observe the Annunciation of Mary by Raphael, or the depiction of Heaven in the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo.

    Now the Angels are with us once again in another time of Renaissance, as many of us are feeling that we stand on the brink of a massive change, a shifting point of Divine proportion.

    You see the space between God and Man is decreasing, the light-years between the Galaxy and Planet Earth are diminishing, the chasm between the Light and the Dark is morphing, and the void between Love and Hate is lessening.

    Within this transition lies a path towards super-coherence – an opportunity to dispel the urge for separation, and instead we can become fifth-dimensional beings.

    Living thus, we will glimpse our soul’s inheritance as a portal to inclusivity – a transition that does not need to be accomplished alone.

    Although many of us have sought healing over the years, and have taken responsibility for our sorrows and pains, waking to the notion that healing means a movement back to wholeness; Jungian Analysis has brought us the compelling nature of individuation, and simultaneously produced a level of personal independence that can overly-control our lives. If so, we then wake to the notion that we’ve created another point of resistance and in this sense a false sense of exclusivity.

    The point is we don’t need to relinquish this resistance alone, for the Angels are stirring us through their eternal love to recognize that We and the Universe are evolving together.

    They urge that we imagine shades of experience, rather than the force of opposites, encouraging us to at last see ourselves free of limiting thought patterns. For in the fifth dimension we will feel ourselves forever experiencing the oneness of all as a heightened state of interdependence.

    Inevitably, this will alter our expression and understanding of the free-will arena, because the either/or perspective will become diffused into the ever-evolving Oneness of the eternal present.

    Not that duality will cease to exist, for if we are to truly know ‘freedom of choice’ – the motivational driver of our existence – this evolutionary trigger will need to be with us to diminish any passivity or inertia. Can you imagine what it will be like to see the world through the Eyes of Source?

    This is why the Angels refer to us as being the Dream Weavers of the Universe!

    Stewart Pearce (copyright)

    ***Stewart will be hosting an evening workshop at Naked Dragon on Wednesday 7th March***

    For further details and to book your ticket, please click HERE

  • The Gift of Our Dark Side

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    Guest Post by Davina MacKail

    How do we manage to develop a dark side after landing on this planet in all our abundant glory?

    Watch any toddler. They can be happy, angry, sad, and giggling all in the space of a few minutes.  They don’t hold on to, or repress their feelings. They fully express themselves in the moment.  They exude 360 degrees of radiance.

    Then the trouble starts!

    As we grow, we get socialised into our cultural karma. We’re taught by our parents, teachers, neighbours and peers, the “right” way to behave.  We learn by direct communication and indirect influences, the differences between right and wrong – as imposed by our culture.

    Such messages as “boys don’t cry” or “good girls sit with their legs crossed,” become ingrained into our malleable young minds until they become part of how we are.  We learn quickly that certain behaviours get rewarded – and others get punished.  There will always be a small majority of escapees; the rebel drop outs and anarchists amongst us. But the majority of us opt for the easy life of reward for good behaviour.

    But those hidden aspects of ourselves don’t just disappear. They simply get tucked away, deep inside – repressed – or at least unexpressed. We’d be lying if we denied experiencing those emotions and feelings we may not publicly admit to; jealousy, anger, fear, vulnerability, guilt, shame – and a myriad others.

    Instead, these unacknowledged aspects show up in our external environment. The handy thing about living in a holographic universe is you get to see all of yourself mirrored constantly in everything around you.  This is especially true of our relationships; in particular those closest to us, and certainly in those who annoy us, or who we deem to be our enemies.

    Shadow relationships are instantly recognisable; even if we don’t always understand the reflected messages. They’re the ones who produce an excessive energetic reaction. The ones who make you feel out of control as your internal feelings conflict with your need to be well behaved.  Your cultured mind argues that you have no right to your negative emotions, but the churning in your stomach says otherwise.

    We don’t understand these emotions, and feel “bad” about having them; especially when the person isn’t really doing anything “wrong”. It’s just that their very existence irritates us.  As a result of our reward and punishment cultural conditioning, we tend to blame the person who’s “pushing our buttons.” It’s “their fault!” We’re just minding our own business!

    It’s an insidious plot – although it looks plausible.  Friends and family will offer their support.  People will take sides, and inflamed emotions will escalate; robbing us of our energy and creative power.

    Yet that person who’s irritating us is a huge gift. They are kindly mirroring aspects of ourselves that we’ve disowned or made unconscious. To paraphrase master psychologist Carl Jung, “Until we bring the unconscious – conscious – it will rule our lives and we will continue to call it fate”.

    By recognising and owning for ourselves the behaviours we see reflected in others, we experience the truth that there is no other and nothing goes one way.  This releases us to be more fully realised within our authentic selves.  Only then can we regain our creative energy and power and live the lives we were born to live.

    For full details of Davina’s One-Day Workshop on 19th November – please click HERE

  • Davina MacKail – Discovering the Gift of your Shadow Self

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    Saturday 19th November 2011

    During this powerful workshop you will discover the laws of living magically by learning to face, own and understand the gifts of your Shadow side.

    As children we are 360 degree radiance. However, we lose energy and power by disowning aspects of ourselves as we proceed through life.

    Based on ancient Shamanic practices, this workshop is designed to allow you to recognise and dance with your darker aspects and reclaim your power and truth.

    We have a light shadow as well as a dark one and we will explore how you can reclaim any disowned positive aspects of self as well as the negative.  In this way you can return yourself to wholeness and experience your true joy.

    This will be a practical, fun day that may prove challenging to some and will be a revelation to all.  The atmosphere will be safe and supportive to allow you to work deep within your own disowned psyche to fully claim back your power, your energy and your authentic expression.

    ***We are delighted to announce that Janey Lee Grace will be writing a feature for Spirit & Destiny Magazine based on Davina’s workshop this coming Saturday.

    This is great news for Naked Dragon and we want to share our good fortune by offering the remaining tickets to this workshop for the great price of just £45.00 – an amazing saving of £30.00 off the original ticket price of £75.00! ***

    Please note that tickets are limited and available on a ‘first come – first served’ basis

    To purchase your discounted ticket, please enter the voucher code DMW on the booking form below

    To read Davina’s recent blog post ‘The Gift of Our Dark Side’ please click HERE


    The Crown Hotel (Windsor Suite)
    7 London Street,
    Chertsey, Surrey
    KT16 8AP
    United Kingdom

    A special £10.00 lunch menu is available at the venue for all Naked Dragon guests

    Parking is available – at Sainsburys (almost opposite the venue.)
    Chertsey train station is about 10 minutes walk from the venue.

  • Jason Chan – The Way of Miracles

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    Sunday 23rd October 2011

    Join the UK’s renowned Tai Chi Master and Spiritual Teacher

    Jason Chan

    for this Inspirational One Day Workshop

    Learn how…by raising your vibrations and consciousness…you can live radiantly, abundantly and joyfully through all of life’s challenges

    Experience…for yourself the miraculous power of energy work and healing

    Connect…to your unshakable inner peace and strength

    During this transformational day, Jason will share his understanding and deep knowledge of the seven levels of universal energy…

    •        Health is energetic vibration in perfect harmony.
    •        Vitality is positive life force in abundance.
    •        Chi is the universal life force which sustains all of life.
    •        Radiance is the emanation of the Chi with the pure Sun energy
    •        Love is the connection with one’s spiritual self.
    •        Light is the spiritual energy expanding itself.
    •        Divinity is the non dualistic Presence beyond time and space.

    Jason will enable us…step by step…to open our consciousness to attain: Our Natural Health, Vitality, Chi, Radiance, Love, Light and Divinity.

    Learn how you can consciously transform:

    •    Sickness into Health
    •    Fear into Love
    •    Weakness into Strength
    •    Time into Timelessness


    Jason will also share the principles and conditions necessary, to enable us to experience pure love and to perform miracles.

    The Miracles and Joyful Existence that are our Birthright!

    Ticket Prices

    £85 per ticket – or Buy One and get One for HALF PRICE!
    On the Door Price – £95 per ticket


    The Crown Hotel (Windsor Suite)
    7 London Street,
    Chertsey, Surrey
    KT16 8AP
    United Kingdom

    A special £10.00 lunch menu is available at the venue for all Naked Dragon guests

    Parking is available – at Sainsburys (almost opposite the venue.)
    Chertsey train station is about 10 minutes walk from the venue.

  • Marie-Claire Carlyle – Money Magnet PlayShop!

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    Saturday 17th September 2011

    Our relationship with money begins in childhood and yet so many of us have yet to move beyond the often limiting beliefs we learnt around money in our early years. Read More »

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